VIDEO: Stephen Moyer Talks True Blood on ITV’s This Morning Show

March 10, 2010 by  

As we mentioned before Stephen Moyer was going to be a guest on ITV’s This Morning show with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby which aired Wednesday, March 10, 2010. Stephen discusses True Blood in the video and his relationship with Anna Paquin on the set and how sometimes the scenes can get him hot under the collar.

“It’s one of those things… there are times where you are doing a scene where it’s so technical and you’re not thinking about what’s going on…but there are also times when the moment takes you.!”

How he avoids the embarrassing situation, he creates a mental image of something that will take care of the situation:  “Mine is usually Margaret Thatcher naked playing table tennis!”

Enjoy the video!

  • jaxx

    Great interview and great seeing scenes from Season 1 again.

    One has to wonder though, even in the very first episode Bill tells Sookie she is more than human. Hmmmm. How did he know that??? Did the Queen send Bill on a mission?? Some think yes, some think no. If not, how do you explain how he knew Sookie was other than human right from that first/second night???? Just how much does he know??? Still toying with that one.

    • Jaxx, if memory recalls correctly, Bill says that AFTER he’s had Sookie’s blood… when she’s been attacked by the Rattrays…

    • Nia

      Hi Jaxx and Isis,
      Good to see you both!

      Jaxx, in the first epi, Bill asks Sookie in the parking lot, after she saved him, “what are you?”.

      Here is my opinion on that whole thing:

      First, in the bar Bill could tell something was up with Sookie when she was listening to the Rats minds. He was looking strangely at her.

      Second, that she is not reacting like a normal human to a potentially dangerous vampire. She is not afraid of him, and she is compassionate and accepting of him. What might be considered a rare quality in a breather. He finds that unusual.

      Third, also that supes can usually tell other supes. I feel that Bill knew Sam was “different” right away, when he first walked into Merlottes and that he was the dog in the parking lot.

      So I think Bill can sense that Sookie is “different” even before he tasted her. Whether that is the telepath in her or something else we do not know yet.

      Remember that Lorena asked Barry the same thing after she tastes him, “what are you?”. All we know of Barry is that he is also a telepath.

      The next day Bill asks her again, “what are you?” Sookie replies that she is a waitress. Bill says to that, “you’re something more than that, something more than human”.
      I believe that Bill just feels that she is different, but doesn’t know what she is.

      To your inquiry, if Bill knew what Sookie was already, say the queen told him something, why then would he continue to ASK her what she is????? He really then should already know.

      I do not usually like to bring up the books but since you have,
      ***book spoiler***

      The mission story line is from the books and if Alan uses this story line ( I think he will )it still doesn’t necessarily mean that Bill knows what Sookie is.

      The only thing that anybody knows at this point is that Sookie is a telepath.

      Now jump ahead to the end of S2 and we see that Sookie has some kind of power (Sookie does not have this power in the books). Again if we follow the books we will see that Sookie is part Fairy.

      But even the queen did not know Sookie was part fairy (if memory serves). All that was known about Sookie in the first books is that she is a telepath.

      Does this make sense?? It is late and I am tired, so see what you think.


      • jaxx

        Thank you Isis and Nia. Good points.

        I just wonder what the relationship is between Bill and the queen/Hadley. Had he met Hadley before ever coming to BT? Had Hadley hinted about Sookie? I assume Bill has visited the queen before coming to BT since he commented on the remodeled pool room after the queen asked him about the remodeling that was done. And you’re right, we don’t know if AB is going to use that exact storyline from the books. This is driving me cray. I hope it is further explained in S3 through flashbacks or something.

        I really have to rewatch S1 through present. You just forget so much after time. 🙂

        • jaxx

          Oops. Meant to say this is driving me crazy but I guess you’ve already figured that one out. LOL. 😉

        • Nia

          Hi Jaxx,
          Stopping in briefly!!

          I think the queen and Bill have known each other for a while. They seemed like old friends when Bill went to see her. The gaurds also knew him by sight. But the same could be said for Eric. Unless the queen plays Yhatzee with everyone who visits!! LOL
          As to what their relationship is really??? I am not sure.

