True Blood’s Big Season 5 Finale And Upcoming Season 6 Hints! – Video:

October 9, 2012

HBO’s True Blood Creator Alan Ball and Director Michael Lehmann Discuss the Epic Episode and Season 6

Eric & Sookie S5

After seeing the thrilling, question-raising, True Blood Season 5 finale, I knew I wasn’t the only one to be sad when Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare) met his unfortunate end at Eric Northman‘s (Alex Skarsgård) hands! True Blood creator Alan Ball gushes that writing the scene was “emotional” for himself as well:

“I get really upset when I write scenes where characters that I love die.”

Going on to express how hard it was to write, complimenting the spectacular portrayal by actor Denis O’Hare,  he also adds,

“…but it is True Blood, and he’s done some pretty heinous things.”

Ball knew Eric would have to be the one to do it since Russell had “destroyed Eric’s life” by originally killing his human family. He says:

“It’s blood vengeance. It’s primal, it’s mythic, and all of those things that can do well on a show like True Blood.”

Director Michael Lehmann also notes:

“It’s really fun and interesting that Sookie’s fear is what draws Eric there. That’s kind of a great moment, and that Eric comes in and completely surprises Russell in his moment of glory.”

With Season 6 in the future, Ball hints that questions raised in Season 5 will be addressed, including more information about Warlow and how Jason will deal with it.

As for the big final moment with Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and the blood in the Season 5 finale, Ball explains it as:

“a gigantic challenge for Sookie, because for all intents and purposes, she sees him die and then be reborn as something alien and terrifying.”

Lehmann points out that “it’s pretty clear where Eric is emotionally and where he stands.” However, he wonders most about Bill, since “he went so dark at the end of this episode.

Stay tuned for True Blood Season 6 to find out!

Check out HBO’s Inside the Episode here:

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Denis O’Hare’s Run as Russell Edgington on True Blood Was Fun While It Lasted

October 3, 2012

It’s for the Best That Russell Met the True Death:

Russell_Edgington_VultureDenis O’Hare played 3,000 year old vampire Russell Edgington onscreen for only two seasons, but his presence definitely colored a third. Mr. O’Hare says that he had a great time working on HBO’s True Blood, but there was no question that it was Russell’s time to die. The love story between Russell and Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) made working on Season 5 a pleasure, and Mr. O’Hare can’t rule out a Godric-esque flashback for his character, but he maintains that true death at the hands of Eric Northman (Alex Skarsgård) was right.

Mr. O’Hare says that he didn’t know definitively for some time that Russell was going to meet the true death. There was much discussion and controversy as to how it should happen. There was never any question that Russell would die at the hands of Eric, the only question was the circumstances. In the end, making him drunk on fairy blood and leaving him vulnerable to a sneak attack from Eric was the most plausible, given Russell’s greater age and power. While some have speculated as to why Russell wasn’t more strategic about the time of day he drank the fairy blood, Mr. O’Hare replied:

“There’s no fairy blood handbook. No one has any schematics on how much fairy blood you should take to be in the sun, how long you can survive in the sun on it. Is it good for a year? A day? And Russell is more instinctual versus strategic. I’m not sure he has a plan, so he’s not thinking, I should wait until 7:30.”

The final moment of Russell’s life pleased Mr. O’Hare. He enjoyed the disappointed but accepting reaction. Mr. O’Hare believes that Russell has lost the enjoyment of living and the pursuit of power simply is no longer enough. His attachment to Steve Newlin was pleasant, but simply not enough. Mr. O’Hare says that one of the most enjoyable things about Season 5 was working with Michael McMillian. They worked well enough together to be able to improv and adlib scenes and dialog. While much of it was edited out, there were still many things that made it to the screen.

Mr. O’Hare Talks of the True Blood Cast and Speculates on the Future

Of the many things Mr. O’Hare says that he will miss about working on True Blood, he names the cast as what he will miss the most. Not only did all the actors work well together, but they were friends as well, often hanging out together onset. One member of the primary cast (who Mr. O’Hare will not name), continued to advocate to keep Russell Edgington alive. Alan Ball and the head writers sadly could not agree and said:

“For credibility’s sake, he has to go. We can’t let him survive again.”

Mr. O’Hare was asked to speculate on the future of True Blood storylines, and Russell’s possible place in them. He says that Bill Compton’s story is so divergent from the books there is no way to guess which direction it will go from here. While Mr. O’Hare has written a complete backstory for Russell, and provided it to the show writers, he has no idea if any of it will ever be incorporated into the show. For that reason, he’s not sure if Russell’s maker will ever become known, or if he has any progeny who might provide opportunities for flashbacks or visitations. Mr. O’Hare says that it’s possible that Eric is the closest Russell has ever gotten to feeling as though he had a true son:

“There was a lovely scene in season three where Russell and Eric had an intense moment, where Eric accepts his authority, and kneels before him, and you discover how Russell never had a son and he adopts Eric. That scene was cut, but there is an echo of that when Eric kneeled before him again this season. And for Eric to take Russell’s life, it was appropriate, and Russell knew that and he welcomed it. This was the only person he’s ever accepted as a son.”

How did you feel upon witnessing Russell’s true death? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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True Blood’s Alcide and Sookie Possible Hook-up Dead and Buried?

October 1, 2012

Remember when Alcide and Sookie Started Going at It in the Beginning of Season 5?

Sookie and AlcideYep and so do we! So what happened?

Alan Ball, creator of True Blood, said:

“The decision to not do it this season [came about because] every single season, it’s been all about Sookie falling in love with this person or that person. It seemed like she had enough on her plate this season to not just [say], ‘Okay, now Sookie’s gonna fall in love with Alcide!’”

Ball reassures that even though Sookie has put Alcide through the ringer, i.e. covering up his ex-girlfriend’s murder for her, puking on him, subjecting him to vamps who he despises, etc, that the door is not closed. Or not locked.

