Joe Manganiello Credits Fiancée as Good Luck Charm

January 26, 2011

True Blood Star Talks Superstitions

Joe ManangielloYou’re not a real Truebie if you didn’t know True Blood star Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux) is a huge Steelers fan, but to what does he attribute the recent win that is leading them to the Super Bowl this year? His good luck charm, of course.

While he decked himself out in a Steelers jersey, it is who was by his side that Joe believes helped his team to victory. That’s right: Reggie may have had Kim, but it’s fiancée Audra Marie who had Joe shouting in joy as the Steelers gained another win on Sunday.

Okay, Joe loves his fiancée, but she can’t really be a good luck charm, can she? Does Sookie (Anna Paquin) have fairy blood? The couple actually met in 2009 at the Super Bowl, which the Steelers also won.  Joe explains:

“She was actually down there with some of her girlfriends for some of the festivities, and we met on our way into the Commissioner’s Ball that year…Football was kind of how we met.”

Come Feb. 6 there is no doubt Joe will be howling and clawing for another Pittsburgh victory. The actor, who was introduced to fans as a werewolf in Season 3, reveals that football as well as superstition is in his blood:

“I come from a long line of very superstitious Steelers fans…It can get a little weird. My dad is a very superstitious Steelers fan, and we all have to stay in certain positions because [he’ll] make sure that you cannot move if the Steelers are winning. We care a lot, but it’s a little OCD”

There’s no doubt who the superstitious were will be watching the Superbowl with. Audra Marie, the Steelers are counting on you!

Source: People– Joe Manganiello’s Fiancée Is His Steelers Good-Luck Charm

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Win a Copy of Moira Rogers’ Book Crux

January 25, 2011

True Blood won’t be airing new episodes until this summer, and waiting for Season 4 is quite difficult for most fans. My alternative (besides chatting with fellow fans here on has been to turn to books to make the wait less painful. However, I can only go so far with vampires. Sometimes I prefer to read about were-creatures and shapeshifters. One writer with several shapeshifting characters in her books that I read all the time is Moira Rogers.

Technically, Moira is composed of two women, Bree and Donna. They’re brilliant, incredibly funny, and very witty. And yes, all of these traits show up consistently in their books. Take, for example, Crux, which is the first book from their Southern Arcana series.

Crux is the story of Jackson Holt and Mackenzie Brooks, a private investigator and a woman who is running scared. But of course, nothing is as simple as that. Mackenzie is on the run from a stalker, and lucks into getting a job with a friend of Jackson’s. That friend actually instigates the beginning of Jackson and Mackenzie’s relationship.

From there, love, lust, and craziness ensue as Jackson and Mackenzie try to stay a step ahead of the stalker while Mackenzie learns about being a shapeshifter and finds out why she’s being pursued.

I really don’t want to go into too much detail, but this is a fantastic book, and if you love True Blood, you’ll enjoy Crux too.

Two (2) lucky winners will be chosen to win a trade paperback copy of Moira Rogers’ book Crux. You can find a short excerpt from the book here.

How To Enter For Your Chance To Win a copy of Moira Rogers’ book Crux.

  • In the comment section below answer the following question:  What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of being a shifter? How do those shape your perception of shifters?
  • Please provide a valid email address when you enter so we may contact the winner.
  • Comments must be posted no later then 11:59pm EDT on Sunday, February 27, 2010 to be eligible.
  • Two (2) winners will be drawn randomly from all eligible entries. Two (2) winners will each receive a copy of Moira Rogers’ book Crux.

Winners must respond within 72 hours upon notification.  Please check both your inbox and spam folders for the notification if you have been chosen the winner.  If the winner does not respond with the 72 hours time frame a new winner will be randomly selected.

For further information on the contest rules click here:

Good Luck!


Joe Manganiello Credits True Blood for Upcoming Nuptials

January 24, 2011

A Killer Year

Joe-Manganiello-Audra-MarieJoe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux) had a stellar 2010. Initially cast on True Blood as a guest star, the actor announced at Comic Con 2010 that he had been made a series regular on the show. Later that year, Joe proposed to his girlfriend Audra Marie and she happily accepted!  But the latter would have never happened without True Blood.

