Inside True Blood Teases Fans About Season 5 Finale

July 27, 2012

Blog for HBO’s Series True Blood Reports What Was Overheard On Set

Internet blog, Inside True Blood, posted some possible teasers for the Season 5 finale of the HBO series. On June 10, 2012, the day the first episode of Season 5 aired, the cast and crew of True Blood were preparing to film the season finale. Blogger Gianna Sobel posted about the work being done.

After posting that the finale was going to be ‘crazy’, Ms. Sobel shared some of the things that were overheard during the prep meeting for the finale.

The tamest of the statements was, “It sounds like I’m going to need to get some torsos and some heads”. Fans are probably aware that is typical for an episode of True Blood. However, “We do have latex codpieces, they only take 20 minutes to apply” has some interesting implications. Finally, “I would deluge her completely in blood. She’s exploding! The blood would go everywhere. We should be prepared to throw a couple of body parts at her”. Any guesses on who or what that might be about?

Read the blog for yourself, as well as the comments left by other fans.


Source: Inside True Blood


True Blood Season 5 Episode 7 “In The Beginning” Recap

July 26, 2012

Lilith Returns:

Sookie and her magic hands in Episode 7 of HBO's True BloodSo Roman has really met the true death! In Episode 7 of HBO’s True Blood we also discover what we had earlier suspected: Salome, Nora and Russell Edgington were all besties and just biding their time until the Sanguinistas could rise again.

We find Sookie passed out and having her ‘luminescence’ checked by the faeries. She is introduced to the idea that her magic is finite and she may, one day, be just a plain human. Are the fae telling the truth about this? Only time will tell, but it doesn’t prevent Sookie from doing a little soul searching and then trying to intentionally deplete her magical powers. Could we stand to see Sookie as a mere human?

Andy and Sam find themselves in a small spot of trouble when they are interviewed over the death of Junior. Kenya also suspects that something isn’t quite right with Sam after his strange behaviour smelling out masks used in the supe killings, and rolling around on the floor like a puppy with a bad itch. He does offer up some valuable advice as to who the suspects may be though.

Hoyt has been rescued by the same people who are responsible for the supe shootings. Looks like the dark path Hoyt is following just got a whole lot darker. He is happy to join up with their little hate group run by some guy named ‘Dragon‘. The writing is on the wall that Jessica’s fate, and Hoyt’s loyalty will be tested as this hate group is going to try to avenge Hoyt, and the pain he has suffered at the hands of Jessica.

Bill and Eric are discussing the implications of the Sanguinista uprising. Eric is devastated by the role his sister, Nora, has played in this plot. It seems Molly is on their side and is eager to find out exactly how her i-Stake program failed. Will Bill and Eric join up with the Sanguinista to save themselves? Russell seems to think so, to the point of allowing Eric to live – I wonder what big plans he has for the tall viking? There will be more to keeping Eric and Bill alive! Salome the temptress admits to digging up Russell as part of her plan to have Lilith return.  It is obvious that Salome is a man eater, can’t wait to see when all these Vamp men are actually going to realize it!

Alcide and his second, Rikki, are ‘training’ for the pack master challenge. When Rikki suggests they use “V” to even the playing field, Alcide is offended and would rather die than use vampire blood. Martha then interrupts a romantic interlude between the pair and swears that JD doesn’t use “V”. Later on though, she discovers the painful truth. Not only is JD a V” addict, but he is not above offering vamp juice to Martha’s young granddaughter!

Arlene is coming to grips with losing Terry. The video of their wedding is bittersweet as we catch glimpses of happier times for not only Arlene and Terry, but Hoyt, Jessica, Lafayette and Jesus. Holly tries to convince her to make amends with Terry since she is not convinced he is as crazy as Arlene says.

