Top Quotes from Episode 10 “Burning Down the House”

September 4, 2011

Last Sunday night’s episode of HBO’s True  Blood was explosive and showed viewers the true faces of the best characters TV has ever seen. This episode had me cheering like a football fan on the edge of my seat. The looks on some of our character’s faces were priceless. Here is our list of top quotes right from the first scene.

 Lights, Camera, Action:

Marnie and Roy S4 Ep10

 “It’s like pouring boiling water on fire ants!”

One of the crazy followers of Antonia/Marnie. Maybe someone should tell him these ants don’t die and when they bite they really bite.

“Well, listen to you. God. Talk about bromance.”

Yes, Jessica, the love affair between Hoyt and Jason is respectable. Jason is such a good guy at heart. We can totally tell how much he struggled with his feelings for Jessica.

“A few stitches, little duct tape, pretty nurse, you’ll be good to go.”

Alcide to Tommy while he was in immense pain. They do say duct tape fixes everything except for a broken heart right?

“I am not going to die in Wiccan shit store with them. I REFUSE.”

No one can blame Tara for that comment, the whining would have me preferring Antonia’s wrath.

“This is your fault, all of it, and that is exactly what I’m going to tell the authority.”

Wooo Hooo, Bill finally gave it to Nan.

Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård) S4 Ep10

“When you were about to kill him, I just couldn’t bear the thought of a world without him in it. I think it was how I was able to stop you. I love you. I don’t want to lie to you, but I can’t help it. I love him too.”

This comment from Sookie to Eric could sum up the entire last two seasons, especially this one. How heartbreaking it was to hear her say those words which were both painful and completely honest. I don’t know who I hurt for more?

“Well, they bet on the wrong horse. It’s too bad.”

Now there is the Eric we know and love… yeah, Eric, we wonder who is more “lovable”, you or Bill.

Family Ties

Marcus Bozeman is a dead f***ing wolf.”

I loved seeing the bad guy come out in Sam. I just wish his little brother didn’t have to die in order to see it.

“Then he drank 11 of my beers — passed out and started fartin’. Continuously.”

I almost spit my wine out, and I don’t waste wine. This was so funny and Jason obviously has no sympathy for Hoyt.

“You sure?  Looks like you been sucking down V like it’s mother’s milk.”

This whole conversation between Terry and Andy was great. Perfectly written for both of their characters and a great addition to show how much they truly care about each other.

“Whatever. If she would have got-damn let her parakeet rest in peace, then Eric Northman and Bill Compton wouldn’t be marching on Moon Goddess to BLOW up my only  f***ing cousin!”

Man, we love almost everything Lafayette says.

“Yeah I speak Latin, I need it for my job!  No, of course I don’t, we’re just going to have to wing it.”

Holly to Tara with her wonderful sarcastic mouth, but she definitely speaks some truths to Tara when she needs to hear it.

“What the f*** do you know? TRUE DEATH FOR YOU TOO, NORTHMAN!”

Good thing Nan isn’t producing this show, there would be no vampires left to watch. Hmmm. I  wonder if that is her ultimate plan.

“I feel some bad juju.”

Me too, Lafayette, but I think it’s that wine I spit out my nose earlier laughing.

Debbie Pelt (Brit Morgan) S4 Ep10


“Sure you do… you hook up with a different wolf.”

Bad doggie! Alcide is going to make you pay for that one, Marcus.

“I know you are. You can take your first steps to free man tonight… when you walk all the way home!”

That was so brilliant of Terry, leaving Andy to walk home and have some time with his own thoughts.

This episode left us with the sound of kicking ass about to be unleashed! Did your favorite quote make the list? If not leave it in the comment section below.

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Top Quotes of Episode 9 “Let’s Get out of Here”

August 28, 2011

Boys Vs. Girls:

This episode was the one that will lead up to hopefully the biggest battle that the vampires and  witches have ever seen. Just like before we have chosen our top quotes of the night.

 Let’s Hear It for the Boys:

Alcide to Bill when he makes the suggestion to pray for Sookie’s recovery:

Joe Manganiello as Alcide S4 Ep9

Werewolf and Vampire? Who’s going to listen?”

Ummmm, hello! We are listening!

“Am I the only here who thinks this is bat shit crazy?”

Alcide to Sookie and Bill when Sookie seems to barely have escaped with her life intact and she demands for someone to find Eric. I mean really Alcide, have you seen Eric? I would look for him till all my limbs are gone.

“Yeah, I’m kind of a big deal.”

Yes you are Sam, yes you are.

“Well, he ain’t around, Marcus ‘he knows who I am’”.

Snarky Tommy to mean old Mr. Marcus when he comes to Merlotte’s looking for Sam.

Lafayette Reynolds, on behalf of Renard Parish, the state of Louisiana, and Jesus Christ his f***ing self, ready or not here we come!”

