Is True Blood the New Twilight?

June 21, 2009 by  

Is True Blood the New Twilight?anna-paquin-stephen-moyer-couple

This “True Blood” vs “Twilight”  Question is posed from Ted Casablanca in his column from “The Awful Truth” at E-Online.

Ted goes on to let us know, although he is not giving up his love of “Twilight”  his article states “when we want to get our more scandalous Nikki Reed side going, we turn to vampire porn True Blood. The gothic HBO show has a bunch of things Summit wouldn’t dare let its presh kids partake in (onscreen anyway!): kinky sex (complete with actual nudity), blood-drenched violence and a public relationship between the main stars!”

I can certainly agree with Ted that True Blood is HOT ! It also certainly does not hurt that the chemistry between Anna Paquin/Sookie Stackhouse and Stephen Moyer/Bill Compton translates well because of their relationship off screen. It certainly helps make the scenes just that much more steamy for us.  As Ted States “We sure wouldn’t kick Stephen Moyer away i if he tried to bite us.” Personally I also would  not kick Eric/Alexander Skarsgard away from biting me , I never felt a need to choose I wouldn’t mind a bite by either one!

To read Ted Casablanca’s Article in full  from E-Online follow the link below


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