Jason is still on the vampire warpath, although his feelings are a little confused. He is still trying to convince Sookie that they are bad since they killed their parents (wonder if it’s a vampire we know?). But he also goes to Jessica to talk to her. Things don’t go well there with Jason catching Jessica with her mouth full. An argument ensues and let me just say, while a bullet to the head shouldn’t be humorous, when it’s a vampire being shot, their indignation can indeed be funny. Needless to say, I don’t think there will be much love felt between Jessica and Jason any time soon.

Lafayette tracks down Jesus’s grandfather and is lured into a trap. It seems that his grandfather blames Lafayette for stealing his grandson’s magic. He attempts to dig the magic back out of Lafayette’s head but is murdered by his pregnant wife instead. I hope she is on Lafayette’s side and not just crazy. Lafayette may not be out of the woods just yet.

A heart-wrenching scene follows, Tara’s mother appears at Fangtasia and bids her daughter farewell – after all, a good preacher’s wife can’t be known to have a vampire for a daughter. Pam certainly redeems herself as a maker with her kind response, even if she does try to cover it up in her usual Pam-style. Just on a side note, did anyone else hate Pam’s crimped hair in this episode? I sure hope they go back to her impeccably groomed style next week.

Salome holds a ritual that involves the drinking of Lilith’s blood. When Dieter is beheaded by Russell after showing his disgust, everyone else decides to be swayed to the Sanguinista side in a bid to save their own heads. So the blood of the ancient vampire is consumed: can anyone say ‘drunk vampires’? Once intoxicated by Lilith’s blood, the vampires crash a private party at a karaoke bar. According to a lot of fans, this scene is their least fave for the season. A feasting orgy erupts. It just goes to show that no matter how complacent we become around vampires, we must always be on our toes.

Patrick and Terry come face to face with the Ifrit. But it seems it is happy to toy with the last two members of the cursed squadron. Terry comes very close to killing himself as a result but Patrick manages to pull him back from the edge. I must say, it’s nice to see Patrick finally apologizing for making Terry kill the civilian who cursed them.

During the bloody feast at the karaoke, Lilith appears from a pool of blood. The vampires are amazed by her naked form but she compels them to feed some more – just when you think it couldn’t get any bloodier! Eric is visited by the ghost of his maker, Godric, during this scene. It seems the love for his maker is stronger than the power of Lilith’s blood coursing through his veins. We end this episode with Godric pleading with Eric to save his sister from the clutches of Lilith.

Do you think Eric can free Nora? Are the fae lying to Sookie about her powers? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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True Blood Season 5 Episode 6 “Hopeless” Recap

July 17, 2012

Fairies vs. Vampires?

Jason, Sookie and Hadley in Espisode 6 of HBO's True BloodIt seems Russell Edgington still has the support of the werewolves in Episode 6 of HBO’s True Blood. We start this week with Alcide being dragged away by weres and Sookie having to use her microwave fingers on Russell. Eric takes this opportunity to make Russell’s death final. Bill threatens to stake him as a result – he’d rather use Russell as a negotiating tool for their lives rather than get revenge. The Authority arrives just in the nick of time and prevents any further discussion on the matter.

I must say, it’s nice to have Russell back. His maniacal rants are a delight! Needless to say, the Authority are not at all impressed with him. Not to mention the fact that the clean up with the humans gets incredibly messy — but did we ever expect them to come out of this alive? At least they agree to Sookie and Alcide being glamoured. Cheeky Eric, though, makes it unbelievably hard for Alcide to pursue Sookie any more. Bet that won’t go down well with Sookie.

After the opening credits, we find the bitch fight from hell — Jessica and Tara in an epic battle at Fangtasia. Luckily Pam is on hand to break things up, but a little praise wouldn’t go astray, that’s for sure. It doesn’t look like Jess and Tara will be the besties that we first thought. Poor Hoyt finds himself thinking that Jessica still has feelings for him as a result and it’s sad to see his downward spiral after they talk; you almost wish Jessica would glamour him happy.

