True Blood’s Jim Parrack to Pen NFL Movie

December 7, 2011

Hoyt Fortenberry and James Franco to Team Up:

Jim Parrack as Hoyt FortenberryJim Parrack, who plays the lovable teddy-bear like Hoyt Fortenberry on HBO’s True Blood, tweeted that he is writing a biopic of the great NFL quarterback Joe Namath. James Franco, a good friend of Parrack’s, will be behind the camera, directing the upcoming 3D film next summer.

Parrack’s Tweet:

“Greatest First Album ever!! Revisiting Reasonable Doubt while I write the Joe Namath script.”

Parrack wrote and directed his first film entitled Post, which he also stars in, along with his wife, Ciera. We hope there is more screenwriting and directing in his future! Tell us Truebies, what do you think about Parrack’s embarking out into new territory? Any plans to see the movie?

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Top Quotes from Episode 10 “Burning Down the House”

September 4, 2011

Last Sunday night’s episode of HBO’s True  Blood was explosive and showed viewers the true faces of the best characters TV has ever seen. This episode had me cheering like a football fan on the edge of my seat. The looks on some of our character’s faces were priceless. Here is our list of top quotes right from the first scene.

 Lights, Camera, Action:

Marnie and Roy S4 Ep10

 “It’s like pouring boiling water on fire ants!”

One of the crazy followers of Antonia/Marnie. Maybe someone should tell him these ants don’t die and when they bite they really bite.

“Well, listen to you. God. Talk about bromance.”

Yes, Jessica, the love affair between Hoyt and Jason is respectable. Jason is such a good guy at heart. We can totally tell how much he struggled with his feelings for Jessica.

“A few stitches, little duct tape, pretty nurse, you’ll be good to go.”

Alcide to Tommy while he was in immense pain. They do say duct tape fixes everything except for a broken heart right?

“I am not going to die in Wiccan shit store with them. I REFUSE.”

No one can blame Tara for that comment, the whining would have me preferring Antonia’s wrath.

“This is your fault, all of it, and that is exactly what I’m going to tell the authority.”

Wooo Hooo, Bill finally gave it to Nan.

Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård) S4 Ep10

“When you were about to kill him, I just couldn’t bear the thought of a world without him in it. I think it was how I was able to stop you. I love you. I don’t want to lie to you, but I can’t help it. I love him too.”

This comment from Sookie to Eric could sum up the entire last two seasons, especially this one. How heartbreaking it was to hear her say those words which were both painful and completely honest. I don’t know who I hurt for more?

“Well, they bet on the wrong horse. It’s too bad.”

Now there is the Eric we know and love… yeah, Eric, we wonder who is more “lovable”, you or Bill.

Family Ties

Marcus Bozeman is a dead f***ing wolf.”

I loved seeing the bad guy come out in Sam. I just wish his little brother didn’t have to die in order to see it.

“Then he drank 11 of my beers — passed out and started fartin’. Continuously.”

I almost spit my wine out, and I don’t waste wine. This was so funny and Jason obviously has no sympathy for Hoyt.

“You sure?  Looks like you been sucking down V like it’s mother’s milk.”

This whole conversation between Terry and Andy was great. Perfectly written for both of their characters and a great addition to show how much they truly care about each other.

“Whatever. If she would have got-damn let her parakeet rest in peace, then Eric Northman and Bill Compton wouldn’t be marching on Moon Goddess to BLOW up my only  f***ing cousin!”

Man, we love almost everything Lafayette says.

“Yeah I speak Latin, I need it for my job!  No, of course I don’t, we’re just going to have to wing it.”

Holly to Tara with her wonderful sarcastic mouth, but she definitely speaks some truths to Tara when she needs to hear it.

“What the f*** do you know? TRUE DEATH FOR YOU TOO, NORTHMAN!”

Good thing Nan isn’t producing this show, there would be no vampires left to watch. Hmmm. I  wonder if that is her ultimate plan.