Andy has enough of Lafayette’s crazy antics while he was hyped up on V.  Between Andy’s anger, a possessed Lafayette, and Terry with his yellow sunglasses, this whole situation was highly infused.


Mavis/Lafayette to Jesus when she realizes that she is in fact dead and has taken over Lafayette’s body who is most certainly a boy with boy parts.

“Well, I’ll take honesty every day of the week and twice on Sunday.”

Marcus to Alcide… hmm, Marcus might want honesty but I am not so sure he actually practices it.

“How can you have an event in honor of the living dead without any living dead? It’s like having a civil rights protest without any black people.”

Jim Parrack as Hoyt with Monster Box S4 Ep9

Bill questions Nan’s motives at the Tolerance event. Bill, you should have started questioning Nan long before now.

“So take the monster’s CD, and put it in the monster’s monster box, and you take it to her for me, will ya?”

I laughed out loud every time I saw “For you, MONSTER”. Hoyt, I dare say I didn’t know you had it in you.

Now for the Girls:

“There have been times I’ll admit, when it’s occurred to me that maybe I should put my career on hold and  become a maker, but these last several hours here with you have erased those doubts FOREVER.”

Nan to Jessica after Jessica’s bloody cry over Jason and Hoyt. She is such an ice queen… well, not queen, but politician.

“Bolster security if you feel it necessary, but tomorrow’s Festival of Tolerance is going forward, and the cameras had damn well better find you in a festive and tolerant f***ing mood. Am I understood?”

Why yes Nan, we have your message loud and clear. Bill, you better be there with bells and whistles on and be ready to shake hands and kiss babies.

“Now, this is my dream, so both y’all need to shut up and listen to me. Come on. Well, what are you waiting for? Get yours butts in the living room, we need to have a little talk.”

Bill and Eric in one dream… now that is what I am talking about.

“Why are you getting all serious for, I just want to pet a bunny.”

Emma explains to her mother Luna.  She is so stinking cute.

Sookie, Bill & Eric Dream S4 Ep9

“That I can love both of you, that I don’t have to be yours or yours. I’m proposing that the two of you be mine.”

Sookie, I mean how selfish can you be that you would take both of the hottest male vampires on this show. I mean really, how dare you.

“I can’t take this anymore! I mean I don’t even think I’m a real Wiccan, I was just doing this to piss off my parents!”

One of the Moon Goddess Emporium hostages when she realizes the magnitude of the situation. Antonia, I am beginning to think your followers are turning their backs on you.

Sookie yells “Run!” S4 Ep9


Sookie’s plea with Bill. This was the very last word said before the credits rolled. I have to say the action has finally begun and the war between the witches and vampires has officially begun!


Did you favorite quote make our list? Share it below in the comments.

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Top Quotes From Episode 8, “Spellbound”

August 24, 2011

Are You Ready to Rumble?

Episode eight of HBO’s True Blood, “Spellbound”, was the beginning of the war between the vampires and the witches. The battle lines were clearly drawn, let’s see who makes it out of this with their fangs and witchy ways attached.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica, S4 Ep8Top quotes of the night according to us:


“Did I do that?”

Oh, yes, Jessica… I would say that you did that to poor Bucky.

“Think good things, hot summer days, barbecuing… uh, no — um… good things a vampire would think of… the moon, never getting cold, TruBlood…”

Jason is so ditsy and lovable when trying to cheer Jessica up when having to silver her back to her bed.

“No, you wouldn’t, you would be dead. It might hurt our pride to admit that, but it’ll save our lives and the lives of this pack. Which is why this pack will stay the f*** out of it. Unless you want to go it on your own, hot dog.”

Marcus advising strongly his pack to stay out of the vampire and witch war.

“You can try, but she won’t.”

Luna’s adorable daughter, Emma, telling Sam that Cat Barbie will not like him no matter how adorable he is. I have to admit that Emma is one of my new favorite characters from this season.

“We will be one.”

The simple demand that came from Eric to Sookie. This was truly a scene that I felt moved by and created emotion by me watching them exchange bloods. Such an intimate moment between the two of them.

“Whoa, serious? You would eat a pile of dead vampire Beulah Carter… off the ground? You are one sad, sorry freak, Bubba. Get a f***ing grip!”

Jason to Andy Bellefleur when he was licking his lips just thinking about that V going to waste sinking into the ground.

Sookie & Eric S4 Ep8

“It’s a miracle… you, your blood — it’s amazing.”

Eric and Sookie in the short but amazing shower scene. Can we please get a replay?


“We must restore the sacred power of creation to this wounded Earth. That is our only  hope. SNUFF them out, once and for all.”

Antonia/Marnie to Tara on her violent and deviant plan to destroy the vampires.

