True Blood’s Courtney Ford to Join Parenthood

December 11, 2011

Portia Bellefleur, From Lawyer to Cellist?

Courtney Ford as Portia BellefleurCourtney Ford, who plays Portia Bellefleur on HBO’s True Blood, is jumping from Dexter and The Big Bang Theory to NBC’s family drama, Parenthood. She is slated to play a new love interest for a bachelor played by Dax Shepard starting in January. She will play Lily, a very talented cello player who will rent time at Crosby and Adam’s recording studio. Sparks may fly when she connects with Crosby.

What do you think Truebies? Will you be watching?

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Charlaine Harris on True Blood and the Last Sookie Stackhouse Book

December 9, 2011

Author Discusses the HBO Differences:

Charlaine Harris and Sam Trammell chat at the bar in Merlotte'sRecently, FearNet got to talk to Charlaine Harris about the remainder of her Southern Vampire Mysteries novels (the books that HBO’s True Blood are based on). She also talks about how much she likes the changes Alan Ball has made to her characters in his show.

While Harris feels there are certainly differences between her Sookieverse and Alan Ball’s, she appears to like what she sees. She believes that Ball simply emphasizes different aspects of the same world. And she is glad for this:

“It would bore me to tears if it were exactly like the books. And I hate to bored, ever. I have a really low boredom threshold.”

As for characters, she believes that Sookie is a lot angrier on TV than how she portrays the blonde waitress in her books. She surmises that this may be what makes her more attractive to the True Blood audience.

On the subject of characters, while we have heard Harris say before that she had wished that she had come up with the character of Jessica, since she enjoys watching her so much, FearNet asked if there were any characters she liked less on TV. While no names were mentioned by Harris, she did mention that she loved what Lafayette has become. Since he loses his life so early on in the books, she puts it down to Nelsan Ellis (the actor who plays Lafayette Reynolds) being so fabulous at what he does, as being the reason his character was saved in the TV series.

Charlaine Harris was also asked whether she thought the TV series, True Blood, was now affecting her story line for the remainder of the books. Since there are only two more to go, this was an interesting question, to which she replied:

“Not really so much because I’m so far ahead. But every now and then I wonder if I’m in danger of being confused between the two. Sometimes when I write characters, I think, ‘Wait a minute –- am I writing TV Sookie or book Sookie?’ Then I think, ‘Let’s get back to our roots and remember what we’re doing, young lady.’ So it is possible for me to be influenced I guess, but I didn’t think so until real recently. So I think it’s probably best I’m winding it up then, before I get really confused.” [Laughs.]

With the next book only months away from release, how many of you prefer the books over the TV series, or vice versa? Make sure you let us know your favorite!

Source: FearNet – Exclusive: Sookie Stackhouse Creator Charlaine Harris Talks ‘True Blood’

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Video: Joe Manganiello Joins Funny or Die’s Satirists

December 9, 2011

The Beefcake Makes Us Laugh:

Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux)Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux on True Blood) must have a funny bone in his rippling, epically-muscled body.  He’s teamed up with Funny or Die to give fans a spoof trailer of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” a film set to debut December 21 based on a book with the same name.

Check out the video below (hilariously titled “The Girl with the Tramp Stamp Tattoo;” trashy, 20-something, female stereotypes ensue) and share the laughs in the comment section.  While his character doesn’t say much in the clip, my favorite line is “Oh God.” The delivery and tone proves flawless.

The Girl With The Tramp Stamp Tattoo from Emma Roberts

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Denis O’Hare of True Blood Co-Wrote “An Iliad”

December 8, 2011

His Play to be Performed in Chicago Until December 11:

Denis O’Hare (True Blood’s Russell Edgington)The actor who plays our delightfully villainous Russell Edgington in True Blood and the pernicious, grotesque and suspicious Larry on FX’s American Horror Story has another trick up his sleeve: he’s co-written a play based on Robert Fagle’s English translation of Homer’s infamous Trojan War epic, The Iliad, with respected director Lisa Peterson.

