VIDEO: Behind The Scenes With The True Blood Men in DETAILS Magazine

April 14, 2010 by  

Yesterday we posted the video of Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard and Ryan Kwanten during their photo shoot with DETAILS Magazine. Today we have another video, this time with AccessHollywood‘s “behind the scenes” video of the photo shoot.  True Blood fans will really enjoy this video especially watching Stephen as he presents a very funny and sexy side of himself.  See for yourself!


  • Nia

    Oh my Oh my OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All our guys look great!!!
    But sexy sexy Stephen makes me want to own my own sandbox or fill my bedroom full of hay!! LOL

    You know if he needed any help with rubbing the sand on just right, I would have offered my services.

    Oh and BTW, leave it to Stephen to also make us all laugh.
    A man who can knot up your knickers with only a look and then make you laugh like you have not a care in the world!!!!
    What a total man package.

    On a last note, I think since this was the sexy men of TB, they really should have included Sam T. After all it was his bum cheeks we saw mostly last season, LOL!

    Thanks AdoreBill and as always,

    Team True Blood rules!

  • billismine

    Steve should definitely win the title of the sexiest man alive!

  • jay

    haha stephen! He’s awesome and sexy…Hell ryan, stephen and alex are sooo hott and damn fine!
    I have 2 say alex knows how 2 work the camera, dynamic poses…look like a pro 2 me 🙂
    nice work TB Boyz…there’s no other show that has anything on you guys!!!

  • Thanks Ollie! Stephen is so great in this video – he must be a scream to be with!

    Stephen looks so scrumptious and sexy as well as being funny!

    I love him to bits!

  • jaxx

    Wow, terrific. I guess you really don’t realize how much goes into a show like this. Not only are there scripts and rehearsals and then actually filming time, but promos, commercials, magazine articles, interviews, clips, etc. A lot of time is invested in this series. We only watch for one hour a week, but for that one hour, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that we don’t know about. Look at all the pictures of Sookie, Jason, Gran, Tara, as a child, wedding photos, proms, etc. that have to be set up and taken for background scenes.

    Wow, when you really think about it, it’s overwhelming how much time is spent for one hour a week.

    That’s all I have to say is “Thanks to the emsemble cast for all the time that you devote to this show” and, of course, a special thanks to our favorite TB men. I have a totally new appreciation for them and the cast now. Thanks Ollie. 🙂

  • Sarah

    LMAO at Stephen ….hot, sexy and funny ! NEED..COLD ..SHOWER ..NOW !!!

    • Hi Sarah,

      LOL I knew people would love this video! Not only are the men hot in the video but Stephen is sooooo funny! 🙂