True Blood Trivia #2 Season One Episode 1

March 31, 2009

1548trueblood-postersOk everyone time to test your knowledge of True Blood Episodes in Season One. While we wait for the June 14th  True Blood Season Two premiere, we will post a series of True Blood Quizzes, Trivia and Polls weekly.

We have a new set of more challenging Episode 1 quiz questions. The second set of trivia is based on Season One Episode One Strange Love. If you have watched True Blood over and over with close attention to everything on the show and with the characters, this trivia quiz will be very easy! Who could forget some of the scenes from our favorite characters in the first Episode?


These questions are super easy! No need to re-watch the episode again, right? Don’t worry the questions will get harder in the upcoming weekly trivia!


True Blood Season 2: New HBO Promo Photos

March 31, 2009

True Blood season two promotional photos have been released and were given to us by HBO. These 10 photos give us a sneak peek into what we can expect to see for season two and by the looks of it, it is going to be very interesting. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Pictured (from left to right):  Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin  Credit:  HBO/ Jaimie Trueblood
Pictured (from left to right): Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin Credit: HBO/ Jaimie Trueblood
Pictured (from left to right): Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer   Credit:  HBO/ Jaimie Trueblood
Pictured (from left to right): Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer Credit: HBO/ Jaimie Trueblood
Pictured (from left to right):  Deborah Ann Woll, Stephen Moyer Credit:  HBO/ Jaimie Trueblood
Pictured (from left to right): Deborah Ann Woll, Stephen Moyer Credit: HBO/ Jaimie Trueblood
Pictured (from left to right):  Carrie Preston, Ashley Jones  Credit:  HBO/ Jaimie Trueblood
Pictured (from left to right): Carrie Preston, Ashley Jones Credit: HBO/ Jaimie Trueblood
Pictured (from left to right):  Ryan Kwanten, Anna Camp  Credit:  HBO/ Jaimie Trueblood
Pictured (from left to right): Ryan Kwanten, Anna Camp Credit: HBO/ Jaimie Trueblood
Pictured (from left to right):  Michael McMillian, Anna Camp   Credit:  HBO/ Jaimie Trueblood
Pictured (from left to right): Michael McMillian, Anna Camp Credit: HBO/ Jaimie Trueblood
Pictured:  Ashley Jones   Credit:  HBO/ Jaimie Trueblood
Pictured: Ashley Jones Credit: HBO/ Jaimie Trueblood
Pictured (from left to right):  Kristin Bauer, Alexander Skarsgard, Patrick Gallagher  Credit:  HBO/ Jaimie Trueblood
Pictured (from left to right): Kristin Bauer, Alexander Skarsgard, Patrick Gallagher Credit: HBO/ Jaimie Trueblood
Pictured (from left to right):  Chris Bauer, Michelle Forbes   Credit:  HBO/ Jaimie Trueblood
Pictured (from left to right): Chris Bauer, Michelle Forbes Credit: HBO/ Jaimie Trueblood
Pictured (from left to right):  Anna Paquin, Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell   Credit:  HBO/ Jaimie Trueblood
Pictured (from left to right): Anna Paquin, Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell Credit: HBO/ Jaimie Trueblood


True Blood Poll: What Questions Do Want To See Answered in True Blood Season 2?

March 31, 2009

maryann-pig2Ok everyone the count down has officially begun for True Blood Season 2. While waiting for the June 14th premiere, here is the first Season 2 poll for the fans.  We were left with so many unanswered questions at the end of True Blood Season One!  Here’s a new poll to find out what questions do fans most want to see answered in season 2.  There are so many so pick your top two!

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Did you forget what questions are left unanswered? Find out by watching the Season 2 Promo below.

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True Blood Season 2: It’s Official

March 31, 2009

billsookiefangtasiaTrue Blood Season 2 has been given an official start date with a confirmation from HBO. The premiere for season two of True Blood will be Sunday, June 14, 2009. As a way to build up the anticipation HBO has started to broadcast season 2 promos on HBO. Here is a video clip to promote season two, however it does not show season 2 clips just clips from season 1. In the trailer it asks the question: “Is the suspense killing you?” I think most True Blood fans would shout a resounding, “YES.”

SOURCE: HBO: TrueBloodWiki

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Alexander Skarsgard Answers Fan Questions

March 31, 2009

alexanderskarsgard-100Alexander Skarsgård has answered fan questions! collected several fan questions last week and chose 20 for Alexander answer.  A lot of great questions were chosen and there are some really interesting answers from Alex.

Here’s a  preview of some of the Q&A below. 

Q: You miss things when you are away from Sweden, but is there anything you miss when you are away from the U.S.?
AS: Yes, lots of things. I miss the intensity of New York, the sunsets in California and the mountains of Colorado.

