Big News for True Blood Comic Series

November 11, 2011

Publishers Have Announced a Monthly Release!

According to IDW Publishing the TRUE BLOOD comic book series has become one of their most popular titles.  Since its first issue was published by IDW in July 2010, each installment has given Truebies a deeper insight into their favorite characters.  Now, a new comic will be released every month.  Alan Ball, the show’s creator, says about the series:

“The comics are a great way to continue telling True Blood stories off screen. With this new ongoing series, Truebies will be able to find a new comic in stores every month. We’ll also have even more room to create in-depth drama and further explore the world of Bon Temps.”

After IDW and HBO reached the New York Times‘ Best-Selling First Comic Collection with their compilation of ALL TOGETHER NOW, they released the second compilation entitled TAINTED LOVE.  All Together Now is about a woodland monster who ravages Merlotte’s and Tainted Love revolves around Jessica ingesting some poisoned bottles of True Blood and Bill‘s search for its origin.  In stores now, the third mini-series (not yet compiled) is called THE FRENCH QUARTER and:

“finds Sookie and Eric in New Orleans tracking a killer, whom Eric and Godric thought they killed in Paris more than 200 years ago, while Bill is in town investigating a local Hep-D outbreak that may be connected to the killer’s latest victims. Meanwhile, back in Bon Temps, Truebies will wonder why Pam is hanging out at Merlotte’s and what it is she wants with Lafayette.”

The French Quarter issues will be compiled as a series and released in March 2012.

TRUE BLOOD: ALL TOGETHER NOW ($24.99, 160 pages, hard cover, full color) is now available in stores. Diamond order code DEC10 0370; ISBN 978-1-60010-868-6.

TRUE BLOOD: TAINTED LOVE ($24.99, 160 pages, hard cover, full color) is now available in stores. Diamond order code JUL11 0370; ISBN 978-1-61377-019-1.

TRUE BLOOD: TAINTED LOVE ($11.99) is available in Apple’s iBook Store here:

The entire TRUE BLOOD COMICS COLLECTION is available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch through the Apple App Store []

TRUE BLOOD comics are available for the Sony PSP through the Sony Digital Comics store here:

Whoever has these comics or loves comics and True Blood should let us know what you think in the comments section! If you have any Truebie friends, I know the books make a great holiday present! (I’m hoping to find Tainted Love in my stocking since I’ve already purchased and devoured All Together Now.)

Image and Article Source: IDW Publishing


Denis O’Hare on His Role in American Horror Story

November 11, 2011

O’Hare Thrives at Playing the Archfiend:

Russell Edgington (Denis O'Hare) with Talbot in a jarThe Boston Herald interviewed Denis O’Hare, who plays the nefarious malefactor Russell Edgington in True Blood’s third (and possibly fifth?) season.  He can now be seen in FX’s new scary-psych-drama American Horror Story.  O’Hare said, “I love a good villain.  There is nothing clear-cut and simple about a villain. Ever.”  As a kid, the macabre enthusiast’s hero was Vincent Price in “those old Saturday afternoon horror films… they really stayed with me.  I was a monster freak growing up.”

He describes his new show, American Horror Story, as a mix between The Shining, Twin Peaks and The Amityville Horror.  “It’s not simply a horror show… It’s a lot more psychological, but the style is so odd and forward-thinking,” O’Hare remarks.  He plays Larry, a former owner of an unholy, grim and possessed house into which Dylan McDermott’s character and family have recently moved.  As a burn-disfigured and tortured man, O’Hare says Larry warns the new residents about the house’s malevolence “out of a strange compulsion to be set free.  He’s looking for redemption — a way out.”

Despite Larry’s dark past (from which he covets redemption,) and three and a half hours in the makeup chair, O’Hare concedes that Russell Edgington is much scarier.  He’s “a passionate character whose only motivation is to stay alive. He is so filled with forward motion and momentum about what he wants to do that he’s burning up with a desire to act. Of course, Russell is amoral in the great pagan sense — he doesn’t have the burden of our Judeo-Christian morals. He’s hard to parse because he’s playing by a different rule book.”

O’Hare, like the rest of the True Blood cast, is reticent to reveal any spoilers for the upcoming season.  He says, “I have no idea what the writers will do. I have my ideas, but it might not be a straight linear line from the end of the last season.”

So until then Truebies, check him out on FX in American Horror Story, Wednesdays at 10pm.