What do you Truebies think? Are you Team Eric? Team Bill? Team Alcide?

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Video: Trueblood’s Jessica Hamby Vblog #1

September 17, 2012

Jessica talks breakups and growing up.

Hey Trubies in Jessica Hamby first Vblog she discusses Season 5 of HBO’s True Blood, but in particular, her break up with Hoyt Fortenberry. She talks about no longer being a baby vamp or an old married vamp but a teenage vamp! There is also news about her break up feelings:

“She is going to compartmentalize her breakup blues. She is going to pretend her breakup blues are locked away in a box and she is going to throw away the key, she said that’s the only way to cope with bad situations. She also said that feeling are like air they are here one minute and poof gone the next.”

She also introduced us to a frat guy from the party she is throwing named bobby from UNL. you can watch the video below or click on the source.

I, for one, think she needs to stay with Hoyt. What do you think of her new vblog you can comment in the comment section below?

Source:– True Blood Season 5: Jessica’s Vlog #1

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True Blood Season 5 FINALE Episode 12 “Save Yourself” Recap

August 28, 2012

Hold Onto Your Hat – It’s a Bloody Ride!

Season 5 finale for HBO's True Blood Episode 12: "Save Yourself'Kids gone to bed: Check.

Tru Blood cocktails ready: Check.

Gran’s Pie and a box of tissues: Check.

You are now officially ready for HBO’s Season 5 finale! So what went down?

Well, for starters, Russell Edgington went all sparkly thanks to his high consumption of fairy blood and the fact that the entire fae army were hitting him with every available microwave finger they could find! Luckily, before he could get into fairyland, Eric Northman showed up and ‘helped’ him find his true death. Nora also arrived and, surprisingly, had never smelled a fairy before. It got a bit fangy for a moment but Eric takes control and brings about order. (And was that an attempt at wooing Sookie?)

Jason seems to be ‘off with the fairies’ after being hit accidently by their light in the last episode. He is now seeing and speaking to his dead parents and they want all the vampires dead! Throughout the whole episode, they appear, giving their crackpot advice. Will Jason go back to the way he was when he joined the Fellowship of the Sun?

Sam is taken to Bill as a food parcel. He promises to never tell a soul about what he has witnessed in Authority HQ for Emma’s safe return. Bill doesn’t believe him and once Sam realises this, escapes by turning into a fly. Boy is Bill angry after that. The hunt is on!

Eric and Nora return to Fangtasia only to find Pam has been arrested by the Authority. Eric, Tara and Nora arrive at Sookie’s manage to convince her and Jason to join them in their attempt to free Pam, Bill and Jessica.

After admitting to Salome that he killed Kibwe for thinking he was the one true leader, Bill also claims Lilith had appeared to him. It gets a bit awkward here, since Salome had also had the same vision, but Bill tells her that Lilith announced to him that Salome was the one true leader. I think Bill has a plan. Maybe he isn’t as bad as we’ve been led to believe this season.

Sam returns to Luna, who is trapped in a cell with the other bloodbags at Authority HQ. He tries to convince her to escape at the first sign of trouble. Luna can see her daughter in the next cell and refuses to leave. Sam tries hard to convince her otherwise, but only time will tell if Sam got through to her. Sam shifts back into a fly and disappears. He must have a plan also.

Jessica and Pam are stuck in a cell. Jess is convinced that Eric has turned to the Sanguinista way of life. Pam just wishes she didn’t have to keep hearing about precious Sookie.

Alcide and his father are bonding when Martha arrives with an extremely high Rikki. It seems she’s been forcefed V by JD. Martha is concerned Rikki may overdose, but it turns out Jackson has a remedy for that. The side effect, though, is that as the V leeches from your body, it’s not at all pretty. While she’s sweating blood, she shares a few horrible details about JD and what he’s doing to the pack. Alcide gets mad and vows to fight him – even if he has to take V to make it an even fight!

Jason and Sookie (loaded up with a trunk full of coffins filled with vampires), break into an anti-vamp store and start loading themselves up with equipment. Their parents keep appearing to Jason, who is starting to work himself up into quite a fevour as a result. I sure hope Jason doesn’t get too hot-headed around our fave vamps!

Lafayette is making Cajun margaritas and getting Arlene and Holly tipsy. Jane Bodehouse doesn’t need them, since she is so well past drunk, it’s surprising she can perch on her bar stool. Lucky, since when Andy and his pregnant fairy arrive, she doesn’t even bat an eyelid when Maurella goes into labour – or drinks a large amount of salt. The fairy-labour scene is awkward – to say the least. Not only does Andy have to confess his sins to Holly, but she then proceeds to act as midwife to Maurella. Just when you think it can’t get any weirder, it appears fairy birth is like an orgasm mixed with fireworks!

Reverend Steve Newlin arrives and takes Emma out of her cage. Is that really him or is it a shifter? As Steve is leaving Authority HQ, he gets interupted by Chelsea, the Authority receptionist. She notices his lack of a southern accent. Steve tries hard to deflect her questions, but he finds even more trouble awaiting him when he has to give a blood sample at the elevator: not to mention the fact that headquarters are in lockdown! It’s not Steve, that’s for sure – but who is it really? This dilemma is moot once Rosalyn arrives – she is furious with Newlin for his little drinking party at the frat house. Thankfully, damage control includes having to follow her out of the building!

It turns out Maurella is giving birth to more than one child. After the first girl (minus an umbilical cord) arrives, she promptly goes back into labour and we are forced to watch her orgasmic lightshow again. Four children later, Maurella appears to be done. She promptly gets up and announces her departure. It ‘s apparently the man’s job to raise children in fairyland. How’s Andy going to cope with four children? How will Holly cope?

