Kristin Bauer, True Blood’s Pam, The Soup!

June 30, 2011

Kristen Bauer On E!'s The Soup in red dress

The Soup

Kristin Bauer who plays Pam, a vampire on HBO‘s hit series True Blood, will be a guest on The Soup Friday, July 1st. And is she HOT! in that red dress or what! Looks like Joel is serving up Hot Tamale Soup tomorrow night. Joel McHale, host of  The Soup, is a stand up comedian whose quick wit adds a humorous air to the weekly round up of celebrity news.  The Soup airs Fridays at 10pm ET/PT only on E! Check your local cable listings to find the station. E! is dedicated to information about upcoming shows and movies as well as celebrity news and gossip.

Kristin’s character Pam is getting more screen time in Season 4 of True Blood. Maybe Kristin will be able to share a bit more about what we can expect to see from Pam in the upcoming shows. We here at are huge fangs of Kristin’s work and will be watching! Join us!

You can catch a sneak of the interview, Thursday evening here.

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True Blood Cast Members Win Saturn Award

June 30, 2011

And the Winners Are:

Joe Manganiello (True Blood's Alcide)Stephen Moyer by Matthias ClamerThe 37th Annual Saturn Award winners were announced and two of my fave True Blood actors won, so let’s congratulate “Best Actor in Television” winner Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill Compton, and “Best Guest Starring Role in Television” winner Joe Manganiello, who plays Alcide Herveaux.

The Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy & Horror Films was founded in 1972, by way of another group called The Count Dracula Society.  You can find the full list of winners, and more information on the academy, by clicking on the link below.

Source:– And the winners are…

(Photo credits: Joe –; Stephen –  Matthias Clamer)


True Blood Season 4 Music: Episode 1 “She’s Not There”

June 30, 2011


Soundtrack for the First Episode:

Alexander Skarsgård as Eric Northman (4.1)Happy Season 4, everybody!

And what a way to start. After spending “10 or 15 minutes” in Faerie World, Sookie returns to Earth a whole year later. Jason is now officially a cop and is still looking out for the Hot Shot kids. Arlene is monitoring baby Mikey’s every move, Sam is hanging out with a new group of shifters, Jessica and Hoyt are dealing with domestic life as best they can, and Tara‘s got a new hobby and a new relationship. Bill has moved on to bigger and better things, while Eric takes advantage of Sookie’s situation. Oh, and witches! Jesus and Lafayette join Marnie‘s group for some meditation and spell-casting. Fun all around.

Below is a list of songs from True Blood‘s episode 1 of season 4, “She’s Not There,” along with its correlating plot point, courtesy of HBO.

(Songs marked with a [*] are available for purchase at

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – Real Wild Child
Tara is fighting at a lesbian bar.

Soda Jerk – What’s On Your Mind
Plays outside the Lesbian bar in the alley in New Orleans.

Danny Wilde – Better Get On
Sookie is back at Merlotte’s. Arlene welcomes her and tells her about the baby. Lafayette has a few updates as well.

Misisipi Mike Wolf – Calling the Shots
Maxine enters Merlotte’s.

Blakroc (Feat. Billy Danze, Jim Jones, and Nicole Wary) – What You Do To Me
Tara and Naomi make love.

El Camino – Dues
Portia and Sookie chat at Merlotte’s.

Slick Idiot (remixed by Schneider of Rammstein) – Xcess
Jessica dances at Fangtasia. She has an admirer.

Neko Case and Nick Cave – She’s Not There*
End Credits.

This is only the beginning. What did you think?

Source – – Season 4 Music

(Photo Credit: HBO, Inc.)


True Blood Season 4, Episode 1 Review – “She’s Not There”

June 30, 2011

Spoiler Alert:

Anna Paquin as Sookie (4.1) Finally! After months of blood-thirsty anticipation, we were treated to the first episode of the fourth season of HBO‘s True Blood“She’s Not There.

*Spoilers* if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

So… you spend a few minutes in the Faerie World, catching up with Granddaddy Earl (Gary Cole) and you get back to Earth to find a whole year has gone by. A whole year. Wha???

Up until now, True Blood’s timeline has been difficult to keep up with. While we’ve been watching the series for three years, in Bon Temps it’s only been three months (give or take.) Remember – Rene was killed at the end of season 1, but Arlene just found out she was pregnant with his baby in the middle of season 3.  So to pick up a whole year after last season makes for some interesting discoveries. And as we learned, a whole lot can happen in a year.

To me, I think the biggest surprise (at first) was Jason. Now officially a cop and helping out the kids that Crystal left behind, Jason seems to be on the straight and narrow. Bill and Eric both arrive at nightfall to check on Sookie, though neither of them stay long enough to explain their current whereabouts. Jessica and Hoyt are dealing with domestic life, while Sam is meeting with a group of shifters. Jesus convinced Lafayette to check out his witches’ hangout – “It’s not a coven” – where we meet Marnie and fellow witches. Arlene’s baby, named Mikey, is having a blast decapitating Barbies and Andy Bellefleur is hooked on V.

Tara‘s story was the biggest change from where we left her last season, I think. Now a cage fighter in New Orleans, Tara has taken on a romantic relationship with her fighting partner. And we see the tangled web of lies Tara’s been weaving, probably in a desperate attempt to completely demolish any memory of her former life.