“I feel some bad juju.”

Me too, Lafayette, but I think it’s that wine I spit out my nose earlier laughing.

Debbie Pelt (Brit Morgan) S4 Ep10


“Sure you do… you hook up with a different wolf.”

Bad doggie! Alcide is going to make you pay for that one, Marcus.

“I know you are. You can take your first steps to free man tonight… when you walk all the way home!”

That was so brilliant of Terry, leaving Andy to walk home and have some time with his own thoughts.

This episode left us with the sound of kicking ass about to be unleashed! Did your favorite quote make the list? If not leave it in the comment section below.

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True Blood Season 4, Episode 6 “I Wish I Was The Moon” – Review/Recap

August 6, 2011


Witches, Shifters and Weres, Oh My!

Eric & Sookie S4 Ep6Eric. Sookie. ‘Nuff said.

Okay, not really. There’s a lot more that needs to be said about this episode. And it’s not all full-moon-romps-in-the-woods, if you know what I mean…

After teasing us last week with Eric and Sookie locking lips, we picked up right where we left off (thank Godric). Hot. Hot until Bill interrupted. His mix of emotions and reactions here was true to form. Eric and Bill’s fight was full of delectable tension, until Sookie informed Eric he was about to stake his King. Again, Bill Compton’s reaction to Eric’s sudden turnaround was pitch-perfect confusion.

While we’re on the subject, I’m just going to skip right to the ending. Eric’s final requests were quite touching. His reasoning for releasing Pam sounded a lot like the old Eric. His statements about Sookie, however, were a little heavy-handed, but I went along with it. The hook-up at the end was steamy and all, though I still contend that the opening scene was sexier. Maybe that’s just me… Did anybody else think Bill could’ve shed a single blood-tear while he was standing on his porch with a snifter of TruBlood? Come on.  He supposedly still cares about Sookie. He supposedly still hates Eric. He set Eric free knowing what was going to happen, probably purposely, considering Eric’s words about Sookie deserving to be happy with whoever can provide it for her. Didn’t that affect him in the slightest? All season, Bill’s actions have been throwing me. Not all that thrilled with him.

Elsewhere in Bon Temps —

Witches, witches, witches. Terrible stories about witches and vampires in Spain, wreaking havoc on each other. There’s major history here with the vampires infiltrating the Catholic church, torturing witches through the Spanish Inquisition. While the scenes themselves were well done and visually effective, I’ve decided that the only time “history” works in True Blood is when it involves characters we know and care about. And I don’t know these characters, so the history lessons feel… well, like history lessons. As hard as I’ve been trying all season, I just cannot get into the witch story. It’s becoming too much. Vampires and weres and shifters all have their own issues. Must the witches get involved? Though I got to admit, Jesus’s abuelo is one screwed-up dude. Terrifying, really.

Tara’s girlfriend finally busted her for lying, forcing Tara to ’fess up about her real life. The most interesting thing about her story was she seems pretty well set on staying in Bon Temps.

Very upset about the Tommy skin-walking situation. This is because I love Sam and hated to see Tommy ruin Sam’s life in less than 24 hours. Though kudos to Sam Trammell’s mad acting skills. He totally had the Tommy Mickens walk and talk down pat. As the skin-walker, “Tommy-Sam” left quite a wake – fired Sookie, slept with Luna and subsequently dissed her.

Really, did anybody actually play their own characters? Tommy was Sam (meaning Sam Trammell was playing Marshall Allman as Tommy trying to be Sam Merlotte… whew…), Lafayette and Marnie were each possessed by another spirit, Eric was still amnesia-ed …

“I’m a police officer! And a werepanther! Back off!”

On the plus side, this was Jason’s best episode all season. He was so innocently scared at the potential of becoming a werepanther, it was adorable. And his heartfelt conversation with Jessica was absolutely endearing. I’m not sure where they’re going with this, but I’m admittedly curious. I love Jess and Hoyt, but this could work as something, too.