Alcide takes on JD and wins – with the help of Martha, her crossbow and a dose of V. I wonder who’s blood is stronger than the blood of Russell which JD had consumed? It seems Alcide is now officially pack master!

Eric and Nora returns to Authority HQ with three hostages: Tara (pretending to be a mainstreaming spy) , Sookie and Jason (human beverages). And after a quick chat with secuirty, they’re back in the Sanguinista nest – as simple as that!

Steve Newlin is put in the spotlight on national television and made to apologise for his and Russell’s actions in the frat house. Only a few sentences into his TV appearance and he starts to get sick. After vomiting, he shifts: into Luna! She promptly (on live television), starts telling America about what is really going on in the Authority headquarters. This makes Rosalyn madder than a cut snake! She rushes at Luna, but swallows a fly in the process. That fly is Sam, who quickly shifts back into his human form, making Rosalyn’s death a literal explosion! Sam turns around just in time to see Luna faint. Is she going to make it?

Bill watches Salome via security cameras as she approaches Lilith’s blood. It will be interesting to see what happens when she drinks it.

Salome in the Season 5 finale of HBO's True BloodHowever, we are interupted from finding out as the scene shifts to Jason, Sookie and the rest of the crew getting ready to kill some vampires as they ride up in the Authority elevator. Chelsea is horrified, briefly, as the doors open and Jason sends her to her final death. A security alarm sounds. That doesn’t stop Jason though. Authority reception quickly turns a vivid shade of red as he takes out vampire after security vampire. Level two protocol is enforced and all the lights go out. Tara leads the way for Sookie. Eric and Nora lay in wait and take out more security. The body count is enormous.

Tara and Sookie find Pam, but they need to wait for Nora and Eric to open the cells. It takes time (Jason manages to take out another vampire while he’s waiting), but soon they are free. Tara and Pam throw themselves at each other – can anyone say ‘Hot new romance for Season 6‘?

Bill and Salome seem oblivious to what is going on around them as they discuss what Lilith wants. Eventually Salome downs Lilith’s blood and it seems we will discover what effect that will have on her.

Except, we are now taken back to Sookie and the gang. Jason has made up his mind about Jessica – it seems he can no longer stomach the undead. Eric and Nora meet up with them. Eric and Sookie decide to rescue Bill, and the rest escape Authority headquarters.

Ah, now we find out what has happened to Salome. It seems she is weakened by it and Bill is taking great pleasure in telling her about all the silver he put in Lilith’s blood. Apparently Salome was too excited about the upcoming rapture to notice it. Bill then goes on to stake Salome – is that a vial of blood he has? Oh my goodness, is he going to drink Lilith’s blood himself now?

Eric and Sooke arrive and try to convince him not to drink the blood. It seems Bill truly has travelled to the dark side and says some completely horrible things to Sookie. Eric appears to be in complete shock. Bill rants about how he finally feels like he is no longer an abommination AND DRINKS LILITH’S BLOOD!

***If you haven’t yet seen the final episode and are Team Bill, look away now***

After spewing up blood, his head explodes and he melts down into a blood puddle. Sookie is in shock. Eric is horrified. I am screaming. My cat is running from the room in fright.

Eric tries to comfort Sookie. In the process, he notices movement in the Bill puddle. Bill rises up all bloody and naked and Billith. Is he a god now? Needless to say, Eric and Sookie panic. Eric tells Sookie to run. The credits appear.

Season 5 finale of HBO's True BloodSo, what did you think of the finale? Let TrueBloodNet know in the comments below.

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Kristin Bauer van Straten And Joe Manangiello Discuss The True Blood Season 5 Finale

August 21, 2012

The Actors Sat Down at San Diego ComicCon to Discuss HBO’s Vampire Drama:

truebloodpam_hollywood_reporterJust before the ComicCon panel for HBO’s True Blood, Joe Manangiello and Kristin Bauer van Straten sat down together to discuss their characters in the series’ Season 5. Mr. Manangiello plays hunky werewolf Alcide Herveaux and Ms. Bauer van Straten portrays snarky vampire Pamela de Beaufort.

Both actors look forward to and enjoy the fan interaction of their ComicCon appearances. They agreed that the True Blood panel was as close to being a Beatle as either of them will ever get. Ratings numbers and internet chatter does not provide the same pleasure as seeing the enthusiastic faces of fans.

Mr. Manangiello readily revealed that Alcide will be having a great deal of sex during Season 5.

“I really feel like I’m having the full True Blood experience. I get to have sex with a bunch of people. I get around sexually, I kill people. It’s pretty rad.”

Both actors agreed that True Blood is very much about relationships in Season 5, both the sexual and the emotional. Ms. Bauer Van Straten, however, is disappointed that her character has yet to kill anyone on screen. She says she watches Alex (Skarsgård) ripping bodies apart and wishes she got to do that.

Ms. Bauer van Straten’s character Pam, has become a maker in Season 5, having turned Tara (Rutina Wesley) in order to save her life. At the same time, Pam has been released by her own maker, Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård).

“Everything really is at stake for Pam. It expanded this year for me. Pam became totally 3D.”

Kristin and Joe Discuss Sex with Werewolves and the True Blood Season 5 Finale

Mr. Manangiello revealed that there is a rougher version of Alcide’s drunken make-out session with Sookie (Anna Paquin) than the one that finally aired. That footage, however, is on the cutting room floor. He also told about conversations he had with showrunner Alan Ball, before the filming of Season 5 regarding what sex with a werewolf would be like.

“We both agreed that the girl wakes up in the morning and does that ‘Oh’ thing, and then does the cowgirl walk the whole day.”

Ms. Bauer van Straten confessed to being a geek herself over the television show Battlestar Galactica. At a previous ComicCon she met Tricia Helfer (Cylon Number Six), who had never seen True Blood and didn’t realize Ms. Bauer van Straten was also an actress.

