True Blood Season 3 Spoiler News: More Eric, Jason, Sam and Rutina

January 26, 2010 by  

It seems True Blood fans can expect season 3 to be with filled with lots of drama and actions, in more ways then one, for many of the cast members.  According to People and E!Online we will be seeing alot of drama unfolding for Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten), Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell), Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) and Tara Thornton (Rutina Wesley).

Many Eric fans were excited to hear recently that they will be seeing their favorite character having more nude scenes in season 3 and according to Nelsan Ellis, who states he will be Eric‘s henchman this year, that we will be seeing a lot of Eric and Pam tag-team action this year as well,

Eric will definitely be in every episode, and Pam is definitely in the first four.”

Tara on the other hand will be having a rollercoaster ride with her emotions as she will be grieving the loss of Eggs and the raptures of attraction to a new suitor who may or may not be good for her.

“She’s going to have to grieve a lot to get over [Eggs]. And then it’s going to be crazy madness.”

Now with Jason we are going to start seeing more of him compared to last season where he seemed to be able to keep his clothes on, this season maybe not so much. According to Ryan there are some major storylines that he will be involved in that include,

Jason finally falls in what he thinks is love. It’s a pretty rare, unknown concept for him.” Awww…Plus, Ryan tells us of Jason‘s future, “The fact that my character is dealing with the fact that he really has killed someone now is pretty crazy, and there’s a whole host of new characters. There’s the addition of werewolves coming in. We’re using real wolves. It’s crazy. I’ve yet to work with them. I’ll work with them later on in the season, but I’m looking forward to it.”

Sam joked around about the number of nudes scenes he has done and how they are rivaling with Ryan‘s and how both are ready for the new season and what the episodes have in store for them.

“We joke about it — and who has the record for the most disrobes,” says Trammell, who plays the shape-shifting Sam Merlotte. “I think Ryan does. But I’m close behind him at this point because I’ve already disrobed like four or five times this year and I don’t think he has at all. I’ve got to fight that out with him. Ryan is definitely ready to show up and flaunt it, because he’s got the bod to back it up. He’s probably the least bashful.”

Sam mentioned that since they have to do all these nude scenes that they have to work hard on staying in shape themselves and avoid the various temptations that surround them that can hinder their goals.

“[Working out is] up to us,” he says. “They’ve got the cookies out.”

However, as he says the cast has gotten used to performing in the nude and that sometimes if some of the female cast member feels a little shy or embarrassed you get used to a process of feeling the emotion, taking the clothes off once and then it is over and done with.  It is not all about Sam being nude this season as Nelsan explains, Sam will also be busy trying to locate his family and reconnecting with them.

Ryan explains his take on life and his approach to things and his character of Jason,

“I tend to think that I live my life relatively fearlessly,” admits Kwanten, who plays the heroic if not always clear-headed Jason Stackhouse. “If HBO knew half the things that I do in my personal life they probably wouldn’t be too happy about it … I have no fear. I sort of hide behind the guise that I am playing a character … Personally, I’m quite restrained and almost introverted. But as Mr. Stackhouse, I can’t afford to have any of those sensitivities.”

Whatever Alan has in store for all our favorites characters, season 3 of True Blood cannot come soon enough for the fans.