Arlene and Terry’s house erupted in flames. Baby Mikey was already outside with that damn doll. Who was that lady? She looked too pretty to be evil. But why else would Mikey see her? Very creepy. Glad Terry’s armadillo made it out okay.

A little bit of Alcide is better than no Alcide at all. And with Debbie joining the pack behind his back, it’s only a matter of time before she does something crazy. Right? Right??


Clearly, this was not one of my favorite episodes, despite the Eric and Sookie situation. And that’s kind of depressing. Sorry if this was ultra-negative. Maybe I’m being too harsh. What did you guys think?

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True Blood Season 4, Episode 3 “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?” – Review

July 13, 2011

Alcide is Back and Eric is “Gone”:

Skarsgård as Eric Northman (ep. 39)“I know what I am, Snooki.”

Whew. After his initial monologuing, Amnesia Eric was a delightful surprise. Finding Debbie in Alcide‘s pretty new house? Horrible surprise. But more on that later…

I’ve seen/heard a few complaints that this season “isn’t as good” or “it’s gotten weird.” Let me just say – #1, We’re 3 episodes in, haters! Don’t judge a season so quickly. And #2, I just have to plain disagree. Season 4, so far, has been at least on par with previous seasons. And I’ll tell you why.

True Blood has been loved from the very beginning for its soapy-meets-campy tone. Fluffy meta moments lighten up the drippy drama of a faerie living in a vampire hierarchy. Hence, Sookie reading a Charlaine Harris novel. Look, whenever a series throws in new characters, or changes characters drastically – either temporarily or permanently – fans are always quick to turn on their favorite show. All I’m saying is give it time before you start trolling comment threads. You can’t judge a whole season until it’s over. And I don’t know about you, but I’m in no rush.

Rant over. On to the good stuff —

Eric’s newly innocent state has proven to be the most adorable thing ever. I know I said that last time about his wooing Sookie with appliances, but I mean it even more this week. Between his apologies (“sorry”) and the ever-so-sincere tone when he asked Sookie “Would you like to be mine?”- sigh. Alexander Skarsgård did an outstanding job making Eric vulnerable without being too ridiculous.

Pam was quick to panic when she learned the news, and now she’s all uber-suspicious of Bill. Is it really possible that Bill would set up Eric like that? True, he already tried once. And yes, Sookie did ask Bill for help with Eric’s home-owning situation. But Bill’s angry voicemail makes me think otherwise.

Jessica and Hoyt are having relationship issues, yes. And while it was nice to see Jess reunite with her maker, the scene felt a little awkward. Seeking relationship advice, Bill and Jessica’s talk didn’t feel “father-daughter” “brother-sister” or “best friends.” It just felt weird. Although it did garner one of my favorite quotes from the episode: “Vamp up.”

What about that doll? It freaked me out the first time we saw it on the floor of Jess & Hoyt’s new place, then seeing Hoyt holding it was a whole other level of creepy. At least Baby Mikey seems to be enjoying it.

So Tommy wants to steal from the woman who has taken him in. Charming. I liked Tommy best when he worked at Merlotte’s – he had great chemistry with Jessica and he could be involved without some contrived storyline. Now, Tommy’s character just seems lost.

Bill and Portia, huh? Like her or not, you got to respect Portia’s bluntness. Girl knows how to get to the point.

I’m not sure why, but I just can’t get into Lafayette and Jesus. I’m bored when their wiccan ways are discussed. Sure, Marnie is fascinating and I’m curious to see if the spirit will accept her sacrifice. But otherwise, eh.

Poor Jason! For real, that boy just can’t win. His entire storyline was disturbing this week. That scene with all the girls watching? Yikes. I hope Jason gets to spend an episode not tied to a bed soon.

Finally, Alcide. I was so happy to see him. He and Sookie are all cute and then who walks in, but former V-addict/Russell Edgington dog Debbie. Blindsided by that one. Clearly, Sookie wasn’t thrilled, either. Totally ruined her plans. Where will that relationship go?