Thankfully, Luna and Sam managed to survive being shot since we find them in the Emergency Room. Luna’s daughter has made her way to her grandma’s house. This scene feels like a weird take on Little Red Riding Hood — I feel like Jessica should be in this scene. It provides a headache for Luna later on though when her daughter is returned to her by the dreaded mother-in-law. They do manage to come to a compromise though. I hope Luna doesn’t regret her decision later on.

While Alcide can’t seem to work out where he is and Sookie is all crying in the car with him, Bill and Eric’s lives still hang in the balance. Bill hedges his bets and publicly states that he is leaving it up to Lilith to decide his fate. Eric, however, is not pandering to the ways of the Guardian and the Authority. By this stage you are wondering how much time Eric has left on the series with blatant displays of defiance like this. Meanwhile, Alcide is still trying to work out what page he’s on. He’s having confusing images of Sookie and him in the throes of passion, but the recoil for her is also apparent. Sookie manages to help him remember his true memories.

So what about Terry and Patrick? We know they escaped last week, but how are they faring? Seems Terry is not about to follow Patrick into what he considers certain death. I’m not so sure how Terry will get out of this mess, but he desperately tries to keep Arlene out of his curse by breaking all ties with her and the children. Poor Arlene, at this point she thinks Terry is off his meds and she’s just been dumped by another loser. I hope she has the chance to realise how good a guy he really is.

Next we find Lafayette with his mother. And she certainly knows more than we first thought. Turns out she’s not so crazy after all. Not only can she understand what Jesus is saying, but she has been able to see spirits for a long time. Somehow I get the feeling that Lafayette’s mother will play a bigger role in this season than ever before.

Jason is now trying to draw Sookie into his anti-vampire sentiment. He admits their parents were killed by vampires and leads her to the field where the fairy party was held. Sookie can hear all the voices of fairyland around her and somehow manages to find the doorway from the real world which leads to the land of fae. Is anyone else finding fairyland a fusion of a Baz Lurmann movie and a red hot Jason Gilkison ballroom routine? Either way, it sure seems like a great place to be.

Claude makes another appearance and introduces Sookie to all his sisters. Hadley is still there and tries desperately to get Sookie to stay. Claude explains that he is no longer affiliated with Queen Mab and this secret place is separated from the rest of fairyland. Can anyone smell a fairy battle coming on?

Hadley also elaborates on how Sookie and Jason’s parents were killed — seems the vampires were sniffing out Sookie’s blood and her parents were just collateral damage. Sookie gets upset and uses her magic microwave hands on Claude — it turns out that a lot of other people seem to have the same magic here!

Sam and Andy strike up an unusual partnership. He offers to help Andy find the shifter-haters by scenting them out. What an awesome spin off show this would make, it would be like MacGyver meets Inspector Rex! They end up at the local camping-come-vampire-hunting store. The owner looks edgy when Sam enters the store — does he know Sam is a shifter? And if he does, how? Before we can find out, Sam has shot him with a crossbow and saved Andy’s life in the process.

Alcide has had enough of the weres sucking up to Russell Edgington and decides to run for the role of pack master — even if there already is a new leader. Were-lore states that he can do this but he must have a second to back him up. Surprisingly he finds one within the pack.

Finally, we find out Bill and Eric’s fate. Thankfully, the dreaded iStakes are removed and we no longer have to live in fear of a twitchy finger. It gives Eric another chance to speak his true mind about his beliefs. He also announces he wants to see his sister, Nora. Roman agrees, so long as Eric is present for the execution of Russell. This announcement seems to shock Eric. How tight is he with Russell, I wonder? Eric agrees and Roman orders Salome to silver Russell again as well as putting an iStake on him before the execution — apparently he doesn’t want to get his hands dirty.

We return briefly to Hoyt. It seems he is still taking his break up with Jessica pretty harshly. A random vampire is sucking him dry! Before we can lament his possible demise, a truck appears filled with masked vampire-haters. They quickly dispatch with the vampire and drag Hoyt to safety. Are these the same people that are shooting at shifters? I think so.