Source: Boston Herald – O’Hare Splits Villainy in Two

Photo: HBO


Alexander Skarsgård Makes AskMen’s Top 49 Men List

November 9, 2011

The Results are In:

Alexander Skarsgård Makes Top Influential Men List 2011After more than two hundred thousand readers voted on which men they feel have earned the right to call themselves one of the Top Most Influential Men of 2011, the results are in…

One of our favorite Vamps has managed to lock in recognition on this Hot List! Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman) on HBO’s True Blood has secured the 17th spot on the Top Most Influential Men of 2011. For True Blood fans it will come as no surprise to see that this Vampire Viking has received this much deserved recognition. Skarsgård plays the gorgeous, smoldering, powerful, Sheriff of Area 5 on True Blood, who has recently become entangled in a VERY sexy love triangle with Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Bill (Stephen Moyer), which hit its climax in Season 4 and answered the “Will they?Won’t they? ” between Sookie and Eric with a resounding hell YES!

Skarsgård receives this recognition alongside some of the world’s most popular and influential figures; Piers Morgan, George Clooney, and the late Steve Jobs (number 1) all of whom received status as one of the Most Influential Men of 2011.

I’m sure I speak on behalf of all the Team Eric fans when I say congrats Alexander, you deserve this acknowledgement, and we can’t wait for you to work your way up this list next year!

Source: – Top 49 Men 2011

Photo: HBO


True Blood’s Joe Manganiello on Magic Mike

November 9, 2011

Best Male Breakthrough Performance at Spike’s Scream Awards:

Joe Manganiello as Alcide HeveauxJoe Manganiello, who plays Alcide Herveaux on HBO’s True Blood, is part of the upcoming movie, Magic Mike, which deals with dancing, stripping, and a firefighter outfit. He also has a role in the movie What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Interviewed at the Scream Awards, where he won best male breakthrough performance, he gave the following teases:

On what you’re going to see in Magic Mike:

“When Steven Soderbergh wants you to do his movie, you say yes. Plus, the cast is the greatest group of dudes ever. It is epic. Epic! We have had so much fun… You are going to see a surprising amount [of me]. Shocking amount, actually… You are going to see… I mean…. No, no full frontal! But his name is Big Dick Richie for a reason.”

What’s Magic Mike about?

“They told me it’s sex, drugs, rock and roll. The guy I talked to was ‘the fireman’ in the ’90s so I am going to be doing a fireman routine in the film. Suspenders, hat, I get the axe going — the whole deal!”

Truebies, howl if you’ll be running to the theater to see our fave werewolf in Magic Mike!

Source Credit: Celebuzz
Photo Credit: HBO


Rutina Wesley Talks About Fight Scenes on True Blood

November 9, 2011

Tara’s Fight Scenes Are Mostly Rutina:

Tara Thornton, played by Rutina Wesley on HBO's True BloodFans of HBO’s True Blood saw a different side of Tara (Rutina Wesley) in Season 4. Tara turned into a lesbian cage fighter!

The Bajan Reporter recently got to interview Wesley about this new direction. The first thing they wanted to know about was how much of the fighting was her, and how much was stunt doubles. Here’s what she had to say:

“I did do a lot of it. We all have stunt doubles but I did do a lot of it, ’cause I like to do that kinda stuff. It is just easier for camera work too, when they can get our faces and get our bodies moving around and fighting… I actually would love to train [in martial arts] but HBO would get mad at me, because it is so easy to get hurt. I mean, we are always taking off our clothes in some form or another, so you have to work out.”

The relationship between Tara and Sookie was then discussed. Wesley summed it up nicely by saying that although Tara can get mad at Sookie, their relationship goes beyond that. This is due to the fact that they were practically raised together since Tara’s mother was an alcoholic.

And being mad doesn’t necessarily mean that she won’t help out either. First she comes back in Season 4 because Sookie returns, then she extends her stay because her cousin Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) is drawn into Wicca. So while she may seem like one tough cookie on the surface, she is, in fact, a soft teddy bear inside.

Wesley also owned up to the fact that she has only read the first Charlaine Harris book, on which Alan Ball based the series. Although, she has a very valid reason for this. And fans who have read the books, will understand also the very different path that the character of Tara Thornton has taken.

Some may not realize it, but for Wesley, True Blood is all new to her. She graduated (alongside Nelsan Ellis) not so long ago from Juilliard, but her area of expertise was theater, not television. While she is loving the experience, she is still finding it all a bit surreal:

“I still can’t believe I am on TV. Even when I watch the shows back, I am like, ‘Wow, that’s me!’ My family is so proud – I’m a Vegas girl but honestly, it still gets to me that I am getting to do what I love to do.”

Truebies, did you have any doubts it was actually her fighting? This is one tough woman!

Source: The Bajan Reporter – RUTINA WESLEY (Tara Thornton), TRUE BLOOD – SEASON 4, HBO {Mild Spoilers}

(Photo Credit: HBO, Inc.)


True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård in New Movie “The East”

November 9, 2011

Actor to Appear in Fox Searchlight Thriller:

Alexander Skarsgård as Eric NorthmanTony and Ridley Scott are producing The East, which will feature Alexander Skarsgård and Brit Marling. Ellen Page is also in talks to join True Blood’s Eric Northman in this project.