“Ain’t there anything I can do to get you to ‘sweeten the deal’?”

Gross. Will the real Maxine please stand up? Tommy using his new found shifting powers to pretend to be Maxine with a foul mouth.

“I just want to be with you… only you… forever.”

Okay Eric we can make that happen… I just have to figure out what to do with that silly blonde Sookie.

Let the Battle Begin

“War isn’t about whether you think you can win. It’s about being willing to die for something you believe is worth dying for.”

Eric telling Bill that Sookie should be allowed to fight with the vampires against the witches if it comes to that.

“So, he gets to show up uninvited, but ME the FATHER of your daughter does not? I got a problem with that.”

Daniel Buran as Marcus Bozeman, S4 Ep8Marcus pointing out a very one sided argument to Luna when he finds Sam sitting at the dinner table with his ex wife and daughter.

“Yeah, well I got a feeling he plays Barbies all by himself.”

Marcus to Luna’s adorable daughter. Marcus is such a shifty character in my opinion. One moment I really like the things he says to Alcide and Debbie and his stand point on the vampires,  but then he opens his mouth and disrespects Luna and her house. The jury is still out on this fellow.

“I come in peace.”

Kristin Bauer van Straten as vampire Pam, S4 Ep8

I believe there is much truth in Bill’s words to Antonia when meeting with her in the cemetery, but those might be his famous last words. There seems to be anything but peace.

“I’m not going to miss you one bit.”

Pam was so close to finally having her revenge on Tara, and enter Bill to save the day. I do believe he put baby in the corner.

That’s all folks! I hope your favorite quote made it to our list, if not let us know by leaving it in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more True Blood and the crazy things they say.

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Top Quotes from Episode 7, “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”

August 13, 2011

Supernatural Vs. Supernatural:

Rutina Wesley as Tara S4 Ep7A very interesting night for fans of True Blood as the plot thickens with the war that is beginning to rage between the vampires and witches. There is a definite line drawn in the ground and it will be very interesting to see who is on what side. The top quotes of the night from episode seven, “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”:

“It may be ten minutes from now or ten years, the moment you think you’re safe, I promise, I will hunt you down and f***ing shred you like confetti.”

Pam to Tara outside of Merlotte’s. It doesn’t matter if Pam’s skin is melting off or she is dolled up in 300 dollar shoes, she is one scary vamp!

“I swear to God I’ll burn this f***ing taco stand to the ground if you don’t let us up out this muthaf***er.”

Layfette to Jesus’s grandfather after being scared to death and taken over by Jesus’ dead uncle. The best part was when Jesus’ grandfather came out, very nonchalant, like, ‘Hold your horses, I was just having sex with my wife’. I mean really, La La! How dare you interrupt him?

“Well I sure as hell don’t want to fry in the sun, what do we do?”

Jessica to Bill when he tells her about the complicated situation regarding Antonia resurrecting in Marnie’s body.

“So tonight we go to ground in silver, and then what?”

Eric & Sookie S4 Ep7 “heart beating”One of Bill’s sheriffs when finding about Bill’s plan to keep them safe. I am not so sure they were thrilled with his plan.

“I’m listening to your heartbeat. I can feel it. Every pulse through your skin into mine. If I lay still and think about nothing else, feels like my own heart is beating.”

Eric to Sookie after making love. The way he looks at Sookie so beautiful and gentle. It was truly a beautiful moment between the two of them.

“I’m going to shove my fist up your a** and use you as a hand warmer.”

Pam to the doctor while undergoing her beauty treatment. I think Pam needs to be nicer to that doctor who is saving her a**, literally.

“Pam! Get your a** out here you prune faced bitch, I ain’t scared of you.”

Tara to the woods when walking down the road where she ends up meeting Marnie’s new identity. While Tara was at first skeptical, she eventually agreed with Antonia/Marnie that they need to protect themselves. I wonder how Tara is going to feel when she realizes the full extent of Antonia’s plan.

Out Comes the Sun

“Ain’t going to be nothing left for you to save if you keep at it — I feel like I’m dying.”

Jessica to Bill who is nearly begging to not be silvered anymore.

“I’ve lost too many people in my life, I can’t lose you too.”

Sookie to Eric when having to silver him. Awww, they are beginning to be that super sweet couple that no one wants to be around.

“Old Luca could have warned me. I felt like a giant-a** puppet for your ghost uncle.”

Luna and Sam S4 Ep7Lafayette to Jesus when talking about himself as a medium, who was being used to save Jesus.

“Okay, how can I say this in a way you won’t misinterpret — f*** you.”

Luna to Sam over the phone. I am not sure if smarty pants Sam could still misinterpret that message.

“Well I can ask my boyfriend, he’s got great spiritual energy when he’s not stoned”.