Q: We’ve seen you dressed as a woman in Kill Your Darlings and recently, we’ve seen your brother Gustaf getting in touch with his feminine side in the Koop – I See A Different You music video. Please tell us between you or your brother, whom is the most attractive, dressed as a woman, in your opinion?
AS: I haven’t seen my brother dressed as a woman, but I doubt anything can be scarier than me in high heels and make up..

Q: I`ve read somewhere that you not only are a football fan, but also play football yourself. Where (defence, midfield, striker, goalie etc) and how (aggressive, creative, intelligent, physical, crybaby, technical etc) do you play?
AS: I love to play, but I’m not very good. I run a lot, usually pretty far from where the ball is…

Interested in finding out what’s on Alexander’s ipod?  Read the entire Exclusive Q&A with Alexander Skarsgård

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Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman: What Is In Store For Them?

March 31, 2009

sookieinbarSookie Stackhouse is the unbelievably popular bar maid heroine of Charlaine Harris’s series: Southern Vampire Series. The book compilation (currently nine books) has become more popular recently. The best thing to come out of her works has been the show True Blood. Because of this blazing hot HBO show, more people are grabbing her books to read up on Sookie, the back story and the future of Bon Temps.

Outward appearances can be deceiving, Bon Temps seems to be just your average town, housing average people who do average things. Sookie Stackhouse is a young woman who resides in Bon Temps and is anything but average. Sookie Stackhouse is in her twenties, sports luscious long blonde hair, a large chest, and a spit fire personality all rolled into one tanned package. She works as a bar maid at Merlottes, the local lunch eatery and bar. She enjoys her job there , but it comes with it’s own set of obstacles for her to overcome.

Sookie was blessed, or as she would think cursed, with an ability to hear other peoples minds. She can actually tap into the mind and listen to what they think, in their own voice . She knows this is an intrusive ability and tires to control it, especially around her loved ones. Sookie has learned to harness her power when she is around people like her brother Jason, or her dear friend Sam Merlotte.

In book one, Dead Until Dark, we meet Sookie and explore the relationship between her and the Vampire Bill. Sookie is a virgin, and it doesn‘t bother her one bit. She considers her self a proper lady and a bit prudish. When she meets Bill, it is the first time she starts to explore her own sexuality and what it means to her. She’s never been able to be interested in human men before because their thoughts were always to human for her. While out on dates she could hear how interested they were in her, what they thought about her body, and other private, rude thoughts. When she meets Bill, she’s shocked to learn that because he’s dead his mind doesn’t emit a signal and therefore she can hear nothing with him. It is her quiet time, her peace. Bill becomes Sookie’s hunky, vampire solace.

Being in love with a vampire really has its issues for a human. In Dead Until Dark we learn about Bill’s allegiance to Eric Northman, the sheriff of their area in Louisiana. In further books the relationship between Sookie and Eric is explored and this really becomes the heart of the series. Fans who have not read the books, may not understand that element yet, but it really is the heart of the entire story thus far.

Eric Northman is a stunning, beautiful, ancient and powerful vampire. In the world of the living dead the older you are the more powerful, stronger and revered you are. As a vampire ages, it also needs less blood to sustain. Speaking of blood, in this world that Sookie inhabits there is a prosthetic blood. Yes, vampires no longer have to feed off of humans, they can use an engineered blood that is provided at most bars and restaurants, and local stores. It doesn’t satiate the vampires at all, really. It is like feeding them beef stock when what they really need is a big steak. However, many vampires, including Bill, choose to mainstream it and use this synthetic blood and not feed on humans. Eric, on the other hand, he needs such little blood it is not made quite clear what he chooses to use. The rebel vampires in the series often still use humans who, some are willing, are often not willing.

Sookie is first introduced to Eric in Dead Until Dark. She notices him immediately not because of his gorgeous looks, but because everyone at Eric’s club Fangtasia, seems to worship him. Bill explains to her the attraction that Eric has to these patrons and she soon realizes that his power is immense. And soon, like others, Sookie finds herself obligated to do work for Eric.

By the end of book one we see that Eric has a thing for Sookie. It isn’t anything in a major way yet, but he is interested in this toy that Bill has and wants to play with it himself. Bill is protective over Sookie and knows that if Eric really wanted Sookie he could take her, and so they must do what they can to help Eric and keep him happy. Bill and Sookie end up doing a lot of telepathic work for Eric, and this gives Eric an excuse to be around her even more. He uses this to his advantage and begins to get to know Sookie a bit more.

Dead Until Dark really provides this blank canvas for Sookie and Eric’s relationship. We see at the end of the book he sends her flowers when she is hurt and checks on her outside the hospital window. Is there something that Eric knows, that Sookie doesn’t? Why does he care?