The East is a thriller about a private firm contracted to protect large corporations from environmental and anti-business extremists. This firm attempts to infiltrate a secretive anarchist organization known as “The East”.

Brit Marling will appear as the undercover agent who tries to infiltrate The East and finds herself falling in love with the group’s enigmatic leader, Skarsgård. Page’s character, Izzy, is a former lover of Skarsgård and jealous of the attention he has been paying to Marling.

Viking Vampire Eric Northman starring as an environmental extremist, will you be running to the movies to see this thriller? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.


Source:  Variety – Ellen Page Infiltrates “The East”

Photo: HBO


Ask Dr. L — The Devil is In the Details

November 8, 2011

Ask Dr L


For a small fortune (and the promise of a steady supply of medicinal quality V) has gotten Dr. L to agree to answer your supernatural medical questions. Ask Dr. L is written by Dr. L (any resemblance to any characters living, dead or undead is purely coincidental), also known as Doctor to the Supernaturals, and was founded by her mother, Philine Paullips. It is the most popular and widely syndicated supernatural medical advice column in this world — or any other. Known for its uncommon nonsense and immortal, or just darn old, perspective.


Dear readers: I am sorry for my long absence, but I have been quite busy studying new and different techniques of being a successful cougar…er, I mean, doctor to supernatural beings. Here are replies to some of the queries in my backlog:


Nov 8, 2011


Dear Dr L,
A sneaky devil broke my heart years ago, and he put a spell on me. Can you help?
Bedeviled in WV


Dear Bedeviled,
Well, dear, you might imagine I get this sort of question quite often. Women are usually the ones asking, but once in a while I get this question from a man. My gentler, kinder Dr L answer is to pick yourself up, find someone worthy of you and enjoy life in spite of the sneaky devil, letting him see just who and what  he missed.
The second, more “me” answer is to tell you to come in and get some of my anti bedeviled potion. It is formulated to hit each individual where he (or she) is most vulnerable. Example: Does he love his car? This will put a hex on his machine and turn it into a pile of junk. Is he a smooth talker? This will turn him into a blathering idiot around women. Is he proud of his sexual prowess? Guaranteed to turn a stallion into one of those plastic ponies on a Wal-Mart merry-go-round.
Keep me posted, and let me know if you need that potion. It’s costly, but always worth it. PS we can ship to WV, for a little extra.

Dear Dr L,
I don’t know who else to turn to, or I would. You seem kind of creepy to me, but your column does give some pretty good answers to questions that others can’t answer. So, here goes. I live near you, and I know you are familiar with the sinful, crazy goings on in my little town. I am a church going, God-fearing person, but I am starting to get a little fearful living here. I am tired of going out after dark wearing something heavy and garlic around my neck. Doesn’t lead to a very good social life, you know?
Anyhow, much as it pains me, I was hoping you’d know of some sort of full service protection against those awful vampires, as well as the werewolves and shape shifters I have come across. I want to be able to make sure anyone I have fellowship with is 100% human and normal, know what I mean?
Can you help me?
Nervous Nelly


Dear NN,
Creepy? ME? Well, that’s a good way to start a conversation in which you are asking for my help, isn’t it? Bet you are not the sharpest tack in the box, now are you? Because I could, theoretically, lead you to something exactly opposite of what you are asking me for, and you’d be in a real fix then, hmmm???
But, my ethical standard don’t allow me to do that- even to a sniveling cry baby like you. I suggest you come into the office and order one of my specially designed silver body suits, infused with crosses and odorless garlic throughout. You might look a little odd at first- no, strike that- you WILL look a lot odd at first, but as soon as these babies catch on, they will become all the rage. Trust me. And there is no one size fits all here- we custom make these. I mean come on, if it fits me, is it also going to fit that awful Viking? Not that he’d be able to wear it, but that was an example.
Call my office for an appointment. And creepy- I never!

Hey, hey, Dr L,
How’s my favorite little doctor hottie doing these days? You may not remember me, but I have written to you here many times before, asking you to go out with me in my tricked out 57 Chevy. You always shot me down in the past, but I am a very positive thinker, so I live in hope. Can I pick you up tonight at say, 9 pm?
Sign me,
Livin’ in hope


Dear “Livin'”
News flash: Hope is not only dead for you, but the ashes have been scattered all over the bayou.
I hear the blow up dolls have come a long way…

Dear Dr L,
I have a beautiful baby boy, only 3 years old. He is such a joy to my husband and me, and we are so happy to have him. We couldn’t have children of our own, and we adopted him through rather shady channels, as we are older, and not qualified for regular adoptions.
I’ll just get right to the point. Our baby has begun to display some rather troubling behaviors. We have noticed that when he has an itch, he will scratch it just as easily with his feet as with his hands. When the moon is full, he sometimes makes growling noises, and last time, he full-out howled. But most disturbing was last week, when I went into the bathroom after he’d asked to go in there and I found him, well, licking himself dry. I was horrified.
Can you help us, please? We love our son, and we want him, no matter what, but is there anything you can do?
Mom in distress