Coven member to Tara when asked to bring in more people to the coven circle. Hmm, they aren’t being very picky are they?

“I’m sorry. I have caused you so much suffering in your human life and now in this one.”

Bill to Jessica, such a sweet and emotional line between the two of them. He seems to be trying to make amends to those that are important to him.

“Are you in love with her?”

Debbie to Alcide when asking about whether or not Alcide is in love with Sookie. Debbie, Debbie, Debbie! When a man and you are in the moment, best not to start talking about another woman. Show him that you are strong and confident.

“Tell me… was I next? I mean there’s no way to keep it up with both of us around, the only thing to do would be to kill me, then you’d have the money, the bar, the girl… everything.”

Sam to Tommy when confronting him about changing into Sam. Looks like Tommy is on the outs again.

“But understand this, vampires are NOT immortal. They are only harder to kill.”

Jessica meeting the sunOh Antonia is out for blood, vampire blood! You naughty witch.


“He’s not going to make it without somebody there for him.”


The line that started it all, the fiasco at the end. Sookie said it to Jason, who then realized that Jessica would need someone as well. So he went in search of her, where he was met by one of Bill’s guards. The last sounds of the night were Jessica’s desire to see the sun and a gunshot. Who will make it out alive?

Did your favorite quote of the night make it on the list? If not, post it below to share with us!


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Top Quotes from Episode 6 “I Wish I was the Moon”

August 7, 2011

Favorite Lines from Season 4, Episode 6:

Sunday’s episode was one that most True Blood fans have been waiting for since the tall blond viking vampire stole our hearts at Fangtasia. “I Wish I Was the Moon” was a very bittersweet episode where fans of Eric got what they have long been waiting for, but the breaking of Bill’s heart was a sound that was loud and clear. So our top quotes of the night? Starting from the beginning:

“The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

Right from the first scene, True Blood catches our breath. It looks though that Eric and Sookie needed help catching theirs too.

“That’s what this is about? You’ve been running around sticking your fangs and who knows what else into every girl in town, but the second I move on, YOU ARREST HIM?”

Sookie to Bill when he arrests Eric from literally under her. You tell him girl, don’t let that silly boy take your man.

“I request a warrant to impose the true death.”

Bill to Nan Flanagan requesting death for Eric. Ohhhh Bill, you are playing dirty.

Terry put it out, no smoking in the boudoir.”

Arlene to Terry when smelling the smoke which led to her house exploding. After worrying about baby Mikey, they found him already outside with that really weird ugly doll. Alan Ball, I want to be inside your head to see where this story is going.

“The ghost of my serial killin’ ex-fiance just tried to murder us, in our sleep — we’re just peachy!”

Arlene to Sam Merlotte. Poor Sam always seems to be on the opposing end of crazy women yelling at him.

“Fighting crime — it’s a helluva workout.”

Andy Bellefleur to Holly when helping her move her heavy furniture. Sure Andy, we totally believe you. Looks like this hard crime fighter V abuser is going to get a pretty for a cheeseburger date with Holly.  Maybe there is a love story for him after all.

“Goat tongue… for breakfast… wow, it smells… well done. Yum.”

Lafayette when confronted with breakfast at Casa Jesus’ crazy grandfather. I don’t think Jesus’ grandfather is going to win any Top Chef awards with this breakfast.

“You’ve reached officer Jason Stackhouse, if this is an emergency, dial 9-1-1 and ask for me. Peace.”

Jason’s voice mail message. While calling Jason Stackhouse in case of an emergency is tempting, I think I might just stick with 9-1-1.

“I shoulda known, this is a sex thing isn’t it?”

Sookie to Jason when she finds him handcuffed to the bed at his house. We have seen Jason tied up so much this season, this actually looked normal to me.

Alcide marking his territory, S4 Ep6

Debbie needs to keep her mouth shut.”

Alcide to the Packmaster of Shreveport. This one was a favorite because, well, come on — we have wanted Alcide to get mad at Debbie all season.

“So let me get this straight — we waitin’ for a wild animal to walk up to us and volunteer to die?”

Layfayette to Jesus when waiting out in the field for a sacrifice. Lala, haven’t you heard that it’s rude not to give your host or hostess a gift?

“What do you think that meant, ‘change my kitty litter’?”

Jason to Sookie when asking her to shoot him when he starts to sprout fur. Sookie changing Jason’s kitty litter, now that would be awkward.

“Go shift, kill stuff, do whatever werewolves do, I got this.”

Sookie to Alcide and Debbie after asking them about how to become a werepanther. Sookie looked so cute stomping around the woods toting a big shot gun. Alcide, how could you go off with Debbie?

“Those Hotshot f**ckers are so dumb, they can’t even make a werepanther right.”

Jason to  Jessica when he realizes he is not changing into a werepanther. Guess Crystal was as crazy as we all thought she was.

