Team Alcide Wristbands for Sale!

February 23, 2012

Fangbangers Unite for a Good Cause:

Joe Manganiello HBO promoTrue Blood fans who are on Team Alcide, you can now proudly show the world your loyalty, all while benefiting Claire’s Place Foundation, a charity that supports families living with cystic fibrosis. CF is a genetic disease that critically affects the lungs. Tragically, the life expectancy for people with CF is in the 30s.

The wristbands are blue with “Team Alcide” (front) and “Wolf Pack” (back) in black. Each one is $6, and they come in two sizes. To purchase, click here.

Howl at us in the comments if you end up buying one!


Team Alcide wristbands

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True Blood Casting Call: The Wolves Have Arrived

February 23, 2012

Alan Ball Sizes Up Potential Wolves for Season 5:

Even wolves must go through a rigorous audition process to appear on True Blood.  Alan Ball took this picture himself while the trainers kept the wolves focused on a different prey… chicken treats.  Alan Ball and a few other key decision makers were looking on to decide which wolves will be cast as which characters. We look forward to the outcome of their decision in  Season 5!

Season 5 wolf casting call

Photo Credit: HBO



True Blood’s Leading Ladies in Top 25 Hottest Women on Horror TV Shows

February 19, 2012

What do Luna, Sookie, and Jessica Have in Common?

The 25 Hottest Women On Horror TV Shows by Complex (Jessica Hamby)They’re all hotties, of course! It’s obvious that HBO’s True Blood is one of the scariest and goriest horror shows on TV, but what makes it even better are the beauties we get to see on screen. Three of Bon Temps’ residents made it on the Complex Top 25 Hottest Women on Horror TV Shows list:

#2- Deborah Ann Woll  (Jessica Hamby)

#7- Janina Gavankar (Luna Garza)

#15- Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse)

To see the other 22 women, check out the results! Sit tight Truebies, more True Blood is coming our way soon!

Source: Complex



Setting the Stage for Season 5 — Merlotte’s

February 15, 2012

Merlotte’s is Up and Running:

For all those Truebie fans who can barely survive the 9 month hiatus between seasons, good news is in store for you. The sets have been dusted off and are ready to be used for production.

Merlotte’s sign

 All set and ready to go as well, is our favorite feisty redhead, Arlene Fowler — AKA Carrie Preston, who Tweeted the following photo:

Carrie Preston as Merlotte’s Arlene

We can’t wait to see what hijinks are in store for Merlotte and his employees this year!

Photo Credits: HBO

Carrie Preston


Game of Thrones Season 2 Photo Gallery

February 12, 2012

Exciting New Stills From Next Season!

Game of Thrones 2012 (credit HBO)Truebies and Thronies, can you wait for the start of the new season of Game of Thrones? If you’re having a hard time, because even for Thronies, “waiting sucks”, we have some cool pics to help tide you over. Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, however, and have no idea what the HBO smash hit is about, here’s a little info:

GAME OF THRONES kicks off its ten-episode second season SUNDAY, APRIL 1 (9:00-10:00 p.m.). Based on the popular book series “A Song of Ice and Fire,” by George R.R. Martin, this hit Emmy®-winning fantasy series chronicles an epic struggle for power in a vast and violent fantasy kingdom. Among the returning members of the ensemble cast are Emilia Clarke, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Emmy® and Golden Globe winner Peter Dinklage, Michelle Fairley, Lena Headey and Kit Harington. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss created the series and serve as executive producers.

Hover over photos for character name, actor name, and photo credit:

Jon Snow (Kit Harington, photo by Oliver Upton)

Bran Stark and Hodor (Isaac Hempstead-Wright, Kristian Nairn photo by Helen Sloan)

Mellisandre and Stannis Baratheon (Carice van Houten, Stephen Dillane photo by Helen Sloan)

Arya Stark (Maisie Williams photo by Helen Sloan)

Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner photo by Helen Sloan)

Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey photo by Helen Sloan)

Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke photo by Paul Schiraldi)

Renly Baratheon (Gethin Anthony photo by Helen Sloan)

Davos Seaworth (Liam Cunningham photo by Helen Sloan)

Joffrey Baratheon (Jack Gleeson photo by Helen Sloan)

Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen photo by Helen Sloan)

Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke photo by Helen Sloan)

Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage photo by Helen Sloan)

Catelyn Stark (Michelle Fairley photo by Helen Sloan)

Robb Stark (Richard Madden photo by Helen Sloan)

Balon Greyjoy (Patrick Malahide photo by Helen Sloan)

Don’t forget to tune in to Season 2 of Game of Thrones on April 1!