Eric gets his visit with Nora. He finds her praying to Lilith, she is relieved that Russell is going to be executed. It seems Eric has a revelation of his own in this scene, but we have little time to ponder this thought as we are quickly brought to Russell babbling about how much he loves to drink humans. Roman gets sick of this pretty quickly and his trigger finger hits the iStake button.

If the trigger worked, Russell would be dead right now.

It seems that Russell isn’t as doped out on silver as we were first led to believe. And why didn’t the iStake work? Was he even wearing one? Anyway, Russell leaps at the opportunity and stabs the Guardian. Roman’s face distorts and there is blood spatter — is he really dead? Salome seems to think so, since she is crying tears of blood. Nora also thinks so since the last shot of the episode is of her thanking Lilith.

Is Roman really dead? How come the iStake didn’t work? Any other things that made no sense in this episode that you would like to discuss? Let us know in the comment section below.

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True Blood Season 5 Episode 5 “Let’s Boot and Rally” Recap

July 16, 2012

Time is Ticking – Let’s go Hunt Russell Edgington!

Pam and Tara get personal in Episode 5 of HBO's True BloodIn the last episode of True Blood we see things heating up between Alcide and Sookie. Episode 5 promises more of the the same in the open scene – until Sookie throws up on Alcide. To make matters worse, Bill and Eric get to witness this grand occasion. Talk about awkward dished up on top of Ew!

Things are also spiralling downwards for Lafayette this week. Not only do his statues start talking back when he is having a heated argument with God, but he finds the image of dead lover, Jesus’s (albeit only his head), complete with his mouth sewn shut, smack bang in the middle of his coffee table. We also find Lafayette’s mother having the same vision, only she seems to be able to understand what Jesus is saying.

So what’s happening with Terry and the Sergeant?  Well, they are still holed up but after Brian reveals he saw one of their squad dying in a fire, Terry has a flashback. Seems he remembers a certain little curse muttered by one of the dying civilians. Enter the new supernatural creature: the Ifrit. Should be fun to see what HBO and Alan Ball do with this fiery beast. A battle of wits ensues between the three men. Terry and Patrick manage to escape, it’s not a lucky day for Brian though.

Next we find a very confused and extremely naked Jason having visions about his childhood. He sees his parents with bloody vampire bites. Next we see Andy, who is just as naked, although a little less confused. Arlene’s response to naked Andy is priceless.

Oh boy, isn’t the sexual tension simmering not so far below the surface between Sookie, Alcide and Eric. This story line is so much fun! Between all the testosterone though, Sookie agrees to help Bill and Eric track down Russell Edgington before the dead by dawn deadline the Authority have unleashed on the pair — not that any of them know this yet.

We find out that Sookie can easily get into the head of the only worker who witnessed Russell being freed from his concrete hell. And yes, the Authority seem to be involved. Once more, the political plot thickens deliciously. The addled worker is able to lead Sookie and the others to a deserted mental institution — oh what fun!

Pam decides it’s time to put Tara to work at Fangtasia — it’s not long before she regrets this and orders Tara to never feed in public again. I am starting to wonder if HBO’s Tara is starting to merge with Charlaine Harris’s Thalia character in the book. She sure is cutting enough for the role. Luckily, Jessica arrives just in time to be a friend to Tara, just two newbie vamps talking about being turned. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last for long, as we find out a little later in the episode when Tara decides that Hoyt is a delicious feed. Seems Jessica still has feelings for him.

Jason and Andy are now at the scene of the shifters murders. While Jason wants to discuss fairyland and the bar they went to, Andy is afraid of messing things up with Holly. Andy then questions Sam about his dead friends. Sam reveals to him they were two-natured. Interestingly, Andy discovers that the bullets used to kill Sam’s friends are wooden. Is the killer after vampires too? It appears that Jason is now starting to develop a real hatred towards the undead. Wonder how that will pan out in future episodes? A showdown between him and Rev. Newlin perhaps?