“Girls! No need to squabble, there’s plenty of me to GO around.”

Pam to Tara and her new girlfriend. Pam looks awful and is ready to take her vengeance out on those two fine ladies!

Now the last two are more sounds than actual quotes. Right there in the woods, the woodland creatures slept to the sweet sound of Eric and Sookie making love under the bright moon. All along through the woods, is Bill on his front porch — and the sound of his heart breaking is deafening.

So did your favorite line make our cut? Leave your favorite quote of the night! Return here next week for the next episode of favorite quotes.

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Favorite Quotes from Episode 5, “Me and the Devil”

August 5, 2011

Messy Situations:

Tommy Mickens S4 Ep5This episode of HBO’s True Blood was amazing as always. It had great lines from almost all of the characters. Right from the beginning was an explosive fight between Tommy Mickens and his parents. After his dad brutally attacks him, Tommy gets the upper hand. Right before he makes the fatal blow to Joe Lee, he tells his dad,


“Remember I once said I wouldn’t be free till the day you died.”

Well, Tommy is now free as a bird. Tommy immediately finds Sam to help him “clean” up the mess. Sam helps clean up the mess and finishes it off with favorite quote number two:

“Gators love marshmallows. You should know that.”

On the other side of the swamp, another group is trying to clean up a different kind of mess. After Marnie becomes possessed again and curses Pam with a rotting spell, Lafayette, Tara, and Jesus have had enough of it. Marnie is full of excuses as to why she did what she did to Pam. Here comes number three, from Lafayette:

“That’s some catchy shit for your head stone, good night.”

The next two quotes come from others’ reactions to the situation that happened to Pam. When she marches into Bill’s office, he notices her outfit:

“Oh good, the world needs more beekeepers.”

It’s good to know that Bill hasn’t lost his sense of humor during his strenuous time as king. The next one comes from another sheriff who notices something not right with Pam…well, more specifically her body parts:

“Oh sweetie, I think your ear…”


Witchy Women

Sookie and Eric S4 Ep5The women of True Blood had some great lines in this episode. Sookie is always quirky and sarcastic, and a well of great comments. While in bed consoling a very needy Eric, she tells him he can sleep with her, with restrictions:

“As long as you promise to keep your hands and your fangs to yourself.”

Come on Sookie, have you seen those hands! The next firecracker quote has to be from Portia who is trying to convince Bill to continue their “friendship”, no matter how many greats might be in front of grandfather.

“Fact: 42 states have repelled their anti-incest laws, even in cases of brother and sister.”

Poor Portia, that didn’t turn out so well for her, now she has the same reaction to Bill that most people have after finding out they have been sleeping with their grandfather.

The real witchy woman Marnie tries to tell her circumstances to Bill and help him understand what happened that night.

“I barely remember what I said because your associate took a chunk out of my neck.”

Which Bill responds to without even thinking:

“Yes, he does that.”

Making Whoopie

Sex was a big conversation starter, and for someone who is trying to swear it off, Jason sure has a lot to say about it.

“I swear, look —  as much as I love it, every bad thing that’s ever happened to me is because of sex.”

Jason later has a very disturbing dream about Jessica and Hoyt:


Lafayette and Jesus go to visit Jesus’ grandfather in Mexico. When they arrive they find a very pregnant girl in the yard doing laundry.

“Whoever it is… looks like Grandpa still got some lead in the pencil.”

Lafayette never disappoints us with his great lines.

The Men in Sookie’s Life

The following quotes revolve around three of the men in Sookie’s life. The first one is from Marcus Bozeman who visits Alcide.

“That, Alcide, does not bring me to my happy place.”

Well, Marcus, Alcide seems to bring everyone else to their happy place! Eric was super sweet in this episode and our favorite quote of his is,

“There’s a light in you. It’s beautiful. I couldn’t bear it if I snuffed it out.”

So sweet!

Bill S4 Ep5The next one comes from Bill and while it’s only one word, it was so poignant and showed real shock and hurt.


This is when he realizes that Sookie lied to him and has been hiding Eric at her house. The look on his face said it all. Bill is definitely not over his love for Sookie.

Get Your Running Shoes

The best quote of the night came from Sookie herself. When she went and visited Marnie at the Moon Goddess Emporium, she heard Gran speak to her and tell her not to trust Marnie.

“Lady, when my Gran tells me to run, I run. Keep the change.”

That’s right, run, Sookie, run.

These are our favorite quotes from episode five of season four, did your favorite make the list?


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New Pictures of Your Favorite True Blood Stars

August 4, 2011

Photographed by Entertainment Weekly at Comic-Con 2011:

True Blood cast EW Comic-Con 2011True Blood actors were definitely a hit at the recent 2011 Comic-Con in San Diego. Even Entertainment Weekly had its eyes and ears there to catch all the action and the HOT stars of HBO’s vampire hit show.