Since 2005, the two have crafted “An Iliad” into a one-man show, out of the epic, that originally opened in 2010.  O’Hare has not acted in it so far, due to his TV/film commitments, but plans to alternate with the lead star (Stephen Spinella from Angels in America and Spring Awakening) in the New York Theatre Workshop’s run beginning in February 2012.  In the Chicago production, currently running at the Court Theatre, “The Poet”, here played by Timothy Edward Kane (The Illusion, Rock ’n’ Roll) was cast by the Court’s artistic director Charles Newell.

“Our hope is by the end of the evening that you not only understand something about the impulse, or as the text says ‘this rage contained within all of us,’ but also how we have a choice with what we do with those emotions,” Newell said, adding that the actor Kane “is just turning himself inside-out emotionally in a very exposed and dangerous performance that I think will have some real impact.”

O’Hare is a Michigan-native, graduate of Northwestern and was first seen on stage in Chicago before moving to New York and acting in productions of “Cabaret,” “Assassins,” and “Sweet Charity.”  He won a Tony award for his performance in Richard Greenberg’s gay baseball drama, “Take Me Out.”

An Iliad continues through December 11 at the Court Theatre, 5535 S. Ellis. Performances are at 7:30 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays, 8 p.m. Fridays, 3 and 8 p.m. Saturdays and 2:30 and 7:30 p.m. Sundays. Tickets are $40-$60 for the regular run. Call 773-753-4472 or visit

O’Hare, Peterson and Newell discuss much more in an interview (which discusses the play, O’Hare’s personal life, etc.) in the Windy City Times and I would highly suggest all Truebies check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section!

Source: Windy City Times



True Blood’s Lorena on Dexter Season 6

December 7, 2011

Mariana Klaveno Shares Photos & Video Clips:

Mariana Klaveno (Lorena) on DexterTruebies, Mariana Klaveno (Bill’s maker, Lorena) posted an article recently on her website sharing a few screen caps and video clips from her time on Dexter. She played Professor Carissa Porter starting in The Angel of Death. In this episode:

With the help of his new found friend Brother Sam, Dexter wonders if there is light within him to counter the darkness, while the search for the Doomsday Killers takes him in a new direction; Batista and Quinn pay a visit to the university where Professor Gellar taught; due to departmental regulations following the shooting, Debra is forced to begin therapy.

Klaveno was also in the episode titled Just Let Go, where:

Dexter’s case turns personal, while Debra’s new duties as a lieutenant leave her feeling overwhelmed. She also discovers Quinn made a professional faux pas.

You can view all the video clips and photos from the episodes by clicking on the source link below. Let us know if you caught the episodes, and what you thought!

 Mariana Klaveno (Lorena) on Dexter

 Mariana Klaveno (Lorena) on Dexter

 Mariana Klaveno (Lorena) on Dexter


Source:– Dexter Season 6

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True Blood’s Jim Parrack to Pen NFL Movie

December 7, 2011

Hoyt Fortenberry and James Franco to Team Up:

Jim Parrack as Hoyt FortenberryJim Parrack, who plays the lovable teddy-bear like Hoyt Fortenberry on HBO’s True Blood, tweeted that he is writing a biopic of the great NFL quarterback Joe Namath. James Franco, a good friend of Parrack’s, will be behind the camera, directing the upcoming 3D film next summer.

Parrack’s Tweet:

“Greatest First Album ever!! Revisiting Reasonable Doubt while I write the Joe Namath script.”

Parrack wrote and directed his first film entitled Post, which he also stars in, along with his wife, Ciera. We hope there is more screenwriting and directing in his future! Tell us Truebies, what do you think about Parrack’s embarking out into new territory? Any plans to see the movie?

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True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård at Hamptons Film Fest

December 6, 2011

Skarsgård Talks Straw Dogs and Melancholia:

Alexander Skarsgård at the Hamptons Film Festival 2011Alexander Skarsgård, who plays vampire sheriff Eric Northman on HBO’s True Blood, stopped by the Hamptons International Film Festival to promote his latest film, Melancholia.