At this point Bill and Eric find out the clock is ticking quickly towards the true death. The argument after this between Sookie and Eric about who gets to hunt for Russell is hilarious — go Sookie and her microwave fingers! But enough of that, what do Sookie and the gang find in the creepy old asylum? Humans in straight jackets, that’s what.  To make matters worse, they’re all hanging about like meat on hooks — at least they’re still alive.

Sam decides to confront (and warn) Luna about what has happened to their shifter friends. After apologizing to each other, Sam leaves. A truck arrives and shoots him. Luna rushes outside and is shot also! Luckily, her daughter shifts just in time and avoids the bullets with her name on them. Who will survive? And what on Earth is going on in the shifter world? Is this retaliation for the pack master murder perhaps?

Roman appears to be grappling with the deceit occurring around him since the death of the child vampire in the last episode. We finish up this week with a fascinating speech by him to the Authority. While he is talking, we are taken back to the asylum. Sookie has found Russell Edgington. Eric is threatening to finish what he started, but before he can do anything about it, we hear barking and Alcide drops to the ground. Is that Alcide changing or is that another werewolf on the scene?

Let us know your theories in the comments below.

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The Vampires of True Blood Have a Problem with Authority

July 5, 2012

Facing Threats From All Directions, Will the Vampire Authority Always Win?

The Mellencamp jokes abound in the aftermath of HBO’s broadcast of the third episode of Season 5 of True Blood. Chris Meloni made his long-awaited appearance as Roman Zimojic, and viewers were introduced to the characters who make up the body of the Authority. Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård) and Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) might be viewed as an external threat to the Authority’s authority, but fans have begun to learn the greatest threat might be an internal one.

Alan Ball has said that Season 5 of True Blood would be a reflection of the current state of America’s political battle between extreme religion and secularism. Episode 3 revealed that the Authority will be the vehicle used to present that battle. Roman, as head of the Authority, is the Guardian of the blood of Lilith, and is the main architect of Mainstreaming. Among the seven Chancellors, there is a faction known as Sanguinistas. These are literal and rigidly dogmatic vampires who believe humans are meant to be cultivated as food.

The Authority: The First. The Last. The Eternal:

For an inside peek at The Authority check out HBO’s Inside True Blood Blog which sports a video titled “The Authority: The First. The Last. The Eternal”. The video is filled with scenes from the episode, as well as interviews with cast and crew. The interviews shed light on events viewers have already seen, and hints at exciting things yet to come. It’s entertaining and well worth the watch.  On the more humorous side is Jessica’s video blog featuring her new BFF, Ginger. The socially awkward baby vamp and the consummate fangbanger discuss cutting edge fashion for the daring vampire. Nothing that leads to Jessica planning to purchase a ‘bandage dress’ on Bill’s credit card can be good. Check out the video below!

The Authority. The First. The Last. The Eternal.

Source: Inside True Blood


True Blood Season 5 Episode 4 “We’ll Meet Again” Recap

July 4, 2012

The Blame Sookie Episode:

Bloody Roman in Season 5, Episode 4 of HBO's True BloodWoo-Hoo! It’s nice to finally see that Pam’s makerly instincts kick in with the start of  Episode 4 of HBO’s True Blood. And frankly, it’s a relief to see everything Eric has taught her has sunk in over the years. Pam teaches Tara, in her own special Pam-style way the art of being a vampire.

While things may be looking up for Tara and her torment, it seems that it’s time for Sookie to be down in the dumps. This episode finds her in typical Sookie trouble, only this time she’s in hot water with her friend Lafayette. This leads to not only conflict between the two of them but also the appearance of another nasty bout of Lafayette’s inner demons resurfacing. The inner demon goes a step further this week, and his actions lead to a car wreck for Sookie. Luckily she has the gumption to jump clear and save herself, just in the nick of time! Seems that Lafayette is still oblivious to his darker side when he calls later to check up on Sookie after discovering her smashed car.