Sam and Tara had a cute moment. It’s nice that they’re still friends. That’s really all I have to say on the matter.

So Eric drained Claudine, huh? I was a little confused – did Eric appear because he heard Sookie yell at Claudine or just because he smelled her or something?

This was a good episode for certain characters while others stalled out in the background. But with only 55 minutes or so, we can’t always see everybody.

What’d you all think?

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Favorite Quotes from the First Episode of Season 4

July 12, 2011

Who Said it?

Sookie Season 4 premiereThe premiere of True Blood three weeks ago had fans excited that the wait was finally over. In a recent article on, the best quotes from the first episode were discussed.

Sookie, Sookie

The first quote comes from Sookie Stackhouse to her fairy godmother Claudine:

“If your job is to look after me, can I say you suck.”

Viewers can totally agree with this statement. Since the beginning of the series Sookie has taken a beating but she has kept on ticking. Maybe her fairy godmother was indeed looking after her?

The next one came shortly after the first one, when Sookie was speaking to the Queen of the Fairies, Mab:

“I’m staying away  from vampires, I can guaran-damn-tee you that.”

Yeah, Sookie — we totally believe you.

The third one comes from my personal favorite, vampire Eric Northman. He handsomely walks up to Sookie’s doorstep and tells her,

“Everyone who claims to love, your friends, you brother, even Bill Compton, they all gave up on you. I. Never. Did.”

Whose heart didn’t melt at hearing that?  Well it didn’t melt Andy Bellefluer’s… number four comes from him:

“For 13 straight months I’ve had that open case on my books. If it weren’t for you, this year’s Louisiana Safe Streets plaque would be on my wall and not f***ing Webster Parrish. You owe me a plaque!”

Where would the streets of Bon Temps be without Andy?

The Ones That Make Us Giggle

Number five happens when the hilarious and always stylish Lafayette enters the Moon Goddess Emporium:

“It smells like where old air fresheners go to die.”

Number six comes after cute but creepy baby Mikey finds a new way to play with dolls:

Baby Mikey w/decapitated Barbies

“Decapitating Barbie dolls? What the hell kind of baby does that?”

Poor Terry has his hands full with Arlene this season. His cure for her craziness…just love her more. He tells her,

“When I was a kid I used to put squirrel heads on lizard bodies and invent new animals.”

Didn’t everyone do that?

Coming in at number 8 is a quote from our favorite ginger vampire, Jessica, talking to her boyfriend Hoyt:

“Do you understand how gross human food is to a vampire? It’s all dead. Permanently, forever dead. Going to the Piggly Wiggly for me is like going to the morgue for you.”

With that analogy, I do believe Jessica won that fight.

Even in Bon Temps, it seems there is nothing on TV.

“TV sure hasn’t gotten any better in the last year.”

… complains Sookie to her brother Jason.

In the town down the road, Nan Flanagan is filming Pam for a commercial regarding vampires. Ms. AVL quips:

“I have proof. Scientific. People are far dumber than they realize.”

She must have been talking to those people NOT watching True Blood. Luckily, the always enthralling Eric comes in to save the commercial.

“We’re always more than happy to serve humans here at Fangtasia. And I don’t mean for dinner.”

Changes Are Coming

In the year that Sookie had been missing, a lot changed for Bon Temps. One of the changes is Jason Stackhouse is now responsible and carries a badge. The second is that Sheriff Andy is still carrying a badge but has a new taste for vampire blood. In the scene where Jason saves Lafayette from Andy, Jason says:

Jason and Lafayette (4.1)

“I’m not saying anything happened just now, but if something did happen, it didn’t happen.”

Hoyt’s mommy has found a new son to take care of, and he comes in the form of Sam Merlotte’s little brother Tommy.  She asks him:

“You gonna be comfy, hon? You want a tushy cushion?”