 “So I have this really awkward photo with Tricia Helfer somewhere.”

When asked about the True Blood Season 5 finale, neither actor could say much without spoilers. Ms. Bauer van Straten was happy with what Pam got to do during her scenes. Mr. Manganiello was thrilled to have Robert Patrick (Terminator 2) playing his father and said his scenes are sufficiently bloody.

This video is a very entertaining watch. The actors interact with friendship and humor that can’t be described and do it justice.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter


True Blood Season 5 Episode 11 “Sunset” Recap

August 20, 2012

So Many Lives Hang in the Balance in this Bloody Episode!

HBO's True Blood: Fairy Elder from Episode 11 of Season 5For the second last episode of HBO’s True Blood, this one is surely filled to over-flowing with bloody gore. For starters, we find the typically bloody Lilith appearing to Bill Compton and trying to convince him that he is the chosen one.

Next, we find Nora contemplating her previous vision of Godric being beheaded by Lilith. Is she having second thoughts perhaps? Or is she just missing her maker? Salome appears and cheers her up though. Seriously, Salome has made her way through a large chunk of the vampire cast of True Blood – and she’s only one season old!

Jessica seems to be edgy and wants to keep Jason sheltered from the non-mainstreaming vampires. She tries to convince Bill to let her bring him back to Authority HQ. This backfires though and it looks like she will have to turn him in order to protect him – oops! Will Jason make it out of this episode alive?

It seems all Nora’s contemplating has resulted in her defection from the ways of Lilith and the Sanguinista. We find her making amends (and getting naked) with her brother, viking vampire Eric Northman, in the very next scene. My, isn’t the plot thickening deliciously for the season finale next week!

Sookie and Jason are sitting in fairyland and discussing the fact that Sookie was sold to a vampire over 300 years ago, thanks to the contract between a previous Stackhouse relative and Warlowe. Jason vows to protect her before leaving fairyland – I wonder how long it is before Jessica tracks him down?

The army is now concerned with the way vampires are behaving of late and a military general is sent to Authority headquarters to speak to Roman about it. Since Roman is dead, it gets a bit awkward here. The vampires there try to convince the general that Roman is unavailable. The general is not impressed but announces that the military knows vampires bombed the Tru Blood factories and tries to blackmail the vamps by letting them know that they are aware Russell Edgington is alive. If the general is killed then video footage of Russell and Steve Newlin killing college students en mass will be released to the general public. This probably would have worked too, except Eric goes all renegade and kills the general. What is he playing at? Once everyone calms down, Eric and Nora claim they can clean up the mess by glamouring everyone involved with the dead general. Bill seems suspicious and makes them take a security team with them. At least Eric is finally free of the Authority! And when Eric goes to change the channel in the car and kills the front seat passengers, he is also free of the security detail!

Jessica finds Jason. He starts to get suspicious as soon as he sees the security surrounding Jessica. It worsens when Jess starts talking about trust. It seems she is trying to send a message to Jason, but he is his normal thick-skulled self and doesn’t get with the program. Jessica is forced to bite him in an attempt to turn him to placate her security. When Jess’s security team are burying her and Jason, it seems he certainly did understand what she was saying earlier and jumps up and shoots the two shovelling vamps before they even know it – go Jason! He’s still mad a heck at Jess though.

Pam and Tara are cleaning up the remains of Elijah. Tara gets a crash course in what the Authority are and why she has done the wrong thing by killing the new Sheriff. While this is going on, Jessica arrives in a panic and wants to be hidden by them. Pam is against the idea until Jess admits she knows where Eric is.

Sookie is taken to meet a fairy Elder. This fairy is a distracted dancing fairy who seems more interested in finding out Sookie’s music taste rather than discussing Sookie’s ancient contract. Finally, Sookie gets her to concentrate and the Elder admits that hers, Sookie’s and Warlowe’s paths are intertwined. Before she can divulge any further information, Jason arrives and the mere mention of Russell Edgington’s name is enough to put fear into the fae. All the fairies agree to fight the vampires. Sookie and Jason devise a plan to lure Russell Edgington closer so the Elder can get rid of him.

Holly gets her kids to apologise to Andy for putting his butt on Facebook. Andy promises to look after their mom. It seems this may be an impossibility since later on in the episode, Maurella arrives and expects Andy to protect her and their unborn child. Apparently, Andy rejecting her is considered an act of betrayal against the fairies and there is a possibility this may lead to an outright war! I don’t think Holly is going to happy with Maurella and Andy when she finds out about this.

A whole scene occurs while Alcide is shirtless and chopping wood. I’m not sure what was said the first time round (Alcide + no shirt = total lack of attention span), but with the second watching, it turns out that a former member of Jackson Herveaux’s pack arrives to warn them that there is a lot of baby vamp attacks going on in the area. Luckily, Jackson has his trailer surrounded in silver. While it won’t keep older vampires out, it will protect the weres from the younger, dumber ones.

Pam, Jessica and Tara discuss the change in Bill and Pam decides it is a sure case of nest mentality. When she leaves, Tara and Jess seem to sort things out a little. Rosalyn arrives at Fangtasia next, looking for her progeny, Elijah. When Rosalyn threatens Tara, Pam owns up to killing him to protect Tara – go Pam! Rosalyn has Pam arrested though – will Pam survive this season?

More Lilith hallucinations are occurring for Bill.  The problem is, Lilith seems to be messing with all the vampires. When Bill goes to drink her blood, he finds Kibwe there – also professing to be the single vampire chosen by Lilith. Bill decapitates him. Next it is Salome’s turn to think she is the chosen one. Is it vampire blood or peyote in that vial they’ve all been drinking from?