People Magazine caught up with the actor on Saturday, January 22 at the PGA awardsand he told them that his first check for playing Alcide as a series regular went to buying a custom designed ring for Audra:

“The first thing I did with my first check as a season regular is get together with my friend who is a jewelry designer and we co-designed an engagement ring,” he says. “And then my now- fiancée and I went on our trip to Italy and got engaged.”

Going to the Chapel

Now that the happy couple is engaged what about the wedding? While there has been no official announcement yet, they are close to setting a date and choosing a location. But one thing Joe is certain about is who he’ll be inviting—his cast mates!

“The cast will be invited to the wedding…I love them. They’re like my family.”

It sounds like Audra Marie is a very lucky woman being engaged to such a sweet and thoughtful man as Joe Manganiello! But he is also very quick to credit his fiancée who has been extremely supportive and cheered him on through this exciting phase in his career.

We here at TBN would like to extend Joe our sincere congratulations and best wishes to his bride Audra! And for those of you wanting to see more of Alcide Herveaux tune in to HBO June 12 for the season 4 premiere.

Source:– “Joe Manganiello: I’m Inviting True Blood Cast to My Wedding”

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True Blood’s Allan Hyde Confirmed to Attend Monster Mania

January 24, 2011

Godric Fans are in For a Treat This March

Allan HydeMonster-Mania Con, has announced that Allan Hyde, who played Godric on HBO’s True Blood, will be attending their event.

Billed as being the “the semi-annual Philadelphia horror film and memorabilia convention,” it is being held in Cherry Hill, NJ and Hunt Valley, MD, this year. Hyde will be attending the March event in Cherry Hill.

For those of you that would like to meet one of our favorite makers in the flesh, tickets can be purchased here. The event is being held at Crowne Plaza (formerly Hilton Hotel). It runs from the 11th to the 13th of March.

Other ‘monsters’ billed are Nick Castle, Lance Guest, Catherine Mary Stewart, Tommy Lee , Fred “The Hammer” Williamson and Melinda.

So make sure you get in early before tickets sell out!

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Sources: – “Allan Hyde to Attend Monster-Mania!”
Monster-Mania Con – Home Page
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Janina Gavankar Drops Hints about True Blood’s Shape-Shifters

January 24, 2011

Gavankar Talks Shape-Shifters and Life Before True Blood

Janina GavankarDuring an interview with Accidental Sexiness the terrifically talented Janina Gavankar (Luna) talked about True Blood and her work as a musician and an actor. She also dropped some hints about the future of shape-shifters on the HBO series.

Gavankar, recently cast as shape-shifting high school teacher Luna did not think she would be an actor. In fact, she was concentrating on her musical career before she discovered acting. While she does still sing, Janina says:

“I think it’s pretty obvious that I’ve chosen acting. I make music because I have to. If I don’t, I go crazy. That’s kind of the balance, acting is the focus, music is something that just comes naturally. I do whatever is natural to me.”

You may have seen her in such shows as The L word, ABC’s The Gates, The League and Traffic Light.

Will Shape-Shifters Unite in Season Four?

We will definitely be learning more about True Blood’s shape-shifters since according to Gavankar, Sam (Sam Trammell) and Luna find a shape-shifter support group. But will something develop between Luna and Sam, the shape-shifting owner of Merlotte’s? She adores working with Sam Trammell but Gavankar plays coy:

“Luna and Sam like each other right now and that’s all I am going to say.”

Yes, she’s tight-lipped about the specifics of any relationship that might occur between her and Sam, but she also has this to say:

“I have no problem with sex scenes that move the story lines along and show the true nature of humans, as opposed to sex scenes for sex scenes. I have no problem with nudity, I don’t think there’s any problem with the human body.”

Gavankar and True Blood

Before Gavankar was cast as Luna, she hadn’t seen the HBO series. But since then she’s watched every episode and counts herself a fan.

“Now, I’m such a fan, I’m worried about, even though I know what’s happening, I’m still very worried about Lafayette, Tara is having problems, I’m very concerned about everyone even though I know where they are in the next season.”

As for the books, since the series has made some departures from author Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampires books, Gavankar has decided to put off reading them for now so that she doesn’t end up distracted by the differences between the two.

I think we’ll all be looking forward to finding out more about Sam and Luna and True Blood’s shape-shifting community!