Skarsgård plays Michael, a man newly married to a woman who is overcome with depression on their wedding day. Coincidentally a giant planet is about collide with Earth.

Alexander Skarsgård was also quick to defend Melancholia director Lars von Trier, who has received some bad press lately. Skarsgård explained that the movie was strong enough by itself to draw people back to it, rather than comments made by von Trier.

On the professional dynamic in the Skarsgård family:

“Well, I’m 14 years older than [brother] Bill, and my brother Gus, we’re quite different. We usually don’t go after the same parts. So I wouldn’t say it’s competitive. But we do talk a lot about work, and we do encourage each other and try to keep each other motivated.”

Skarsgård’s take on the reception Straw Dogs got, and whether he’s seen it:

“I don’t know. I don’t read reviews, so… I don’t like knowing.”

“Yeah! Yeah, I’ve seen it [Straw Dogs.] I’m happy with it! I think it’s good, and I’m happy with my part.”

But he still doesn’t read reviews. And guess what Truebies? He doesn’t even read the positive ones!

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True Blood’s Tara Takes a Stroll Down Memory Lane

December 4, 2011

Rutina Wesley Relives Where it All Started:

Rutina Wesley (True Blood’s Tara) credit:  Boston GlobeRutina Wesley, who plays Tara on True Blood,  had the chance to take the stage with her hubby recently while in Boston. Wesley was there to participate in the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company’s American Voices reading of Sam Shepard’s Fool for Love.

This performance will hold a special place in Wesley’s heart as she read this play with her husband, actor Jacob Fishel.

Wesley, according to the Boston Globe:

“She hasn’t read opposite her spouse since the two were students at Julliard. Back then, they were often cast together because of their chemistry, she said. ‘It’s been kind of fun to remember what that beginning was like — when we first fell in love at school.’”

I’m sure this performance has now etched a new memory into the minds of both Wesley and Fishel, one that will certainly live on for many years to come.

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Spoiler: New Weres Cast for True Blood Season 5

December 4, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Weres, Oh My!

Louis Herthum (new werewolf season 5)Well just when we thought True Blood couldn’t get any juicier, it appears that the Were world is going to secure some new story lines in the upcoming Season Five. There has been confirmation that two new actors have been cast as recurring roles.

The Last Exorcism’s Louis Herthum has been cast as (reportedly) Alcide Herveaux‘s (Joe Manganiello) Father JD, who will play a “marine type” who refuses to submit alligence to the new Shreveport pack leader. Herthum has signed on for 5 episodes, hopefully the story of Alcide and his father will have a happy ending, though if it follows suit to the rest of the series storylines, I doubt that is likely.

Kelly Overton (new werewolf season 5)The second addition to the True Blood cast is Kelly Overton of The Ring 2. Overton will play Rikki, a sexy new were, who is determined to find out what has happened to the old pack leader Marcus Overton has signed on for 6 episodes, hopefully she doesn’t meet the same fate as the one she is searching to find answers about…

One thing is certain, the writers for True Blood are expanding the scope of the supernatural world, and letting the world know, that vampires are not the only sexy supes out there… though this point was already made loud and clear with the role of Alcide and the sexy Joe Manganiello.


Sources: Deadline

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Donate to Moyer’s Facing the Atlantic, Win a Giveaway!

December 2, 2011

A Happy Holiday Giveaway:

Holiday True Blood giveawayHey Truebies, read on for a chance at winning some cool autographed prizes simply by donating to Stephen Moyer’s favorite charity, Facing the Atlantic. A fellow True Blood fansite sent us the following scoop:

We have just launched our charity Happy Holiday Giveaway in honor of Stephen Moyer’s favorite non-profit Facing The Atlantic. We offer fans the possibility to transform their holiday presents into a donation to Facing The Atlantic and download a donation certificate to give to their loved ones. But that is not all… We have collected some wonderful holiday presents, which were kindly donated, that we will be giving away randomly to a number of lucky participants.

You can find all the info here:

Let’s avoid some stress this hoilday season and give to a very worthy cause, and possibly win some cool swag in return!



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