Alcide and his dad are surrounded by baby vamps, luckily the silver fence does it’s job. When they move on and decide to harass another trailer load of food people, Alcide has had enough and manages to take out a few baby vamps before getting overwhelmed. It’s lucky his father steps in and kills the rest. It seems Jackson isn’t a nasty as we first thought.

Jason is patrolling Sookie’s house, waiting for Russell to arrive. Surprise, surprise,  the plan works and Russell arrives with Steve Newlin. It seems to be failing though when Russell glamours Jason and he reveals a lot of information about the fairies. Needless to say, the end result is the same: Russell is led to the fairies.

Sam and Luna are mousing their way around Authority HQ looking for Emma. While nudity is an unfortunate by-product of shifting, it turns out to be their savior when they are caught unaware by Authority security. It seems there is a bunch of naked people being held as vampire beverages and they mistakenly think Luna is one of them. While security are “returning” Luna to the cell filled with the other nudies, Sam volunteers to be vamp refreshments. More than a few main characters lives appear to hang in the balance this season. While this is going on, Pam and Jessica arrive at HQ as well. Jessica and Bill have an argument while Pam recognises Sam. It will be interesting to see how all this pans out in the finale. But once again, Pam and Eric are separated, their roles now reversed: Pam is trapped and Eric is free.

Russell can smell the fae when Jason leads them to the fairy field. The Elder arrives and attempts to send Russell into another dimension but hits Jason with her microwave fingers instead – Uh-oh! Just when you think it can’t get any worse, Russell captures the Elder and drains her dry! (Is it wrong to be happy this annoyingly distracted dancing fairy is gone already?) The nasty side-effect of this is that Russell can now see the entrance to fairyland. Does this mean he can also access it? I guess we’ll find out next week in the season finale.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. Also, is anyone planning a season finale party for next week? Let us know all about it. I, for one, will be baking Gran’s pecan pie and washing it down with Tru Blood cocktails.

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True Blood Season 5 Episode 10 “Gone, Gone, Gone” Recap

August 13, 2012

The Body Count Rises and the Plot Thickens!

Sookie Stackhouse (after she staked Mike Spencer) in Episode 10 of HBO's True BloodThe vampire crisis continues in this episode of HBO’s True Blood. Steve Newlin is doing a very good job of being the compliant, trustworthy front man for the Authority. While Sookie is watching him on television, she gets an unannounced visitor – Mike Spencer (the toe-sucking local coroner). The penultimate gasp moment occurs when we discover Mike is now a vampire – how and when did that happen? Not to mention why? (Did it have anything to do with the fact he kept his porn and his autopsy photos in the same file on his computer?) In true Sookie-style, she takes the shock of being attacked in her stride and kills Mike with some wooden chopsticks – cool, I know! This certainly sets the scene for the rest of the episode.

The true (and completely evil) Russell makes his appearance tonight. He really does have delusions of grandeur, that’s for sure. As a result, poor Molly gets the iStake for her refusal to turn into a  Sanguinista. We are yet to find out which side Eric decides to take – will he be a martyr like Molly?

Hoyt makes a huge decision in this episode: to leave Bon Temps and move to  Alaska. It seems this is preferable to moving back in with his mother and suffering without Jessica. He also wants Jessica to glamour him, so he no longer remembers her or what she did with his ex-best friend, Jason.

The new sheriff of Area 5, Elijah, is busy complaining that Fangtasia is not earning enough revenue. He wants new and outlandish ideas implimented. Pam is not happy with this but what can she do? He also announces there is a new directorate from the Authority: Area 5 needs 30 new baby vamps by the end of the year. If this does not occur, Elijah will seize all Pam’s assets – including Tara!

It seems Bill is testing the boundaries in Episode 10. He gives Nora and Eric a hit of Lilith’s blood in an attempt to sway Eric to the Sanguinistas. Bill leaves the room, which means we get to watch the whole event from two perspectives. And what Eric and Nora are witnessing, is not the same as what Bill sees! The blood starts to work, but instead of Lilith, Godric appears to Eric and Nora. Lilith does make an appearance after a short time – but only to rip out Godric’s throat! Eric, needless to say, is devastated. Surprisingly, so is Nora. Bill, on the other hand, only sees Eric and Nora’s reactions, he does not see Godric or Lilith at all. What is going on?

There is a confrontation at Merlotte’s. When Jessica arrives, it seems there is vampire panic among the general public. Sam and Lafayette jump in and save Jessica from being shot with wooden bullets. Of course, the true death may have been preferable to having to glamour herself (and Jason) out of Hoyt’s life. This scene is touching, and I dare anyone not to cry by the end of it. Seeing Jessica’s pain at wiping herself from her first love’s mind is heart-wrenching.

Pam and Tara discuss their future. Tara wants to fight  for what is theirs while Pam wants to disappear. After this Tara decides to take matters into her own hands. She gets Ginger to help by pretending to be drained. Tara calls Elijah all in a panic and pretending she tried to turn Ginger (and Tara’s Gone With The Wind reference is priceless – possibly the line of the season!) When Elijah comes to her aid, Ginger stabs Elijah with a dagger and Tara finishes him off by beheading him. Go girls! That should make Momma Pam happy. When Pam does make an appearance, she seems less than impressed – or maybe that is just the audience confusing her mad face with her happy face again?

Sookie is still looking for more information on her parents and her past. (And for those of you following Anna Paquin’s baby bump, this scene is ripe with shots of her growing belly.) She has Jason helping her go through the box of goodies she found under the bed after Lafayette spoke to the spirit of Gran. After Jason gets sick of looking through everything, Sookie clarifies that Gran actually said “look under the bed,” not “look in the box.” Jason uses his muscle to shift the bed and they discover an old box hidden under one of the floor boards. Inside is a roll of parchment that contains writing in an unrecognizable language. After having it analyzed, it turns out the paper is over 200 years old. The writing cannot be identified – as human, at least. This gives Jason and Sookie an idea.