The ensemble below consists of: Creator and executive producer Alan Ball, Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam), Alexander Skarsgård (Eric), Kevin Alejandro (Jesus), and Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette).

Alan Ball ensemble EW Comic-Con 2011

The first solo picture that was shown in a recent online article is none other than Anna Paquin, who plays a bubbly girl-next-door waitress, with a knack for getting the attention of every supernatural in Louisiana, Sookie Stackhouse — which I might add is quite a few!

Anna Paquin EW Comic-Con 2011

Next is Paquin’s super sexy husband, Stephen Moyer. He plays the sensitive vampire, Bill Compton, who since the very first episode has been a very big part of Sookie’s life. This picture of him looks wonderful. His dark hair has red undertones which really brings out his beautiful eyes. I can see why Paquin wants to wake up to his face every morning.

Stephen Moyer EW Comic-Con 2011

Rutina Wesley has always looked great throughout the last four seasons, but I feel like something about her this season has made her beauty completely stand out.  Maybe it has something to do with her character Tara Thornton “dipping into the lady pond.” Tara has always been Sookie’s best friend and even though there have been some blow ups, I still believe these two will come out on top.

Rutina Wesley EW Comic-Con 2011

Deborah Ann Woll has quickly become True Blood’s hottest vampire. She came on the scene during season 2, and has been turning heads ever since. While she plays a young vampire created by her maker Bill Compton, her ice blue eyes tell you she is ready to take charge. Her character Jessica has become a recent love interest of Hoyt, but it seems Hoyt may  have some competition from someone who is very close to him.

Deborah Ann Woll EW Comic-Con 2011

Ryan Kwanten is definitely the little brother that all of us wish our best friend had. This Aussie has stolen our hearts since his first scene as Jason Stackhouse. In this picture, you can see that one of his favorite pastimes is hitting the gym!

Ryan Kwanten EW Comic-Con 2011

Last but certainly not least, is the man I wouldn’t mind waking up next to! Alexander Skarsgård plays the Viking vampire Eric Northman. He has not so patiently been biding his time for the attention of Sookie Stackhouse. It looks like he’s gotten what he’s been wishing for, just remember that old saying: “be careful what you wish for”.

Alexander Skarsgård EW Comic-Con 2011

Don’t they all look amazing, Truebies?

Source:– Comic-Con 2011 Star Portraits: Day 2

(Photo credit: Micheal Muller for EW)


Truebloodnet’s Favorite Quotes from Season 4, Episode 4 – “I’m Alive and on Fire”

July 29, 2011

Watercooler Gossip:

Truebloodnet is bringing True Blood fans their favorite quotes from episode four. Each week, fans can’t wait to see the new episode of True Blood and then race to the water cooler on Monday to talk about what happened on Sunday’s show. Here is our way of bringing those favorite scenes back to you.

Love Drunk

The first quote is from Sookie who stares at Eric like a puppy who has messed on her new carpet:

“You can’t have any more, there isn’t anymore, you drank the WHOLE fairy, and you’re going to your room!”

Eric had other plans though:

“Hey! Did you just pinch my butt?”

While Eric was frolicking in the woods, Pam was being grilled about his whereabouts by Bill. After making her mad, the third great comment of the night comes:

“You like the feel of it don’t ya, Bill? That crown.”

drunk Eric swimming S4 Ep4While Bill may not like the feel of the crown, Eric seems to love the feel of the swamp water and DOES NOT want to get out.

“There’s big gators in there you crazy viking, get on out and let’s go home before one of them chomps off your you-know-what!”

Eric, we can’t let that happen, you better get out of that water!

Cat Scratch Fever

Quite a few great quotes came from Jason’s ordeal. Viewers first find Jason tied to a bed where a woman from Hot Shot is taking full advantage of his situation.

Jason tied to the bed S4 Ep4

“Well, I don’t know why you’re crying, I’m the one getting raped,”

he says to her.

Next one comes from Luther who yells to Jason:

“Breed, Ghost Daddy, breed!”

The fifth quote comes from Crystal Norris who finds Jason in the woods after he has escaped and killed Felton. She is very happy to see him and even happier that Felton is dead.

“I’m big momma kitty now.”

And that you are Crystal, that you are.

Witchy Woman

The witches this season have been dangerous and full of great lines. Since Marnie has cast the spell on Eric, Lafayette,  Jesus, and Tara have 24 hours to have her reverse the spell. She tries to tell them that she can’t remember. Lafeyette will not hear any of that!

“You get her ass on the gotdamn Goddess line and you tell her to turn this curse a-f***in-round!”

Well, that’s one way of putting it. While that group is trying to reverse the spell, Nan Flanagan is giving Bill Compton hell about sending Eric to the Moon Goddess Emporium.