Book nine of the series, Dead and Gone, is to be released May, 2009. So what has happened with Eric and Sookie in the last eight books? The best question to ask is what hasn’t happened! Eric is a rock for Sookie when she finds out that Bill has abandoned her for the vampire who turned him, a past lover. Seriously flirting ensues from Eric through the entire series, as he tries to sway Sookie from Bill, and fails. But when Bill disappears and Eric has to tell Sookie that he’s left her for another woman, you can see the relationship change in dynamic ways. Bill has gone missing, Sookie is determined to find him. Sookie realizes she can’t do this on her own (even though she would try) and learns to trust Eric with her life.

The real binding element between Eric and Sookie is the fact that they have exchanged blood several times through the series of books. Everytime Eric and Sookie exchange blood (but for once) they are doing it to save Sookie’s life . After exchanging blood with a vampire you become connected. Although their blood heals any and all injuries and makes you stronger than you can imagine, it ties you the vampire from who it came. When Eric and Sookie find Bill and Sookie saves the day, Bill re-enters Sookie’s life. He doesn’t fulfill the capacity of a lover or boyfriend anymore. He desperately wants her back, but Sookie is one smart cookie, and keeps him as far away as she can. She remains pretty bitter about the whole situation.

Dead to the World is a pivotal book for the relationship between Eric and Sookie. This is the book where Sookie finds Eric running down the road, with his memory erased. He has no idea who he is, who she is or what is going on. He doesn’t have any knowledge that he is the owner of Fangtasia, or the most powerful vampire in the entire area. Sookie Stackhouse brings him back to her home and what she finds out is that Eric is really old fashioned at his core, and that she could love this man. This book shows the vulnerable side of Eric and definitely not the arrogant side of Eric. Without his memory Eric is unsure, needs Sookie around to feel safe and humble. Sookie begins to fall in love with him, which leads to a steamy love making scene in the shower. As with all good things, it does come to an end when Eric regains his memory. He eventually (books later) does find out that they did make love. He becomes quiet towards her and doesn’t know how to act around her. Many fans hope that Dead and Gone, book nine, will shed light on if Eric regains memory of what happened at Sookie’s while he was incapacitated. Could that be why he acts almost shy around her? Eric has never put anyone first in his life, but himself. Could this be his battle ? Falling in love with Sookie would mean putting her first in his life. He has never been the type of man who would give his life for another, could Sookie Stackhouse turn Eric Northman into a better man?

The relationship between Sookie and Eric takes another interesting turn when they attend a very important vampire convention and gathering together. Though Sookie is there to serve the Queen of Louisiana, she is near Eric the entire time because he serves the Queen, too. This is where some are speculating that Eric and Sookie may have the equivalent of a marital bond with vampires. Eric was performing a vampire marriage ceremony where you each use a knife to let blood into a cup and exchange the blood orally, at the convention. The Queen’s side kick decides that he will force Sookie to take his blood so he can be connected to her at all times, because she has been such a valuable tool for them. He wants that strong bond to her so he can be in control. Just at the right moment Eric enters and convinces him that she and he have exchanged blood and it would be best for them to do it because then the bond would be stronger. After all, Eric owed the Queen fealty so if it made Sookie happy, why not? He uses the same ceremonial knife to cut himself and then her so they can exchange the blood quickly and efficiently. This really tightens their bond and even in book eight, she is feeling the bond stronger. The bond is so strong that when the hotel is about to explode she can’t help but save him, instead of just saving herself. She had her chance to run away and let him die in the sun and rubble, but she doesn’t. He feels extremely strong and tied to her, and he doesn’t handle it well. Eric portrays some awkwardness in this book.

Eric and Sookie don’t have relations again, because Sookie does have a short romance with a Were-Tiger named Quinn. By book eight, From Dead to Worse, Sookie realizes that a relationship with Quinn isn’t going to materialize. Eric steps in and shows a softer side when Sookie finds out she has a relative . This is a huge shock for Sookie, and a huge turn in the series. Sookie’s only relative, that she knows about, is her brother, Jason Stackhouse. Her family is all dead. But, this new relative isn’t an easy one to introduce and almost leaves Eric speechless. Niall is her great grandfather and has known Eric for years. He is full blooded fairy and perhaps one of the most powerful other worldly beings in the world. Even more powerful than a vampire. If Eric is scared of him, you know he’s got some clout.