How embarrassing. It looks like Tommy and Hoyt are both dressed in plaid shirts, they must get their fashion sense from Maxine. Number 14 comes from Pam speaking of Hoyt:

“That tree with the plaid shirt, it has a name?”

The Best for Last

The last quote of Episode 1 comes again from the Nordic vampire:

Eric with fangs (4.1)

“I always knew you were alive, and if I owned the house, well I would own you. Sookie, you are mine.”

I keep replaying that last one in my head, I just replace Sookie’s name with mine, of course!

True Blood is off to a great season! Can’t wait to see what they say next. Share some of your favorite quotes with us in the comment section below!

Source: – Best True Blood Quotes from Season Four Premiere

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True Blood: Episode 1 Fashion Recap

July 4, 2011

Season 4 Looks Set to Rock the Fashion Stakes:

Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse in True BloodOkay, now we have finally had our fix of a new episode. The next thing is: What were they wearing? Here’s a rundown for the fashion (and vampire) inclined.


Think Alice in Wonderland for fashion for our favorite barmaid this season. We see her in just he cutest little blue dress ever! She complements the look with one of her classic headbands.


This season Jason is channeling the ‘hot cop’ look, complete with a new goatee. While those guys out in Hotshot may think he should be kept in a freezer, I am hoping he gets a chance to strut more of the cop look soon.


More tanks, more leather, more Eric. Enough said. Nobody does cool and dead like a dead viking. But he has had over a thousand years to get his style right.


On the other hand, we have Bill. He seems to have finally worked out that Henley shirts are out of fashion, and have been since he died. He is looking more refined this season, which is the only thing befitting a king. The look certainly becomes him. Of course, now he is the bad guy, and we shouldn’t be caring one way or the other how he looks!


This bunch seems to fall into two distinct categories: Hot Librarian and Frumpy. Marnie fits into the latter category. It’s strange to see a leader of a coven dressed like she has a floordrobe and no light bulb. The rest of her coven fall into the ‘hot librarian’ category.


Now here is a man who has no fear of clothes and new and exciting ways to wear them. He has chosen the Mr. T look this season. That or someone placed a ferret on his head while he was sleeping and forgot to tell him. There are more scarves worn as head gear and more pretty long tops that would look great on a girl, but look spectacular on Lafayette.

Pam, Et Al

Pam is continuing with her pink PTA look. She still looks adorable and deadly all rolled into one.

Tara has become Toni. She has ditched the new hairstyle and gone for ultra-smooth locks. She has also taken up fighting as a profession, so expect plenty of shorts and tanks for this girl during Season 4.

Jessica and Hoyt have been raiding the same wardrobe: namely Hoyt’s. They both appear in matching jeans and plaid shirts. Jessica, however, does lose this look and take on a dress once she and Hoyt have a domestic.

Can’t wait to see what the next episode brings!

Thanks to Randi for bringing us the scoop. Remember Truebies, we welcome your contributions.

Contribution credit: Randi

Source: Fashion Magazine – True Blood recap: We take wardrobe cues from what Sookie wore, what Eric didn’t and why Bill got rid of his hideous henleys

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Season 4 Gallery Images

June 26, 2011

Courtesy of HBO:

Just a few more hours to go, everyone!  Here are a few photos from the set of True Blood’s season 4:

Sookie Season 4 (Sexy Beast article)

Eric Season 4 (Sexy Beast article)

Pam Season 4 (Sexy Beast article)

Hoyt & Jessica Season 4 (Sexy Beast article)

Marnie & Jesus Season 4 (Sexy Beast article)

Breathe, Truebies, breathe!  The hour is almost upon us.  We hope you enjoy the show, and don’t forget to check back regularly for more news!

Source: – Sexy Beast: Inside True Blood Season 4

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Andy Bellefleur’s New Guns

April 24, 2011

Jim Parrack is afeard!

