Vote for ‘Dead In The Family’ in Goodreads Choice Awards 2010

November 30, 2010

10th Book in Sookie Stackhouse Series Nominated for Four Awards

Dead in the Family Cover

Fans of the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris can help Harris get even more recognition for her wonderful work.  Voting is open for’s Choice Awards for 2010 and ‘Dead In The Family’ has been nominated in four categories.  Click on the category to go to the Goodreads website and vote today!

Favorite Book of 2010

Paranormal Fantasy

Favorite Heroine – Sookie Stackhouse

Favorite Hero – Eric Northman

Be sure to cast your votes in all four categories!


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Marshall Allman is in a New Movie

November 30, 2010

Tommy Mickens is Ready to Roll

A new movie, going by the name of ‘Sugar‘, is about to go into production by Village Entertainment. Marshall Allman, who plays Tommy Mickens in Season 3 of HBO’s TV series True Blood has been cast in it.

The movie is loosely based on the life of Rotimi Rainwater, the owner of Village Entertainment. He will be making his directorial debut on this movie using a script that he co-wrote with Tony Aloupis. Ali Palitz from All Is Well Films will co-produce it.

The producers have partnered with ‘My Friend’s Place,’ which is a nonprofit organization that provides valuable resources such as food and education to the homeless. The movie will be shot in part on location at ‘My Friend’s Place’ and they hope to raise much needed funds for this wonderful organization.

Other stars of the movie will include Shanae Grimes who played Annie Wilson in ‘90210‘ and Darcy Edwards from ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation.’ Grimes will play the role of a post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)  sufferer who is living on the streets of Venice Beach, CA.

Casting is Still Underway

A couple of roles are still up for grabs. So if you want to star along side a True Blood cast member, then there may be a role just for you! They are still looking for a male who can play a 21 year old and is an excellent skate boarder. They are also searching for a Pacific Islander or a Latino female to play a streetwise homeless friend of Sugar’s.”

‘Sugar’ is scheduled for release in late 2011.

Source: Feature Film Auditions – Indie Feature film ‘Sugar’ auditioning actors in Los Angeles.

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True Blood Renard Parish Men’s Zip Up Hoodie

November 30, 2010

Get True Blood Renard Parish Men’s Zip Up Hoodie at Shop The Shows.

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Spoilers! True Blood News on Episode 2 of Season 4 and more!

November 29, 2010

true-blood-sam-trammell-shirtlessSeen on E!Online’s Watch with Kristin column:

@Shanwink (via Twitter): True Blood goss!
Episode two of season four (which premieres Sunday, June 12!), is set at Fangtasia and called “You Smell Like Dinner.” Fangbanger smorgasbord, anyone? A source on set also told me they are building some sort of bakery and/or pie shop for the upcoming season three. Oh God. Maybe Strawberry Shortcake’s nemesis is the new big bad?! They’re also building a “weird looking metal shack” and allowing Sam (Sam Trammell) to go more grey this season. You heard it here first, people! (Sorry if we just ruined the whole season for you.)

For more general entertainment news and spoilers:

E Online’s Watch with Kristin

Source Credit: Eonline!

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True Blood Season 4 Spoilers – New Casting Call

November 29, 2010

Episode 2: “You Smell Like Dinner”

True Blood Season 3 PosterFilming for Season 4 of HBO‘s hit show True Blood begins this week and we have more news!  The title of the second episode will be “You Smell Like Dinner“.  Could Sookie be on the menu again? 

In addition, a casting call has been sent out for the following characters in this episode. 

[CALLUM] British bartender seen in flashback to London in 1982. He bartends in a punk underground nightclub…

[MALE PROTESTOR #1] This male protestor, 5’8″ tall at most, pickets Fangtasia and starts a physical fight with a “fangbanger”…

[MALE PROTESTOR #2] Another male protestor picketing Fangtasia, he captures a confrontation on his smart phone…

[LUTHER] An older, backwoods, inbred man at the compound, he is Timbo’s uncle…

Its hard to believe we still have 7 more months to wait until the show starts up again!  Let us know what you think – whose flashback will it be, is Sookie the aforementioned “dinner”?

Source: – Back To Bookies

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Jace Everett Talks About His Success Thanks to True Blood

November 29, 2010

Every-one’s Favorite Vampire Track

It’s amazing to think that only three short years ago, Jace Everett was not so well known. But with the use of his now famous track ‘Bad Things,’ Jace has now become a household name in the vampire scene.

Gabrielle Faust from The Examiner was lucky enough to interview Jace Everett on his success and how this all came about. 

