True Blood’s Layla Crawford on Playing a Young Tara Thornton

August 20, 2014

Find Out All About the Youngest Star in HBO’s True Blood Season 7:

Layla Crawford stars as a young Tara Thornon (Rutina Wesley) in HBO's True Blood Season 7 Episode 8 (entitled 'Almost Home')Layla Crawford is only eight years old and already she has an impressive resume. Her most recent role had her appearing in HBO’s True Blood as a younger version of Tara Thornton (Rutina Wesley) in a flashback. But this pint sized actor has loved to perform since joining dance classes as a three year old. It was this love of the stage that led her to pursue an acting career and eventually winding up playing the role of Olivia in First Family alongside Gladys Knight and Jackee Harry.

But how did this young star find it having to play the harrowing scenes in True Blood’s Episode 8 (entitled Almost Home)? It seems Layla didn’t have an issue with the scene at all since she had already met with the cast as well as the True Blood director. As a result of this, she understood how the scene helped to explain about Tara as an adult, as well as the relationship she had with her parents at a young age. It also helped that she knew what she was doing was only pretend and that there was no actual threat to her on set.

With a bright future already ahead, Layla would like to continue her acting career as well as pursue journalism and fashion design along with her continued love of dance.

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Source: TV Grapevine – Fun Facts About Layla Crawford

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