It’s nice to find Bill and Eric ‘free’ for the first time in Season 5. But their release comes with a price – find Russell Edgington… or else. They also need to find out who ratted on them to the Authority. After a scary interrogation of Pam by Eric, Pam is able to convince Eric that his mistrust is misplaced.  The realization that Eric’s involvement with the Authority could lead to the true death of his progeny forces Eric to make a very difficult decision, whereby he releases Pam’s allegiance and fealty to him, as her maker.  It is a heart-wrenching scene which demonstrates the depth of the love that is shared between Maker and child. We know he is doing it to save her, but it sure hurts to see what appears to be the end of their journey together.

Even with Pam released, Bill and Eric still need to find their weakest link, or at least find the bug that provided the information to the Authority. While Jessica helps Bill search their house for bugs, her partying ways are discovered when Bill comes across a joint. While he may not have been the best of Makers at the start, it is clear to see that his role as Maker has developed into one where he provides guidance rather than dictates over Jessica.

Roman and Salome decide that Nora must either ‘fess up or be made an example of to the Sanguinistas. In the process of Salome trying to find out Nora’s true motives, Bill and Eric almost get the iStake. The threat of the lives of Bill and Eric forces Nora to finally fess up and provide the name of another internal traitor! Unfortunately for the traitor, he isn’t so lucky…

Things get interesting when Sookie confesses to her brother, Jason Stackhouse, that she killed Debbie. Luckily Jason doesn’t have to arrest his own sister when Jessica overhears and saves the day by glamouring Sheriff Andy Bellefleur.

Pam, after prohibiting Tara from killing herself, takes her back to Fangtasia. Here Tara and Bill have a fascinating conversation about being a new vampire. I must admit, I am preferring the character of Tara as a strung out vampire rather than a strung out human! Once again, the idea that people die (or nearly die) trying to keep Sookie safe is brought up. Seems more than one person is peeved at our fave little blonde waitress.

While Eric and Bill are discussing the implications of a leak within their inner circle, the Authority are discussing whether they have been duped by the pair. More hints at cracks from within the Authority are also suggested in this scene. Who is really, truly on Roman’s side?

We are then introduced to an interesting developing story line that first was introduced when Andy was seduced by a faerie last season. Turns out they have a secret burlesque-type club and Andy and Jason are invited to go. Looks like a fun place to be, especially for Jason.

Sam gets a daytime visit from his shifter friends. They convince Sam he should run with them. Of course, things turn out differently to what he expects when he turns up later on at their house and finds them both dead — what is going on there?

This scene segues into Sookie reading the minds of everyone around her at Merlotte’s. Turns out that absolutely everyone is mad at her in this episode! Add this to Lafayette’s ‘encouraged’ car malfunction, we find a very drunk Sookie at home when Alcide drops in for a visit. A hilarious drunken scene occurs, culminating in a kiss which is witnessed by Bill and Eric!

Speaking of Alcide, he confesses to the Pelts that their daughter, Debbie, is dead. He mostly manages to make the story fit without laying a finger of blame on Sookie.

We also find Terry and his marine friend, Patrick, on the road and searching for another member of their squad — the one who may possibly be responsible for all the fires that are occurring. An ugly flashback occurs here where we find the squad guilty of killing innocent civilians — is this their deep dark secret? Or is there more to the story still? The pair of them being held at gun point by the possible fire-bug in their squadron thickens the plot somewhat also.

Next, we find out who the rat in the Authority is. Many people cheered at home, I’m sure, when they found out that the annoying little vampire is the traitor. Not only did he take a video of himself draining a human, but he sent it, along with an encrypted sympathy message, to known opposition of the Authority. Needless to say he meets the final death and it is a magnificent bloodbath!