          Now the relationship between Hadley and Bill was too difficult to read. The queen said for Hadley to entertain the “guest”. Why did she not just say Bill?? Could it be that Bill and Hadley really do not know each other well?

          We can assume that Hadley may have been with SA for no more than a year. Remember Sookie says to Tara that no one has heard from Hadley for a year since she ran away from rehab.

          Hadley did not speak of Sookie like she was in danger. She was just curious as to how she and Gran were doing. Its a shame that Bill did not tell her about Gran. Either he didn’t tell her to protect her from the pain or if he did, she may have wanted to call or go see Sookie and that may have caused problems.

          Hadley was genuinely surprised when Eric mentioned that Bill is in love with Sookie. So what else Hadley knows is a mystery for now. But I do not think the queen is to concerned over what Hadley knows. I think Hadley is just a toy and snack for her.

          There is alot to think about and so much yet to be revieled!
          I cannot wait either!!!!!

          And yes I am also CRAZY with the wait too!!!!!!

          • jaxx

            Ok, I rewatched episodes 10 and 11 again. This is what I got out of it, jimo.

            Yes, Bill has been there before. You are right, both guards did know Bill. As to what their relationship is, I guess we’ll find that out in S3. I did find it curious though that when Sookie wanted to go with Bill (to see the Queen), Bill told her to stay and that he had to go alone. Wonder why?? Was he truly protecting Sookie?? Did he know Hadley was staying there?? Didn’t want a reunion with them? Would it have caused all kinds of trouble?? Would Sookie tried to talked Hadley out of this arrangement?? I guess we’ll find that out in S3 also.

            Rewatching these 2 episodes, Bill and Hadley were alone at one point near the pool. Hadley just stared at Bill and he at her. No small talk at that point or conversation so I don’t think she knew Bill well or the Bill/Sookie situation at all and she only took interest once Sookie’s name was mentioned as the only one he fed from.

            Why Bill didn’t tell Hadley about Gran is a mystery. He didn’t really want Hadley calling Sookie either, another why moment??? Concern for Hadley’s feelings about Gran’s death or another reason??? Why didn’t Bill tell Sookie about Hadley and where she was??? Will Sookie and Hadley eventually reunite? Another mystery to be solved. I’m sure there are explanations for all of this, we just don’t know them yet.

            Hadley’s been around long enough to eavesdrop in on the queen and her staff/visitors talking about what’s going on. Maybe not all the details, but she knows some things. Hadley seems like a hanger on. She wants the queen to like her and keep her a kept woman, so she talks. Sookie and her talent made an interesting topic and of course the queen would want that talent on her side.

            The queen knew about Sookie and the BT troubles. She wanted to meet her “eventually” and Bill didn’t like that. She knew Bill was in BT. Another why?? I’m sure she doesn’t keep track of every vampire in Lousiana. That would be the sheriff’s job in that particular area. But she knew where Bill had been. Obviously more to this than we know about right now.

            I’m sure Eric has to report to the queen periodically too. And, if they are both involved in dealing V, that will lead to problems. Interesting, more mysteries to be solved in S3. Wonder if this has anything to do with V sales in Mississippi and Russell’s territory. V territory wars between royalty??

            Lots of questions, lots of possibilities. Hope these questions are answered in S3. Whew, I’m tired now. 🙂

  • Louise

    Grrrrr. Stephen has done loads of work in the us and uk. No one realises that he gets a bit narked when they don’t appreciate this. We all know Stephen! He is so cute in this. Love it,love it,love it!xoxox

  • Nia

    Yet another wonderful wonderful interview with this amazingly genuine charismatic man.

    I am so happy for all his success in his professional and personal life. He has worked so hard for it.

    Yes, True Blood has reached the heights of Sex in the City and the Sopranos. Very high praise indeed for a dramtic fantasy show.
    I hope that as the show becomes more and more popular, we will see more serious recognition and awards.
    They all so deserve it.

    My thanks to you AdoreBill for bringing us this wonderful video!!
    I am loving every minute of it.

    Team True Blood!