Source: Accidental Sexiness -“True Blood newbie Janina Gavankar gives insight into Luna”

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Former True Blood Writers Interviewed on the TV Writer’s Podcast

January 24, 2011

Behind the Script

Elizabeth Finch and Kate BarnowElisabeth R. Finch and Kate Barnow served as a writer’s assistant and a script supervisor respectively during the past three seasons of True Blood. They were also given a chance to co-write three episodes of our favorite series, “The World in My View” (Season 2), “9 Crimes“, and “I Smell a Rat” (Season 3). The duo now writes for the ABC series, No Ordinary Family as full time staff writers. But how did they go from being a writer’s assistant and a script supervisor to writers? The host of TV Writer’s Podcast Gray Coleman recently interviewed them covering their respective backgrounds, how they broke into writing for television, and best of all gave us a small glimpse into how True Blood is written.

Both Elizabeth and Kate came into the television industry as writers, Kate having started as an assistant to the executive producers of Will and Grace and Elisabeth as the winner of a prestigious internship from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. But as is the case in any career both women had to pay their dues which they were still doing when they arrived at True Blood. Elizabeth served as a writer’s assistant which consisted of things like making copies, making corrections, typing up scripts, answering phones and so forth. As a script supervisor, Kate was tasked with editing the many different revisions of each script that come out and ensuring that each draft had continuity. Neither job is the most glamorous. But they allowed the soon-to-be writing team to be in the all important writer’s room.

Inside the War Room

The script is the heart of any television show. In the case of True Blood, every script that is written serves as a cue for all of the major departments and people involved in the shoot. It gives the art department an idea of where a scene is set so that they can set the appropriate mood, the costume department a feel for what kind of mood a character may be in as caused by their environment which affects what they’ll wear, and of course, it gives the actors their lines and important information about each scene. Without the script there would be no show!

Inside of the writer’s room, ideas for scenes are pitched, stories are started, and the entire season is mapped out.  Being inside of the writer’s room is the place to be because in addition to knowing about what storylines are upcoming, you also become involved with the scripts like Elisabeth and Kate were which allows for learning quite a bit. After being on the show for awhile, the women were given the chance to write what is known as a spec script. A spec script is one that deals in the world of the show but has no relation to any of the storylines that are currently being done. Creator Alan Ball liked what he saw and allowed them to write the first of three episodes, “The World in My View”.

Writing for Another Supernatural Show

Kate and Elizabeth feel that writing for No Ordinary Family was a natural progression in their careers. They became staff writers prior to ABC’s super family show airing. But they did confess it is hard to write for a network show where there is no sex or swearing allowed compared to True Blood where almost anything goes.

Over all, this interview was very interesting to watch and listen to; especially to those who wonder how life as a television writer is and how you can get involved. We here at TBN wish Elisabeth Finch and Kate Barnow continued success on No Ordinary Family! The complete podcast is featured below. Sit back and enjoy the interview!

Source: Script Mag-“TV Writer’s Podcast 009: Elisabeth Finch and Kate Barnow from No Ordinary Family”
IMDB– “Elisabeth Finch”
IMDB– “Kate Barnow”

(Photo Credit: Script Mag)


True Blood Sweeps CampBlood Horror Poll

January 23, 2011

True Blood Comes Out on Top

true blood logoIt looks like True Blood is making an impact on the minds of horror fans!, a site dedicated to all things in horror entertainment conducted a reader poll, highlighting the best and worst in horror entertainment this year. And in the TV categories – HBO‘s vampire drama came out on top of the best categories:

Best Horror TV Show of the Year – True Blood got a whopping 52% of the vote.

Horror Hunk of the YearJoe Manganiello as Alcide barely scraped by runner up and fellow cast-mate Alexander Skarsgård. But really, that’s just a win-win.

Horror Queer of the Year – King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington. And he beat out the actor who plays him, Denis O’Hare.

Gross-Out Moment of the YearBill (Stephen Moyer) & Lorena’s (Mariana Klaveno) Sex Scene. That head-turning moment (haha…) beat out a scene from the terrifying scene from the film The Human Centipede.

Most Memorable Horror Moment of the Year – Russell Edgington’s Spine Ripping Newscast. That was a stunning moment. It beat out the Bill & Lorena sex scene by quite a bit.

Check out the blog to relive some of those awesome moments. And here’s hoping season 4 gives us just as many memorable scenes and characters.

