Could Vampires on True Blood Have a Human Baby?

January 31, 2010 by  

First, let me start off by saying that this is just my opinion about a topic I have been thinking about and something I would like to see happen in future seasons of True Blood because of the opportunities it could create for new plotlines.

Alan Ball has been asked before about the possibility of a half-human/half-vampire baby in True Blood, and he said no to that quite emphatically. What no one has asked and no one has shot down is the possibility that vampires, especially male ones, could have the ability to get a human woman pregnant.

Of course, I do understand that vampires are essentially dead, and sperm and eggs in vampires are dead as well. However, that also somewhat denies the science and technology available in the True Blood world. After all, in the world Alan has created, science has created blood in a lab, which not only allowed vampires to come “out of the coffin” but also has probably ended the blood shortage hospitals and medical centers around the world suffer in real life.

That’s some pretty amazing technology that we don’t really have yet, and such a scientific advancement also could mean that science in the True Blood world could have found a way to bring dead sperm and eggs in vampires back to life.

Take Vampire Jessica for example. Now that she’s dead, she is no longer ovulating, and whatever eggs she has left are still in her body. If the technology was there for those eggs to come back to life, they could be used by Jessica to create a child. Of course, she would probably need a surrogate for the pregnancy, but it could be done, and Jessica would have the choice to someday be a mother if she wanted to, as would other female vampires.

When it comes to male vampires with human women, though, it’s a slightly different story. We can assume that male vampires still experience orgasms, but their sperm is dead on arrival. IF the sperm could be brought back to life, then a male vampire and a human woman could arguably conceive a human baby.

For vampire/human couples, this could lead to a strengthening of their relationship, just like it can for real life couples, and give a vampire (who can’t or won’t turn their lover) family to continue to be around as time continues in their endless journey.

Of course, if this were available in the world of True Blood, there would also be a very large catch. Back in season 1 of True Blood, there was a throwaway line about how babies have the sweetest blood. This would attract vampires, and could possibly become an issue with vampires who don’t have any morals.

In the long run, though, I feel that if the show were to allow humans and vampires to have children together, it could lead to some memorable moments sure to live on in our collective hearts and minds.

Once again, I remind you all that this is just my opinion about the subject, and in no way reflects the views of Alan Ball, the True Blood writing team, or any future storylines on True Blood.

Do you think that there could be future children for the vampires on True Blood, and would it be a good thing or a bad thing if it were to happen?

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