When asked about how he managed to wrangle his song onto the hit HBO show, he showed he certainly has a sense of humor about his fame:

I donated a kidney to Alan Ball’s cousin. He felt like he owed me one. If only it were so easy! To keep it brief, Alan Ball had downloaded “Bad Things” in 2006 as an iTunes single of the week. When the show came up, he gave it a whirl and it stuck.

True Blood and Other Influences

While Jace has made some money from the use of his track in True Blood, he is quick to point out that it is not a huge amount of cash. But it is enough to allow him to be more fearless in his field.

Nashville had kind of warped my mind about what you COULD write. The success of the show and my affiliation with it has helped free me from that narrow view

Everett also had plenty else to say about what inspires him, along with his greatest influences.  He lists Willie and Waylon, U2, Chris Rea, Chris Whitley, Daniel Lanois, Mark Knopfler and Chuck Prophet as some of his greatest musical influences.

He also lists boy/girl interactions, politics and religion as some of his other inspirations for song writing. Even the show True Blood inspires him, since he wrote the song ‘Burn for You’ after watching Bill catch on fire in an episode of the hit TV show.

‘Red Revelations’ and What’s Next For Jace

When asked to describe his latest album, ‘Red Revelations,’ Jace had this to say about it:

It’s a swampy, dirty slice of rock and roll; which to me is equal parts country, blues, rock, and blood.

And it seems that the music from this album just may turn out to be just as iconic as ‘Bad Things,’ with the track ‘One of Them,’ being used in the upcoming film MindFLUX.

When asked about his plans for 2011, Jace was eager to let everyone know that he will be touring in the UK and EU in the late spring and early summer. Then it will be back to the US for even more touring.

Finally, Jace was asked by interviewer Gabrielle Faust for any closing thoughts. In true Jace-style, his reply was:

Don’t let the bastards suck the life outta ya! (Unless, of course, you’re into that!)

Source: The Examiner– An Exclusive Interview with Jace Everett

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Joe Manganiello in Vanity Fair Italy

November 29, 2010

Featured in the Magazine’s November 24th Issue

Joe Manganiello photographed by Nino Munoz for Vanity Fair ItalyNot only has True Blood‘s hunky Werewolf Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux) been listed as one of People‘s Sexy Men of 2010, but he’s graced the pages of Vanity Fair Italy‘s most recent issue.

More pictures from his Vanity Fair shoot can be found below and scans of the article can be found Here!

Joe Manganiello photographed by Nino Munoz for Vanity Fair Italy

Joe Manganiello photographed by Nino Munoz for Vanity Fair Italy

Joe Manganiello photographed by Nino Munoz for Vanity Fair Italy

Joe Manganiello photographed by Nino Munoz for Vanity Fair Italy

Joe Manganiello photographed by Nino Munoz for Vanity Fair Italy

Looking forward to seeing Alcide in Season 4? Does Joe top your Sexiest Men list? Let us know in the comment section below!

Source: – Photo gallery: The sexiest men alive!

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Facebook Group to Support Sam Trammell on SNL

November 29, 2010

Sam Trammell, Sam MerlotteWe’re moving on the campaign to get True Blood‘s shapeshifter Sam Trammell to host NBC‘s Saturday Night Live. The actor expressed his interest and is more than talented enough to do it. And now you can show your support by Liking the Facebook Fan Page – Get Sam Trammell on SNL.

The fan page has updates on Sam, videos, and pictures. So come on, Truebies, let’s make this happen!

You can also help by contacting NBC through their website. More information on how to do this can be found here.

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True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten Shares a Few Laughs with Red Hill Director

November 29, 2010

Facebook Fans Receive a Special Video Message

True Blood's Ryan Kwanten stars as a cop in the Australian drama, Red HillRyan Kwanten, who plays Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, sat down with Red Hill writer and director, Patrick Hughes, and made a special video message for Red Hill’s Facebook fans. The two Aussies seem like old buddies, teasing and poking fun at one another for the majority of the short clip, but still managing to slip in some details about the movie, which opened to a wide release in the U.S. on November 25, 2010.

Hughes gushes about how proud he is of the movie and how “it’s a big action thriller and you get to see Ryan being a hero…”  Click here to watch the video in its entirety.

Source: – Red Hill Australia (videos)

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True Blood Merlotte’s Women’s Zip Up Hoodie

November 29, 2010

Get True Blood Merlotte’s Women’s Zip Up Hoodie at Shop The Shows.

True Blood Merlotte's Women's Zip Up Hoodie True Blood Merlotte’s Women’s Zip Up Hoodie

Merlotte’s Bar and Grill – where the waitress already knows what you’re having and the owner has the ability to Shapeshift. Everyone is welcome, well, except the Vampires. This hooded zip-up sweatshirt features the Merlotte’s Bar and Grill logo on the front chest and across the back.


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