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True Blood season 3 has now ended, and we’ve begun an excruciating 9 month wait for Season 4. It is, and will continue to be hard, but there are ways to get through it after re-watching the previous seasons of True Blood over and over and talking with fellow fans here on

One thing I’ve found very helpful in the wait for each new season of True Blood is to read other vampire books. In doing that, I’ve discovered many other amazing authors whose stories drag me directly into the worlds they have created. One such author is Jeaniene Frost. She kindly donated several copies of her Night Huntress books to to be given away as prizes.

Halfway to the Grave, Jeaniene FrostThe Night Huntress series feature lots of action, wonderful romance, and sexy vampires. The main stories are about Cat, a half-vampire trained from an early age to hate vampires, and Bones, a vampire she ends up falling in love with. They go through trials and tribulations, as well as disapproval from their peers, but as with many other wonderful stories, true love prevails.

This series is fun, high action adventure, and it’s a pleasure to read these books again and again. I can’t choose a favorite in this series because I love Cat and Bones and the story of their life together is amazing!

In fact, Charlaine Harris is a fan of Jeaniene’s! In an author quiz she answered for EW’s Shelf Life, Charlaine said that the fictional character she’d love to marry is Bones from the Night Huntress series.

Three (3) lucky winners will be chosen to win a signed copy of Jeaniene Frost’s book Halfway to the Grave. One (1) lucky winner will get the grand prize, consisting of five books, all signed by Jeaniene Frost.

How To Enter For Your Chance To Win a copy of Jeaniene Frost’s book Halfway to the Grave or the grand prize consisting of Halfway to the Grave, One Foot in the Grave, At Grave’s End, Destined for an Early Grave, and First Drop of Crimson.

  • In the comment section below answer the following question:  Now that True Blood is over and you need something to fill the void, the hunger and passion that True Blood fed to us, what do you want to see/enjoy seeing in paranormal romance books regarding vampires?
  • Please provide a valid email address when you enter so we may contact the winner.
  • Comments must be posted no later then 11:59pm EDT on Saturday, October 2, 2010 to be eligible.
  • Four (4) winners will be drawn randomly from all eligible entries. Three (3) winners will each receive a copy of Jeaniene Frost’s book Halfway to the Grave. One (1) grand prize winner will receive a copy of the first four Night Huntress “Cat and Bones” books as well as the first Night Huntress spin-off book.

Winners must respond within 72 hours upon notification.  Please check both your inbox and spam folders for the notification if you have been chosen the winner.  If the winner does not respond with the 72 hours time frame a new winner will be randomly selected.

For further information on the contest rules click here:

Good Luck!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Charchelar, Cullenluva, darkbloodyvamp, and Tawny Moeller for winning the contest! Enjoy the books!



163 Responses to “Win Signed Copies of Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress Books”
  1. Alison Johnston says:

    I like any story that involves vampires that are a little more ‘human.’ As long as they are not drooling monsters, I’ll most likely like it!

  2. ella appleby says:

    I would love to see the vampire male and part human female have a baby and then he turns her. The ususal stuff. Love, fighting, sex, sex, and more sex.

  3. Dominique Kneebone says:

    I would like to see/read more about Were, Vamps, Halfbreeds, humans with Fae blood and even love triangles.

    I love how the Vamps can be really tough and rough and powerfull when they need to be, however when they are alone with the girl they love they are the epitome of sweet and gentle. showing a real sweet, soft, emotional side to them that they keep hidden from everyone else. Its good too to read that when something happens to their love interest they forsake all else and tend to their the one who has stolen their heart.

  4. Andrea says:

    When reading vampire stories or watching the TV series I like to see their back stories and their lives together with other vampires. What do they do with their “every day life” stuff, I think this is why I like JR Ward & Jeaniene so much…the “vampire families” play a huge role in the story. To pass the time until TB comes back I’ll watch the Vampire Diaries and read a lot; just started into the Lara Adrian (OMB series) and Kerrelyn Sparks (Love At Stakes) so I think that will hold me over for a while.

  5. Jen says:

    I would love to see/read Weres of all flavors, Vamps and their minions, and of course who can go with out the blood and sex. I miss you already True Blood! Can’t wait for next season!

  6. Porshia says:

    I would like to see a story about a vampire that wants to be human again but the only way to become human again would be to find that special person or soul mate and they would have to pass a test to be able to make the vampire human again.

  7. Heather Conner says:

    I sincerely love the true vulnerability each vampire shows when they fall in love with a human. There is something so passionate and sweet about them when they are in this state. Whether they are good like Bill, powerful like Eric, or crazy evil like Franklin….all of them possess that sweet adoring desire. It verges on creepy, but it is just flat out romantic no matter how you look at it.