Jim Parrack @ Paley 2011 (David Livingston/Stringer)In a recent interview with New York Magazine, Jim Parrack, the actor who plays our lovable Hoyt Fortenberry, gave us the scoop on one of his co-stars.  Apparently, Chris Bauer (Detective Andy Bellefleur), unveiled something interesting at a recent work meeting — his buff new bod!

“Chris came into a table reading a couple weeks ago and he had on his cop uniform, and I stood up and I said, ‘I would actually do what this cop says to do,’ because Chris’s muscles were just popping.  I’m not kidding, he got fit. Chris’ll whoop all of our asses now.”

It’s only fitting that Andy should be extra prepared for whatever supernatural baddie may come his way.  He’s going to need all the help he can get this season!

Any fans of Chris Bauer out there?  Are you excited to see him and his new ‘gunshow’?

Source: – Jim Parrack Says Get Ready for Buff Andy Bellefleur

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Spoilers! What’s in Store for Season 4?

April 19, 2011

The Inside Scoop on Sam, Tara, Hoyt and Jessica:

Waiting does suck, but spoilers sure do make it easier! Thanks to Eonline and ClevverTV we’ve got a few new teasers to pass along. Who will fall in love? Who will find happiness? And who will do some father-daughter bonding?


Sam Trammell as Sam Merlotte in True BloodIs love in the air for Sam in Season 4? Well, maybe. Sam Trammel (Sam Merlotte) does admit his character will be getting a new love interest, but how long it will last is a mystery. In the past, the ladies romantically involved with Sam didn’t last long. Let’s hope the new lady in his life survives. Regarding the show, he also adds it will:

“Explore the shape shifter community a little bit more, so there’s going to be a lot of cool mythological stuff.”


Rutina Wesley as Tara Thornton True BloodIt seems things might be getting better this season for Tara. Quality time with her best friend Sookie is sure to help. But in true Tara fashion, things won’t be rosy for long. And on top of it all Tara will spend some time thinking about Sam Merlotte and his shape-shifting ways.



Jessica & Hoyt

Jessica and Hoyt True BloodCan their blossoming relationship stay perfect for much longer? Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica Hamby) dished on Jessica and Hoyt, admitting that the first two episodes will pick up with “a bit more trouble happening.” On the bright side it seems Jessica will finally get some much needed mentorship from Bill.



Check out the full video Here.

Are you ready? Let us know your Season 4 predictions in the comment section below!


Source: – True Blood Season 4 Info Revealed – Fangbangers, SPOILER ALERTS!

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Jim Parrack of True Blood Talks Nudity and James Franco

April 19, 2011

Dishing on Nudity in Season 4 and His Friend James Franco:

True Blood's Jim Parrack (Hoyt)Jim Parrack (Hoyt Fortenberry) recently spoke with New York Magazine about season 4 of True Blood.  While he couldn’t say much he promised that it would be the most shocking season yet saying:

“The things that happen with the relationships between people and creatures are so unpredictable and severe, it’s wild.”

He also tells us that Chris Bauer (Andy Bellefleur) will be a much buffer man than the detective we’ve come to know.  He couldn’t tell us if Chris will have any nude scenes, but our dear Hoyt won’t be taking it all off any time soon.

While he was in New York, Jim hung out with his friend James Franco.  The two became friends back in 2002 when he states that they both felt like outsiders in the Hollywood scene.  He even credits James with helping him straighten out his life saying:

“He was just so honest. You know, I was a young guy, 21 or 22 years old, that was very troubled, and he didn’t mind saying to me, ‘You’ve got to get it together.’ And he wasn’t that much older.”

He also says that his friend’s working habits aren’t just for show.  He says he has a genuine curiosity about life, and values his own, and is just truly interested about life and that is a part of their friendship.  Jim will also have a role in James Franco’s upcoming Sal Mineo biopic.  Shooting for that will begin in May or June.  While James will direct, it is unclear if he will also act in the film.

Source: New York MagazineJim Parrack on True Blood Nude Scenes and His BFF James Franco

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