And how about Tommy? Taking Hoyt’s place, he seems to like the life of a Momma’s boy. His testy exchange with his brother appears to show thier relationship isn’t in a great place right now.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the faerie opening on its own. It wasn’t until the time lapse was revealed that it all made sense. It makes for a convenient plot device, making the audience figure out what’s going on and not boring us to bloody tears with exposition.

When Eric reveals that his “company” bought Sookie’s house, I felt I should have known. I already had some suspicions when Portia revealed the real estate company didn’t have an actual office, but I didn’t think about it leading back to Eric. Very clever.

My favorite part of the whole thing was the last few minutes. Seeing Bill in his new position of authority and Eric craftily figure out a way to make Sookie his, I was in True Blood heaven.

Season 4 – you have my attention.

What did you guys think?

PS – I haven’t read all of the books, so I can’t say how well the story is following the novels. If anybody can help me out, I’d be happy to hear about it.


Video: True Blood Cast Interviews at Season 4 Premiere

June 29, 2011

The Buzz on the Red Carpet:

True Blood Season 4 poster-whiteWe have another video for you from the Season 4  premiere red carpet.  You’ll hear some of the cast members speak briefly about the new season, and see a few quick snippets from upcoming episodes.  Nelsan Ellis’s parting words:

“You know, you think the vampires are the baddest kids on the block — but this season’ll make you rethink that thought.”

Hear from Alan Ball and practically the whole cast by watching the video below.  Is it just me, or does Skarsgård look like he’s got a buzz going at the after party?

Source: The Buzz – True Blood Season 4 Premiere (HBO)
(Image credit: HBO, Inc.)


Anna Paquin Transformed by V

June 28, 2011

Who’s That Girl?

Anna Paquin, who plays our favorite heroine Sookie on HBO’s True Blood, underwent an amazing transformation with the help of V — well, V Magazine, that is.  Check out the lovely photos below, and don’t forget to look for the July Transformation Issue!

Anna Paquin V Magazine July 2011

Anna Paquin V Magazine July 2011

Source: – Anna Paquin Goes Under A Complete Transformation For V Magazine

(Photo credit: V Magazine/Sebastian Faena)


Trailer For Ryan Kwanten’s Latest Movie, Griff The Invisible

June 28, 2011

Set to Hit the Big Screen in August:

Griff the Invisible Movie PosterJason Stackhouse may have some major problems occurring on the little screen in Season 4 of True Blood, but not so on the big screen. It seems everything he touches turns to gold as far as movie choices go.

Griff the Invisible is his latest offering. The movie revolves around Griff, the 28 year old who believes he is a superhero. While there is a PG rating, the movie trailer promises to offer some more grown up aspects than first anticipated.

Make sure you check out the Griff the Invisible trailer and book your tickets for August the 19th, when the movie is being released!

Source: NY Post– Ryan Kwanten as a Superhero? Yes, please

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HBO Go has Season 4 Episode 2 Up and Running

June 26, 2011

US Fans Can Watch it Straight Away

For residents of the United States of America and subscribers to HBO Go, you can watch Episode 2 of Season 4 of HBO’s True Blood NOW!

Fans from other countries will have to wait until next Sunday for this privilege.

For subscribers of HBO Go who are experiencing difficulties accessing the second episode, HBO have advised to please be patient, and the problem will be resolved shortly.

Source: HBO

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Season 4 Gallery Images

June 26, 2011

Courtesy of HBO:

Just a few more hours to go, everyone!  Here are a few photos from the set of True Blood’s season 4:

Sookie Season 4 (Sexy Beast article)

Eric Season 4 (Sexy Beast article)

Pam Season 4 (Sexy Beast article)

Hoyt & Jessica Season 4 (Sexy Beast article)

Marnie & Jesus Season 4 (Sexy Beast article)

Breathe, Truebies, breathe!  The hour is almost upon us.  We hope you enjoy the show, and don’t forget to check back regularly for more news!

Source: – Sexy Beast: Inside True Blood Season 4

(Photo credit: HBO, Inc.)


Chris Bauer, True Blood’s Andy Bellefleur, Talks V Addiction

June 26, 2011

Chris Bauer True Blood Andy Bellefleur


Chris Bauer

Chris Bauer, the talented actor that plays frustrated hero, Andy Bellefleur, in HBO‘s hit series True Blood sat down and talked to The Fix last week and they’ve just released the interview. In the interview, Chris talks about his admiration for the True Blood writers, where he sees Andy coming from and how he portrays him as an actor. When talking about Andy’s attraction to V, Chris says:

His entire personality—namely his visible externals—are completely consistent with an alcoholic make up. At the end of season three, he finds out vampire blood has all the properties, and I think it’s evident that he was immediately intrigued. In some previous episodes, he had sworn off alcohol for life but vampire blood isn’t alcohol, which is so often the thought process of people who transfer addictions. All it took was one little drop for him to fall head first into the hole.

The interview is an interesting read. It’s clear that Chris is a thoughtful guy who doesn’t want to impose his views on anyone. For him, and Alan Ball, True Blood is about entertainment first and social commentary second, or perhaps even third; although many True Blood fans see it the other way around. Check out the rest of the article at The Fix.

Credit: The Fix

Photo Credit: HBO


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