Calling Dr. Ludwig, Fan Remedy Needed

October 10, 2009 by  

Dr Ludwig

Many of us had a surprise this season when Marcia deRousse made an appearance as Dr. Ludwig in episode 3 , Season 2 of True Blood.  For those of us familiar with the books, it was nice to see her be made physical incarnate. Those of you who haven’t read the books, it was quite a surprise to see her on the show.  Her sarcastic attitude and quick wit brought a nice humanistic aspect to the show. Her role, though small and quick on the show, was met with positive reviews from fans all over. So good was her part, that fans are asking HBO and Alan Ball to bring her back.

For those of you who missed the episode, here’s a quick recap: Bill and Sookie just leftthe Hamby residence and Bill assures Sookie that he has glamored them. He then tells her that Jessica is not a doll you can play dress up with. This doesn’t sit to well with Sookie, who then dashes off into the woods.  We next see a back lighting of a creature with a bulls head who chases Sookie and scratches her back (hence the name of the episode,”Scratches“). Meanwhile in the car, Jessica tells Bill to go after her and make up, which Bill does to little to late. One thing leads to another and they end up at Fangtasia, where low and behold, Eric has implored the help of Dr. Ludwig . This is where, in my opinion, Marcia steals the show. She interacts with Bill and Eric has if their just some other humans off the street, and is in total control of the whole situation with her wit and humor, not withholding how grave the situation is. She finally gets Sookie to the point where she can accept Bill‘s blood, although Eric tries to give it to Sookie first, then says nonchalantly,” I’ll expect my payment by the end of the week”. Then as she exits she tells off the vampire with the force that could even stop him in his tracks.

It’s no wonder why fans of True Blood adore and want her back! I think in doing so, they would only gain many more fans, and keep us regulars hooked in for good. If you too would like to see her return, and give your vote to have her back, check this site out:…+You%27re+being+paged!?mail=1127

Until then, I suggest grabbing a bottle of True Blood, opening the books, and passing time till we get season 3 to quench our craving for more True Blood.


Photo credit: HBO Inc.