Source: HBO


Win a True Blood Seasons 1-3 DVD Set From CultBox!

February 10, 2012

Celebrating the Premiere of Season 4 in the UK:

True Blood seasons 1-3 DVD setWhat an exciting time for our fellow Truebies in the UK! This weekend, they will finally get to start watching Season 4 of True Blood, and to celebrate, our friends at CultBox are giving away two DVD sets — each one a box set of seasons 1-3. Who wouldn’t love to get that in the mail? The only caveat: you must be a resident of the United Kingdom, and you must be following @CultBoxTV on Twitter. Tweet the following message to enter:

Win #TrueBloodBoxsets @cultboxtv

Winners will be chosen on February 21. Visit the CultBox website for more information, and let us know if you end up being the lucky sucker!

Thanks to Will at CultBox for the scoop!

Image: CultBox


Hub Productions Announces Rescheduled Tru Blood Convention!

February 7, 2012

Aussie Fans Have a New Confirmed Date:

Tru Blood 2: A Second Bite Australian Convention Promo PosterJuly 28th and 29th, 2012 (Sydney and Melbourne, respectively) are the new dates set for the Tru Blood convention that was cancelled last year. Details can be found here. Disappointed Aussie fans missed out on seeing Sam Trammell, Nelsan Ellis and Joe Manganiello in Septemeber last year due to the stars having to cancel close to the event date.

The first guest confirmed for this year is Sam Trammell, who plays the wonderful Sam Merlotte. Trammell is a big fan of Aussie beaches, so it will be interesting to see if he will stick around a little longer to check out the waves again.

Fans who had already purchased for the 2011 event can rest assured that they need do nothing but wait by their mailbox for their tickets to arrive. But if you are a Sydney or Melbourne resident (or visiting during the month of July) and would still like to purchase tickets, you can still do so. Simply head on over to The Hub Productions website here and order your tickets.

I attended the 2010 event and was lucky enough to meet Sam Trammell, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Todd Lowe and John Billingsley.  Are there any other fans who attended this event, or will be attending the next one in July? Please let us know in the comments below — maybe we could even meet up on the day!

Source: The Hub Productions – Tru Blood 2: A Second Bite

(Photo Credit: The Hub Productions)


True Blood’s Dawn Olivieri on House of Lies

February 6, 2012

Alcide’s Sister Nude with Don Cheadle:

Dawn Olivieri on House of LiesDawn Olivieri, who plays Alcide Herveaux’s sister Janice on HBO’s True Blood, can add another TV appearance to her name, playing Monica Talbot on Showtime’s House of Lies. Olivieri describes Monica as “narcissistic, manipulative” and will do just about anything in order to get what she wants. In the first few moments of the pilot episode, Olivieri is lying in bed with ex-husband Marty Kaan, played by Don Cheadle.

On taking off her clothes:

“You don’t wanna be taking your clothes off for any old show. But House of Lies covets that quick wit, that truth, those in-your-face situations… if you’re gonna be naked, it might as well be for a show like this.”

On sharing scenes with Don Cheadle:

“[He is] accommodating, compassionate, open and a genius in subtlety and nuance.”

Be sure to check out Olivieri on House of Lies Sundays at 10 pm on Showtime.

Source Credits: TV Fanatic


New Actor Cast for True Blood Role of Claude the Fairy

February 3, 2012

Neil Hopkins Considered Too Old by Audience!

Promo Poster for HBO's True BloodTrue Blood fans who are also fans of the Southern Vampire Novels by Charlaine Harris have deemed actor Neil Hopkins too old in appearance for the role of Claude the fairy. Neil only played Claude for one episode in Season 4, but HBO seems to be listening to their audience and has recast the role.

Giles Matthey will fill the fairy wings, even though he is a relatively new actor, having only appeared on The Good Wife last year. The role of Claude is not considered a series regular yet, but will be involved in a multi- episode arc.

Make sure you check out Matthey’s IMDb page here, to get a sneak peek at the new Claude.

So, let us know what you think of this change. And do you think the character will be as unlikable in the TV series as in the books?

Source: – Keck’s Exclusives: True Blood Recasts Cousin Claude – Giles Matthey