Dear Mom,
Well, I do understand people wanting children. I never wanted any myself, as not only am I too busy in my career to raise a child, but also, he or she would likely be taller than me by the time they went to school. So I can’t exactly empathize, but I hope I can advise you.
First, let’s just get to the truth: It sounds like you have a baby were or shifter. You are in luck, because I do have a behavioral group at my clinic that helps train these “unique” children- sit, stay, roll over, etc. And, if you enroll today, I’ll give a half price on all vaccinations, including rabies and parvo.

Be sure to Submit your questions in the Comments Section below and if you’re unlucky enough Dr. L may choose to answer your question (and send you a bill.. how does she find us? Does she use mail Owls?)!To view past Dr. L words of wisdom just do a search on Dr. L in the box in the upper left of the page.

Disclaimer: These answers are provided for entertainment purposes only and should not be followed by ordinary humans. This column is a parody of the Gothic fantasy series, True Blood, and as such, is presented here for your amusement. Ask Dr. L and the various writers that contribute to it, have no relationship/affiliation to HBO, True Blood, or any of the cast or crew of said nor any relation to Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels.


True Blood Guest Star Vedette Lim in a New Role

November 7, 2011

Grey’s Anatomy Gets a New Doctor!

Vedette Lim (Naomi)Hey Truebies, remember Tara’s girlfriend, Naomi? Did you catch her on last week’s Grey’s Anatomy? Episode eight was titled “Heart-Shaped Box”. Vedette Lim was introduced as Dr. Polly Preston, possibly some competition for Alex.

According to,

Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) will take a liking to her so much so that she’ll boot Alex (Justin Chambers) from her cases.”

Looks like she enjoys playing competitive, tough women! Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

Let us know if you caught her on Grey’s Anatomy by leaving a comment below.

Source: – Grey’s Anatomy Exclusive: True Blood Star Signs on as Alex’s Competition



Video: SyFy Germany Interviews at RingCon 2011

November 7, 2011

Sam Trammell, Nelsan Ellis and Allan Hyde:

Ring*Con banner 2011SyFy Germany was on hand at this year’s RingCon, and scored some interviews with three handsome fellas from True Blood. The actors who play Sam Merlotte, Lafayette, and Godric each spoke candidly about the show and their respective characters.

Don’t forget to check out SyFy’s YouTube channel for the rest of the video clips, on the right-hand side of the page.

 Sam Trammell on What True Blood is All About:

Nelsan Ellis on Playing a Homosexual:

Allan Hyde on Playing the Death of Godric:

A special thanks to Florian from SyFy Germany for the contribution!

Sources:, SyFy YouTube

Image: RingCon


True Blood’s Anna Paquin Stars in New Indie Film

November 7, 2011

Paquin Will Play a Pot-dealing, Single Mom in Free Ride:

Anna Paquin (credit Stylist magazine UK)Free Ride is about Christina — played by Anna Paquin — an uneducated, single mom who leaves an abusive relationship and moves to Florida “to make a life for herself.”  To support her 15 and 7 year old daughters, Christina starts selling marijuana.  The writer and director, Shana Sosin, says the film is “my homage to the end of innocence in America as well as a love letter to my sister and mother” because the film is based on her own childhood.

The film will be Sosin’s first film featuring major stars.  Along with Paquin, Cam Gigandet (Easy A, Priest, Burlesque and –most notably– the villainous vampire from Twilight) will play Paquin’s love interest.  Drea de Matteo (famous for her role as Adriana la Cerva in HBO’s Sopranos) will play the character that gets Paquin to sell marijuana in the “colorful yet turbulent culture of the late 1970s.”  She chose Paquin because, “there’s something very raw and real about Anna’s performances and person; she’s retained that rawness my mother had.”

Speaking of raw and real, the film is being shot in Sarasota, Florida and will use locals in smaller roles.  Sosin is looking for “rough around the edges with long hair and very tan” types.  “The kinds of guys who would work on fishing boats and bikers with handlebar mustaches.”  Mark Famiglio, executive director of Sarasota Film Festival who will be providing the crew facilities, proclaims “Shana and her crew are exactly the kind of talented, creative people we want to work in this area. They represent the new wave of independent filmmaking and exceptional storytelling.”

Truebies: shooting starts in November, so remember to keep your eyes out for the release of Free Ride and support Anna, et al, when it debuts!

Source: – Anna Paquin Film to be Shot in Sarasota

Photo: Stylist Magazine UK


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