Sam and Luna are trying to locate Luna’s daughter, Emma. They discover Steve Newlin will be appearing on a television show that evening and manage to get themselves there, hoping to find Emma with him. While Steve is debating vampires with an anti-vampire supporter on TV, Sam and Luna search his room for Emma, and when they don’t find her; clues. They hear someone coming and get even more creative with their shifting by turning into mice.

Jessica returns home from glamouring Hoyt to discover she has been summoned by Bill’s security team. At first she does not want to go with them. After speaking to Bill she complies, but doesn’t like it one little bit.

We now find out the fate of Eric Northman. It seems that his Godric/Lilith vision has swayed him to join with the other Sanguinistas. He also goes as far as forgiving Russell Edgington for killing his viking family all those centuries ago. Does Russell really believe Eric? Only time will tell. Ditto for whether Eric is actually a Sanguinista.

Jason uses his police authority and pulls Hoyt over while he is leaving Bon Temps. Another tearful scene follows. Jason is really growing as a person this season and it is so sad to watch him lose his best friend. Thank goodness his sister is there to console him.

Jessica arrives at the Authority headquarters and she is not happy! Bill tries to explain what is going on. But he seems to have forgotten that Jess was raised by a devoutly religious family. She does not want to follow another fanatical path. Jessica may well be the downfall of the Sanguinista movement if she plays her cards right.

It turns out that Sam and Luna hid (as mice) in Steve Newlin’s briefcase. This means they scored a free ride straight into Authority HQ! Luckily they keep themselves hidden while Steve tells Emma off for turning back into a human. I wonder how Sam and Luna will rescue her?

Russell suggests that vampires start consuming fae blood. It seems he’s back on his sun-walking bandwagon. Salome doesn’t seem at all impressed – especially when Russell toys with the idea of developing synthetic fairy blood. It seems she thinks the fae are an abomination and threatens Russell by saying  that she saved him, and could just as soon put him back in the ground. Apparently the Sanguinista idea of having no supreme ruler only applies when everyone is agreeing with Salome. Russell, it turns out, doesn’t like being told what to do either. He rants on about how he will not be constrained by the narrow-mindedness of her religion and takes off in a flash. Uh-oh.

Sookie and Jason go to fairyland and ask the fae if they can translate the scroll. It turns out they can, but they need an older fairy. Enter Maurella, the fairy that seduced Andy Bellefleur. She is heavily pregnant too. Is Andy the dad? Maurella announces the scroll is actually a contract. It says:

“5th of August, 1702.

I, John William Stackhouse, in reference to our binding agreement on the said date, do grant Mr. M. Warlowe my first fae-bearing female heir.”


It turns that means Sookie.

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of this episode. How do you think this fae contract will affect Sookie’s life? And who do you think turned Mike Spencer?

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True Blood Season 5 Episode 9 “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” Recap

August 11, 2012

Endings and New Beginnings

The new sheriff of Area 5 in HBO's True Blood

We start this episode with a news report on the burning of a Tru Blood factory and the vampires at Authority headquarters are celebrating – on a human no less! Although, lesser members, such as Molly are finding it hard just to open doors inside the place. It seems there is no escape for the likes of Molly and Eric. It is a wonder Eric is still alive when other vampires have died for lesser indiscretions. I’m certainly not complaining though, and I hope the plot that Eric and Molly are hatching doesn’t end badly.

Meanwhile, Sookie has hired Lafayette to try and track down the evil vision of Warlowe that appeared last episode in her bathroom. At first Lafayette has no luck, but then he makes contact with Sookie’s gran who has the message: ‘Look under the bed.’ She is also thankful for the ‘striptease fairies’ (gran’s quote). Hmm…wonder what she’ll find there?

Poor Jessica is having to deal with Kenya and the rest of the police department with the whole Hoyt situation. Seems she can’t find Hoyt, or feel him with her vamp blood bond either. I hope he’s going to be okay. Especially since the very next scene shows Hoyt being dragged – (hopefully) unconscious – through the dirt.

Sam and Luna are having that first ‘I love you’ conversation – except it’s occurring in the midst of an argument! It seems Luna is going to help Sam track down the supe-haters regardless of how injured she still is – that girl sure has spunk!

Arlene and Terry have a lot to discuss about what happen in Iraq between Terry, Patrick and the rest of the squad. Terry leaves in an attempt to save Arlene from any more danger. This backfires though when Patrick absonds Arlene at gunpoint when she arrives for work at Merlotte’s. Patrick convinces her to call her co-workers and tell them work is closed for the day.

Tara plans to stockpile Fangtasia’s store of Tru Blood for the personal use of herself and Pam. Pam quickly puts a stop to this. If there is no synthetic blood on tap at Fangtasia, then that only leaves the humans patrons on which they can quench their thirst. They plan to pretend to drink Tru Blood once the stock runs out and discretely feast on humans when no one is looking.

Eric tries to save Bill from himself and bring him back to the main-streaming side. Bill seems pretty convinced of Lilith’s doctrine since his vision of her though. Eric lets Bill in on his and Molly’s plan to escape using the stolen blood of Salome and Nora. I hope Bill really is on Eric’s side, otherwise this will probably end badly.

Sookie and Lafayette search a box of trinkets found under Sookie’s bed and come across not only a framed report card of Jason’s where he received his one and only B, but a news article announcing the fact that Sookie’s parents bodies were found by Bud Dearborn. Sookie finally has a lead to follow.

On the supe-haters may have their faces covered with Obama masks, but that doesn’t stop Jason recognising a few. Of course, he also get confused over the use of the word ‘dragon’, thinking they mean the real ones. Andy, however, points out that the term was also used in the Klu Klux Clan. Although, assaulting supe-hater in custody yields no clues as to who this dragon may be.