“Some old hippies levitated a dead bird, so what?”

Well Nan, it was a little more than that, which Pam later learns when she says the famous line,

“Are you f***ing retarded?”

I think it’s fair to say that Marnie won that fight.

Love Comes in All Kinds

Quote number eleven is from Debbie Pelt who is not concerned with Alcide helping Sookie:

“You’re in my bed, boy — I aint worried about no Sookie.”

Debbie obviously did not see how Alcide and Sookie looked at each other.

Number twelve and thirteen have to do with families. First, is the shocking revelation of finding out that Bill is related to Portia Bellefleur:

“You’re my great-great-great-great-granddaughter.”

I don’t think Portia thought it was that great. The next wasn’t a spoken line, but a great one nonetheless.

“Baby not yours”

was found written on the wall at Arlene’s house. It appears that the baby wrote it, but I am skeptical.

The Tangled Webs

The last two of the night come back to Sookie’s love triangle. While the situation between her and Eric hasn’t escalated, it is obvious that Eric would like more with Sookie.

“If you kiss me, I promise to be happy.”

Yes, Eric I would be!

Bill & Sookie “lies” S4 Ep4

Bill soon shows up at Sookie’s house and asks to search it looking for Eric. Sookie feels a need to protect him so she tops the night with the best quote of the night.

“When have I ever lied to you? Ever?”

Well they do say there is a first time for everything.

So this is our list from episode four, did you find your favorite quote of the night?

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Top Quotes From Season 4, Episode Three

July 28, 2011

Top 15 Quotes From This Episode:

The third episode of season four of HBO’s True Blood is titled If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’? I love the title of this episode. It accurately sums up scenes where the characters are in so much pain caused by the one who supposedly loves them.

Sookie S4 Ep3

Starting from the beginning, the first quote comes from my favorite sassy waitress, Sookie Stackhouse to Eric Northman:

“I am not your f***ing dinner!”

Right after punching him in the nose. You go girl!

After being punched, Eric begins to have flashbacks on his time at the Moon Goddess Emporium.

“Everything I was, was taken from me.”

This quote isn’t funny, but it leaves fans feeling the emptiness that Eric is feeling, while going through this confusing time. It seemed to really get Sookie’s attention as well.

Number three comes from the lippy Tara Thornton:

“It’s been a while since I got attacked by a vampire, and guess what? It still sucks.”

Quite literally, actually.

The next one was a typical Jessica comment to her maker Bill Compton when she confessed to him that she “fed” from another man besides Hoyt:

“Bill, I am not stupid, I’m just unfaithful.”


Number five is a line we heard in the previews all Spring:

Witches? Oh great, now I have to deal witches?!”

Sookie says this to Pam when she finds out that it was witches who took Eric’s memory away. Eric is still very confused during this conversation and is enjoying learning that he has tasted Sookie’s blood previously. The next one, also coming from Sookie, promptly removes Eric’s lovely smile:

Sookie & Eric in scene with Pam S4 Ep3



“Yeah, against my will, so technically you fangraped me.”


Across the swamp, Tara, Jesus, Lafayette are trying to figure out what to do with the fact that Eric was harmed by Marnie and he knows all of them personally. Lafayette thinks the best idea is to seek Eric out, which the rest of the group is strongly against. This is where quote number seven comes from. Jesus says to Tara,

“Don’t worry, I can convince him not to do this in a way that’ll make him think it was his idea.”

Oh we know what you mean!

Quotes eight and nine come from people trying to make amends… well, sort of. Andy Bellefleur is definitely fighting his own demons trying to control his addiction to V.

“God grant me the serenity to… f**k it.”

Bad Andy, bad Andy!

Debbie Pelt S4 Ep3Sookie goes to Alcide’s house to try to find shelter for Eric — what she finds instead is Debbie Pelt who is now clean from V, and wants to apologize. After the apology, she does what every Southern woman does:

“You want a Vienna sausage?”

I literally laughed out loud! Come on, who serves Vienna sausages these days?

Love is in the Air

Love is ever present in this series and it’s only right that quote ten and eleven come from a place of love. A misguided and confused place, but love nonetheless.

“I’m gon’ be momma to all your baby cubs.”

This comes from a crazed Crystal Norris to poor Jason Stackhouse as she tends to his wounds.

Sam and Tara S4 Ep3The next one comes from old lovers Tara and Sam Merlotte:

“Do her a favor and stop flirting with me.”

Please don’t stop flirting! We love the way he looks when he is looking at Tara!

While the next one doesn’t have to do with love, it does have to do with love making:

“You are the smartest most powerful man I know, and I am the smartest most powerful woman I know.”

Portia is so full of herself as she pours her Southern charm all over Bill Compton.