Source: – CampBlood’s Best and Worst of 2010

(Photo Credit: HBO, Inc)

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True Blood Alum Dawn Olivieri to Star in New Comedy Series

January 23, 2011

Dawn Olivieri Cast in a Comedy Series Pilot

Dawn Olivieri Dawn Olivieri (Janice Herveaux) is set to star opposite Don Cheadle in Showtimes new comedy series pilot  House of Lies. According to the series is:

“Based on the book by Martin Kihn, centers on Marty (Cheadle), a self-loathing highly successful management consultant from a top-tier firm who is never above using any means (or anyone) necessary to get his clients the information they want.”

Dawn will be playing his crazy ex-wife Monica who runs the #1 competing firm against Marty’s.  This sounds like it sure to be an excellent show.  No word on the air date but keep your eyes open.

Source:– “Showtime’s Comedy Pilot Starring Don Cheadle Finds A Lead”

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True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten Helps With Flood Relief

January 23, 2011

HBO Jason Stackhouse PosterKwanten Lends a Helping Hand:

True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) is joining forces with several other Australian actors to raise money and awareness to aid in the relief effort for Queensland, which has suffered much damage due to flooding since December 2010. Kwanten will be joined by such stars as Joel Edgerton and Teresa Palmer. The fundraiser will take place at Everleigh, which is operated by fellow Australians Nick Mathers, Lincoln Pilcher, and Nick Hatsatouris.

100% of the proceeds from door sales, $2 from every beer, and 10% of all drinks proceeds will go to aid the Queensland flood relief effort. Details about the event are listed below:

Date: Sunday, January 23, 2011

Time: 3:00 – 6:00 pm (pst)

Location: Everleigh Restaurant 8752 Sunset Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069

Tickets: $20 for women; $40 for men

Source: NineMSN (Flood Fundraising Noticeboard); American Australian Association (Queensland Fund Relief Fundraiser); SkyNews (Auusie Stars Plan Flood Relief)

Image Credit: HBO, Inc.

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John Billingsley Set to Star in the Violet Hour

January 23, 2011

John BillingsleyBon Temps Favorite Coroner Cast in Richard Greenberg Play

It has been announced that John Billingsley is going to star in The Violet Hour at the Lillian Theatre. John Billingsley plays Mike Spencer on HBO’s True Blood.

About the Violet Hour

Hollywood Food Chain productions in association with Elephant Stageworks is presenting the play The Violet Hour is written by Richard Greenberg, and is to be directed by Darin Anthony. The show is set to preview on Friday, February 11th. The play will officially open Saturday, February 12th and will run through Sunday March 13th at the Lillian Theatre in Hollywood, CA. The performances will run Fridays through Sundays with prices ranging from $20.00 to $30.00 depending on the show. The synopsis of the show is as follows:

“It’s April 1st, 1919, and the young independent publisher John Pace Seavering is setting up his office. With only enough capital to put out one book, John finds himself besieged by two authors. Denny McCleary, John’s brash and gifted college friend, has produced a manuscript so unruly it lives in a trio of crates. He’s fallen in love with the enchanting heiress Rosamund Plinth, and if John doesn’t agree to publish his book today, he’ll lose her forever. But John is also being strenuously lobbied by Jessie Brewster, the popular black jazz singer who is also John’s very secret mistress. She’s written her memoirs and is determined to have her story known. As John temporizes with these two, another drama is playing out in the anteroom: A machine of mysterious provenance and purpose has arrived and is spewing out stacks of pages while John’s hapless assistant, Gidger, strives vainly to stem the flood and leaves John to ponder if knowing the future will allow him to change it?”

An Actor of the Stage and Screen

John Billingsley is no stranger to TV or theater . He has been in television shows such as Star Trek, 24, and Prison Break and his theatre credits include Mauritius at The Pasadena Playhouse, The Seagull and Twelfth Night. He will be playing alongside Karole Foreman, Travis Schuldt, Peter Larney, and Lisa Valerie Morgan in The Violet Hour

This plot of the play sounds intriguing and full of interesting characters. Congratulations to John Billingsley and we can’t wait to see you on the “true” stage again.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and would like to attend The Violet Hour, tickets may be purchased here

Sources: Broadway Los Angeles-“Billingsley, Foreman lead The Violet Hour at the Lillian Theatre”
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(Photo credit: Broadway

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