Book nine, Dead and Gone, will be interesting, because we are promised that there will be major changes for Bill and Sookie. He has been a bit absent in the latest books, however in this book Charlaine has promised there will be a lot of Bill. She also said that we would learn more Eric and Sookie’s relationship in Dead and Gone. Who will Sookie end up with? Will it be either of them or will we be surprised with someone new? Speculations have been heated that Sookie and Bill will end up together while other fans want to know if Dead and Gone means that Eric or Bill will die. I just know that I can’t wait for May so that I can dog ear each page that Eric Northman makes an appearance on!

Sarah Woods is an author on TrueBloodNet and regularly contributes to the Editorial and Review pages.  Please visit her website at to view more of her articles.


William Sanderson: True Blood’s Sheriff Bud Dearborne

March 31, 2009

william2William Sanderson of True Blood finds that it is refreshing to be playing a normal character versus his usual off-center characters. Throughout Mr. Sanderson’s career in acting he has played many unusual characters from Larry the goofy handyman on the “Bob Newhart Show,” to the scuzzy E.B. Farnum on HBO‘s “Deadwood,” a genius toymaker in “Blade Runner,” and on the Emmy-winning miniseries “Lonesome Dove.” As Mr. Sanderson would further describe in his earlier works he played many roles as a “prairie scum” as he would call it. So now for William Sanderson to be playing the role as Sheriff Dub Dearborne on Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV series “True Blood” is a little strange for him. For once in a long time he is playing a regular guy. He co-stars in the HBO series with Golden-Globe winner Anna Paquin, who plays the telepathic bar waitress (Sookie Stackhouse) who falls in love with a 173 year old vampire played by the talented Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton). Though it seems that Mr. Sanderson cannot seem to get away from playing unusual characters for long. Recently Mr. Sanderson guest appeared on ABC” “LOST” as a torturer and as he stated to the reporter that it is difficult playing a “regular guy” as Sheriff Bud Dearborne on “True Blood.” “For me to play a normal person,” he said, “it’s kind of scary.”

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True Blood Getting Ready to Take Singapore

March 29, 2009

hboasiaTrue Blood is going to be premiering in Singapore on April 9, 2009 on MAX (previously Cinemax) and recently HBO Asia hosted a blogger event at the INK Club Bar in Singapore to promote the premiere of True Blood. The evening event featured the Street Fighter-style game called Fang Fighter and many prizes were being given out to spread to word out among local bloggers about Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood. The bloggers were introduced to the HBO Asia True Blood site and were given a chance to check out the blog, information on the cast and the show and the viral campaign. As the blogger reports the color theme of the event was red of course and they were served “True Blood” cocktails which they were taught how to make. One thing that caught my eyes in this report were the door prizes that the bloggers received . As you can see the items are quite different from what we have here in North America and it is always interesting to see the different merchandise promoting True Blood in different countries.truebloodasia2


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True Blood Wins the Lord Ruthven Society Award

March 29, 2009

true-blood-newTrue Blood has won the Lord Ruthven Society Award for the category of Media/Pop Culture as announced at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Art. The Lord Ruthven Assembly is made up of  scholars and writers who have an active interest in the concept of  vampires in literature, myth, and folklore.  The Assembly’s name comes from the title character of John Polidori’s 1819 literature work entitled  “The Vampyre.”  The Lord Ruthven Assembly holds its annual meeting during the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts every year in March, and each year, the assembly presents the Lord Ruthven Award that recognizes a deserving work in vampire fiction or scholarship which this year goes to HBO‘s True Blood under Media/Pop Culture. The International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts (IAFA) is a scholarly organization devoted to the study of the fantastic (broadly defined) as it appears in literature, film, and the other arts. The purpose of the organization is to promote and recognize achievement in the study of the fantastic, mainly through the organization and management of an annual academic conference, the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts (ICFA).


The International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts

The Lord Ruthven Assembly

Science Fiction Awards Watch

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Alexander Skarsgard in Round 5 for Alpha Male Title

March 28, 2009

eric8Alexander Skarsgard has made it to Round 5 of the E! Online poll for their Alpha Male Madness: Who’s TV’s Top Dog Poll. Alexander Skarsgard‘s Eric Northman on True Blood beat Jeffery Donovan who plays Michael Westen on Burn Notice in round 4 of the poll. Now Alexander is pitted against Jared Padalecki who plays Sam Winchester on the  Supernatural..  E! Online says that the battle is getting fierce now and we will soon knnow who will take the title of Alpha Male.  It is a close race right now between Alexander and Jared so go out there and vote and show E! Online which TV series has the best Alpha Males on television. True Blood has a huge following and it is just going to get bigger and bigger as more countries tune in and season 2 approaches so it is only natural that True Blood should get the Top Dog Award. A win for Alexander is a win for True Blood, so go out there and vote and show everyone why True Blood is one of the best TV series on television right now.

Click here to vote.

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