Jessica is so down right bad giving Arlene’s sweet baby this disgusting baby doll, but she does it so eloquently:

“No, no, that’s just age. Um yeah, that doll’s been in my family for a long time, it’s kinda like an heirloom.”

Number fourteen comes from another female confronting an enemy, but Tara is much more vocal in telling Pam how she feels when trying to save Lafayette from her dungeon once again:

“Bet you don’t think the wooden bullets inside are too damn funny.”

Watch out Tara!

Last but definitely not least, the best quote of the night of course came at the end from Sookie:

Eric after draining fairy godmother S4 Ep3



“You just killed my fairy godmother!”


Well damn.

So these are our favorite quotes from episode three, tell us yours!


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Favorite Quotes from the First Episode of Season 4

July 12, 2011

Who Said it?

Sookie Season 4 premiereThe premiere of True Blood three weeks ago had fans excited that the wait was finally over. In a recent article on, the best quotes from the first episode were discussed.

Sookie, Sookie

The first quote comes from Sookie Stackhouse to her fairy godmother Claudine:

“If your job is to look after me, can I say you suck.”

Viewers can totally agree with this statement. Since the beginning of the series Sookie has taken a beating but she has kept on ticking. Maybe her fairy godmother was indeed looking after her?

The next one came shortly after the first one, when Sookie was speaking to the Queen of the Fairies, Mab:

“I’m staying away  from vampires, I can guaran-damn-tee you that.”

Yeah, Sookie — we totally believe you.

The third one comes from my personal favorite, vampire Eric Northman. He handsomely walks up to Sookie’s doorstep and tells her,

“Everyone who claims to love, your friends, you brother, even Bill Compton, they all gave up on you. I. Never. Did.”

Whose heart didn’t melt at hearing that?  Well it didn’t melt Andy Bellefluer’s… number four comes from him:

“For 13 straight months I’ve had that open case on my books. If it weren’t for you, this year’s Louisiana Safe Streets plaque would be on my wall and not f***ing Webster Parrish. You owe me a plaque!”

Where would the streets of Bon Temps be without Andy?

The Ones That Make Us Giggle

Number five happens when the hilarious and always stylish Lafayette enters the Moon Goddess Emporium:

“It smells like where old air fresheners go to die.”

Number six comes after cute but creepy baby Mikey finds a new way to play with dolls:

Baby Mikey w/decapitated Barbies

“Decapitating Barbie dolls? What the hell kind of baby does that?”

Poor Terry has his hands full with Arlene this season. His cure for her craziness…just love her more. He tells her,

“When I was a kid I used to put squirrel heads on lizard bodies and invent new animals.”

Didn’t everyone do that?

Coming in at number 8 is a quote from our favorite ginger vampire, Jessica, talking to her boyfriend Hoyt:

“Do you understand how gross human food is to a vampire? It’s all dead. Permanently, forever dead. Going to the Piggly Wiggly for me is like going to the morgue for you.”

With that analogy, I do believe Jessica won that fight.

Even in Bon Temps, it seems there is nothing on TV.

“TV sure hasn’t gotten any better in the last year.”

… complains Sookie to her brother Jason.

In the town down the road, Nan Flanagan is filming Pam for a commercial regarding vampires. Ms. AVL quips:

“I have proof. Scientific. People are far dumber than they realize.”

She must have been talking to those people NOT watching True Blood. Luckily, the always enthralling Eric comes in to save the commercial.

“We’re always more than happy to serve humans here at Fangtasia. And I don’t mean for dinner.”

Changes Are Coming

In the year that Sookie had been missing, a lot changed for Bon Temps. One of the changes is Jason Stackhouse is now responsible and carries a badge. The second is that Sheriff Andy is still carrying a badge but has a new taste for vampire blood. In the scene where Jason saves Lafayette from Andy, Jason says:

Jason and Lafayette (4.1)

“I’m not saying anything happened just now, but if something did happen, it didn’t happen.”

Hoyt’s mommy has found a new son to take care of, and he comes in the form of Sam Merlotte’s little brother Tommy.  She asks him:

“You gonna be comfy, hon? You want a tushy cushion?”

How embarrassing. It looks like Tommy and Hoyt are both dressed in plaid shirts, they must get their fashion sense from Maxine. Number 14 comes from Pam speaking of Hoyt:

“That tree with the plaid shirt, it has a name?”

The Best for Last

The last quote of Episode 1 comes again from the Nordic vampire:

Eric with fangs (4.1)

“I always knew you were alive, and if I owned the house, well I would own you. Sookie, you are mine.”

I keep replaying that last one in my head, I just replace Sookie’s name with mine, of course!

True Blood is off to a great season! Can’t wait to see what they say next. Share some of your favorite quotes with us in the comment section below!

Source: – Best True Blood Quotes from Season Four Premiere

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