Next we find Alcide who is remembering back to his childhood and just how important is is to be a wolf in a pack. Alcide is driving to find his father, who we later find passed out on a couch in a trailer. It turns out his father is also a no-hoping gambler. I hope Alcide doesn’t end up like this as a result of his being abjured from the pack.

Sookie goes to visit Bud Dearborn to ask him about her parents. Dearborn does own up to the fact that there were bites on her parents. At the time they attributed them to gators, but it seems Bud has more than a slight aversion to vampires. Sookie tries to read Bud’s mind by spilling her drink and then grabbing onto him. It turns out Bud doesn’t know of any vampires that go by the name Warlowe, but that point is moot once a lady (who is large and possibly fits the description Luna-Sam gave last week in the room they rescued Jess from) with a heavy skillet knocks poor Sookie out cold!

Andy is being harassed by reporters outside his headquarters. He shucks them off when he sights Sam and Luna though. After speaking to the shifters, he discovers they also scented pig poo along with the large lady. They want to help Andy, but he says no. It’s lucky they can change into other critters – can anyone say ‘fly on a wall’?

Andy and Jason discuss the implications of pig excrement and how that all ties into what has happened to Hoyt and the supe-haters. Eventually they work out, thanks to more video footage on that Bud Dearborn is a member of this group. Time is ticking to save everyone now!

Speaking of pigs, Sookie wakes up and finds herself surrounded by them. She also locates Hoyt, who is still out cold and tied up in the next pen. Bud arrives and in a typical villian monologue fills us in on why he’s anti-supe. His girlfriend, Sweetie, arrives and we get a little insight into her past thanks to Sookie’s telepathy. We also discover that she is the dragon! After more talking, they make Sookie drink some drugged ginger ale.

Jason and Andy arrive – just in the knick of time. Except that they’re at Bud Dearborn’s house and not where Sookie is being held captive. After a bit of searching, they realise that Bud’s wife owned a pig farm and they are back on track. I hope they get there in time!

Terry and Patrick come head to head when Patrick lures him (with the help of a distraught Arlene) to Merlotte’s. They argue and each plead for their own lives. Patrick still has a gun to Arlene’s head, so we are not as sympathetic to him, but his words seem to be working on Terry who drops to his knees. Patrick lines up to shoot Terry and end the curse when Arlene stabs him in the neck. A scuffle breaks out and Arlene ends up with the gun.

Eric confronts Nora about her beliefs. Eric tries to turn Nora away from the beliefs of  Lilith. It would seem he is being true to Godric’s wishes by trying to persuade her to turn away from the Sanguinistas. Salome, on the other hand is in bed with Bill and they are feasting upon each other. Bill gets confused and sees Sookie instead of Salome. Is he really Sanguinista or not? He bites her anyway, although once he realises it is Salome he has bitten, he is contemplative of her blood and the freedom it can bring. Still we do not know which side Bill is on.

Sweetie and the rest of the supe-haters are making more damning videos in their Obama masks. They set the hungry pigs loose on Hoyt and Sookie. Luckily one of those pigs is Sam. (Who’s glad he ignored Andy now and became flies on the wall? I certainly am!) He rescues Sookie and a fight breaks out. Sweetie makes a run for it at the sight of Sam. The police arrive and all seems to be sorted. Bud will not admit defeat and is shot dead in the process. It’s touch and go for Hoyt as well, we hope he pulls through. Luna takes off after Sweetie. She manages to get a hold of the dragon and punches her repeatedly. That seems to sort out that storyline.

Terry has the gun on Patrick now. Both Patrick and Arlene are trying to tell Terry what to do. Before Terry can flip out completely, the ghost of the woman he shot in Iraq appears and Terry finally shoots Patrick. The ghost-woman is happy and releases the Ifrit who consumes the body of Patrick. Another storyline is neatly tied up.

A new storyline is introduced next. We can’t have so many ending without some juicy new drama. Pam finds a goth vampire sitting in Eric’s throne at Fangtasia. As if that insult isn’t bad enough, he is publicly feeding on a human. Pam tells him off but to no avail – it seems this is the new sheriff of Area 5, as decreed by the Authority! What Authority? He announces that public consumption of humans is now allowed. Who is this new vampire?

Russell and Steve make an appearance next. They are welcoming the new packmaster, JD. Russell offers his blood to the pack. All partake of it except for Martha, who is holding her granddaughter (in wolf form), Emma. Russell notices and when Martha vows never to drink from Russell, he steals Emma from her and gives the wolfling to Steve as a pet. Oh dear, Luna is going to be annoyed when she finds out!

In the last scene of this episode we find Eric, Nora and Molly together. It seems Nora did not change her mind and Eric has to sedate her (I wonder what they have to use in that cocktail?) Just as Eric is carrying Nora to the door to use her blood to open it, Bill arrives. Uh-oh, it appears that Bill is still a Sanguinista. When they open the door, Salome and an army are there and they arrest Eric and Molly!

Will this mean the final death for Eric and Molly? Let me know what you think in the comment below.

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True Blood Season 5 Episode 8 “Somebody That I Used to Know” Recap

August 3, 2012

The Evolution Begins:

True Blood Season 5 Episode 8 - RosalynWe start this episode with Luna flipping out as one of the shifter-haters is physically removed from the hospital. Sam manages to calm her down – or so he thinks. Not only does Luna plan to escape, but she goes all free-form shifter and turns into Sam! Later on, when Andy and Sam are playing good cop/bad cop with the shifter-hater they arrested at the hospital, Sam-Luna arrives and scares the crap out of everyone.What is going on here? I must say, I have always loved Sam Trammell as an actor, but Trammell playing Luna playing Sam is acting genius. Not only does he nail being Sam (Merlotte), but he also has Luna’s characteristics down pat. Probably could have gone without the Sam on Sam action that happens a little later, it was creepy enough to make you want to look away.

