VIDEO: Alexander Skarsgard Interview at Tribeca Film Festival

May 4, 2010 by  

Alexander Skarsgard, star of HBO‘s True Blood, sat down for a candid interview at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Alexander‘s latest film, Metropia, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. He and his film costar, Juliette Lewis, gave Cinemablend a casual interview the day of their film’s premiere.

They both answered questions concerning Metropia.

When asked about how he got involved in the film, he said the film’s director, Tarik Saleh, was a good friend of his and Alexander was familiar with Tarik’s documentary work.

The interviewer notes how the animation in this film isn’t quite what audiences are accustomed to. And with that killer (albiet fangless) smile, Alexander agreed.

“It’s not your typical Disney movie, I guess. It’s slightly different.”

Juliette and Alexander discuss their characters in the film. Alexander voices a character named Stephan.

“Stephan’s just caught in the web, you know. He is working for the man, but he’s just struggling… he’s a good guy, just trying to make a living, I guess …”

They went to explain how they recorded their lines individually and before any animation was completed, which is not unusual with animated films. Alexander didn’t mind, so much.

“…You could do whatever you wanted and you could play around with it so the creative freedom was great for all the actors. You’re not confined at all.”