Next we find the drunk vampires returning to the Authority headquarters. This scene lays everyone’s cards out on the table. We know Eric will stay true to Godric’s words, we also know the others are still too high to believe in any other way than the Sanguinista way -even Bill shocks us, with his apparent aligience to the new Authority Regime. Now this could be part of a bigger plan on Bill’s behalf, one that he is not ready to share with Eric or us viewers…

Jason manages to convince Sookie to keep her special powers and not throw them all away – pretty as it may look when she really warms up her microwave fingers. He also encourages her to go to Claude and find out how they can track down their parents killer. A faerie ring is formed and Sookie not only manages to connect to her parents as they died, but to the vampire that was responsible for their murder as well! We don’t know yet, but is it possible this vampire is connected to her by a blood tie? And why does Claudine seem to know the vampire? Turns out he has a name too: Warlow. There goes the blood-bond theory.

As we suspected last week, Jessica gets caught by the Supe-haters and is offered to Hoyt to seek his vengence on her, revenge to this Hate Group means the death of Jessica. It gets a bit scary for a while there as we wonder how deep his hatred for Jessica really goes. For dramatic suspense we think for a moment that Hoyt is actually going to put Jessica to the True Death, but we quickly realize how deep his love runs for Jessica, regardless of the hate he claims to have for her!  Hoyt doesnt put a wooden bullet in Jessica’s head, and Jessica is only too willing to kill one of Hoyts new-found ‘friends’, as part of their escape plan.  Their plan comes to a halt when they realize they are in the middle of nowhere and it is daylight, making it impossible for Jessica to leave. Hoyt leaves promising to send help Jessica’s way, his parting words to Jessica are less than kind, but nonetheless he leaves to find help!  While he’s is gone, Andy, Sam and Luna-Sam arrive to rescue her after getting Jessica’s whereabouts out of the terrified shifter-hater they were interrogating. Seems the Sam and Luna-Sam show really did the trick!  Luna-Sam smells another female in the room; ‘a large, menthol smoking, Cheetos-eater who is now dead’ – wonder what significance this information will turn out to hold? But what of Hoyt, I hear you ask? It seems he has jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire now.  On his pursuit to find help, he is approached by a truck and ends up looking into the barrel of a gun, the holder of the gun isn’t revealed to us…yet..

We discover in this episode just how ‘energetic’ were-sex is as Alcide and Rikki get jiggy before they attempt a pack master challenge. While they think their days are numbered due to the challenge and the unfair advantage of JD’s ‘V’ addiction, it turns out they are wrong. JD announces that the pack challenge is to hunt down a human and kill him in order to be declared the winner. Alcide forfeits but the life of the human is still at risk. JD claims the upper hand, and Alcide almost pays for this defeat with his life, but is saved by Martha who is no longer blinded by JD. Though Alcide’s life is spared, he is badly beaten and banished from the pack.

Salome tries to work out which side Bill is truly on by offering him a human to drain. Bill wavers and we get a flashback to a horrible moment in his past when he visits his dying daughter and she begs for immortality. Eventually Bill drains the victim to show his solidarity to the Sanguinista, and his loyalty to Salome. We have yet to see how he will cope with his actions afterwards.

Next we are taken to a poignant scene involving Lafayette and Jesus. Lafayette is driving away from Jesus’s grandfather’s and he finds a stash of ‘V’ that heals his lips, Jesus appears in the car and comforts him. Nothing else enlightening really happens here, other than we now know that Jesus’s spirit is with Lafayette, and gives Lafayette a newfound confidence that we have not seen in Lafayette for some time.

Speaking of Lafayette, Holly and Arlene concoct a plan to get Terry over his belief in the curse – but Lafayette has to pretend to be a medium who contacts the woman who cursed Terry and Patrick. This is all good and well until the woman really does arrive via Lafayette and tells Terry and Patrick that the only way to lift the curse is for one of them to kill the other one!  It looks like Holly and Arlene’s plan failed miserably.

While Tara is serving at Fangtasia, she comes face to face with a blast from her high school past. Tracy is the obnoxious woman we met when Jessica was trying on dresses as Claude first arrived on the scene. It turns out she is even more horrible than we first suspected! Tara gets all vampire uppity on her and Pam has to step in. We are led to believe Pam is concerned about the image that must be upheld in Fangtasia, and that humans are off-limits. We get another Pam surprise when we find that Pam has in fact chained Tracy up for Tara to do as she pleases with. It seems Tara has to learn the difference between Pam’s mad face and her happy one. Pam glamours Tracy so that she adores Tara and leaves the two alone to their own devices.

Eric tries to talk to Nora alone. He tells her about his vision of Godric. Nora seems to be a hard nut to crack though. She spits on the memory of Godric. Eric, becomes visibly upset, and is close to tears, his hope for getting Nora to see things his way is faltering, and the realization that he may have lost his sister forever is apparent. While Bill embraces his dark side, it seems that Eric is developing a softer side.

The Sam on Luna-Sam action is interrupted by Luna-Sam shifting back into Luna, but we nearly miss it because we are looking away from the screen at the time! Will Luna die? Not in this episode, but her future is not looking too good at all.

Warlow appears as a ghostly image to Sookie and announces that he is coming for her. It seems Sookie has yet another vampire to worry about!

We finish this episode with the vampires discussing how to eradicate mainstreaming. While they have many vile ideas, Bill comes up with the ball-breaker: bomb the Tru Blood factories. Apparently there are only five in existence, which makes you wonder how many vampires are out there – this world domination plan by the Sanguinistas may take a while if this is the case. Eric questions Bill’s integrity and is told by Bill that he is ‘evolving.’

Is he? I’m still hoping it is all just a really good act on Bill’s behalf, but I’d love to hear all your thoughts on the matter. Make sure you let me know in the comments below!

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