We end this episode with Jason, still in the faerie bar, where he finds his cousin, Hadley, serving drinks. Seems this club is more of a safe haven for faeries and part-faeries who want to keep their intoxicating blood safe from vampires. Hadley tries to convince Jason that he needs to bring Sookie here and lets it slip that Jason and Sookie’s parents were, in fact, killed by vampires. After a heated incident, Jason and Andy find themselves ejected from the club and left stranded in a field out in the middle of nowhere.

The last image we see is of Andy and Jason being light-zapped by faeries. Can’t wait to see where they end up next week. If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments below.

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True Blood Season 5 Ep. 3 “Whatever I Am, You Made Me” Recap

June 29, 2012

The Makings of a Great Episode of True Blood!

Pam and Eric flashback in HBO's True BloodHave you always wondered at what the world looks like through the eyes of a vampire? Well the opening scene of Episode 3, “Whatever I am, You Made Me,” answers all your questions. We thought watching Jessica getting changed was fun, well with Tara, it is an absolute delight — but not so much for anyone changing a tire on a deserted road!

Thankfully Tara has a change of heart after the opening credits and leaves the poor motorist alone. We then get to witness the Vampire Authority arguing over what to do with Bill and Eric, especially after revealing Russell Edgington is still alive. Bill, in an attempt to save their lives, agrees to bring in Edgington — or die trying. This results in them being kitted up in a deadly harness. There will be no trickery for these two from now on. One click of an app and a wooden bullet is fired straight through their heart. How on Earth will they get out of this sticky situation?

In Fangtasia Sookie is desperately trying to convince Pam to summon Tara. In the process, Sookie learns of Eric’s disappearance, gets threatened by Pam and throws a ball of light to return the favor. But have no fear, even if Pam won’t help her new progeny, it looks like Sam certainly will!

Steve Newlin is officially the new face of vampires — the new Nan Flanagan, if you like. There appear to be some teething problems though between Newlin’s attitude to humans and Roman’s opinion of the race. Salome is, luckily, able to smooth the waters.

Speaking of situations, we find Sookie and Lafayette still frantically trying to get their story straight while wondering where the heck Tara is. They need not worry, Sam is uncapping Tru Blood at a rapid rate for her — right up until she faints. Say what?

Andy discovers his butt is now on Facebook and then the Pelts arrive, looking for their daughter, Debbie. A long line of people are questioned about Debbie in this episode. Speaking of bad days, check these out: Jason Stackhouse bumps into an old school teacher. It sure looks like there is an undercurrent of something untoward in their conversation. Another notch in the belt perhaps? Yep, it sure is, we find out later on down the road. Jason’s resulting guilt is expected. Then Terry and Arlene have a fight, Sam puts on his lying face — which is no good when the waitress you’re talking to can read your mind. At least Sookie knows Tara is safe. Even if she is being stored in the deep freeze! Wonder if anyone will find her?

We then get the treat of another Pam flashback. And what a surprise we find there! Not only are we introduced to the early relationship between Pam and Eric, but Eric and Bill and his maker, Lorena. Even back then, when Pam was human, she was still able to drive a hard bargain — we can see why Northman turned her.

After Bill conveniently discovers the back story of Salome for us, we also discover that she has the hots for Bill. This is feeling a little traitor-testing to me, but they proceed with consummation anyway.

Speaking of vampires, we find Jessica buying more clothes than she needs while her maker is away. The line of the episode occurs here when the shop owner announces that “God gave that boy [Jason Stackhouse] a penis and a brain and only enough blood to run one at a time.” Needless to say, Jessica is not impressed with this, but is distracted by the introduction of Claude, the fairy. MMmmm… fairy blood! Jess follows him but he eludes capture. This makes her think of Jason and she winds up at his place. Poor Jess, turns out Jason has had an epiphany about his teacher and what she did to him all those years ago. It is certainly turning into the season where Jason gets a heart rather than a hard on. Wonder if it’s a long term thing?

Oh no — is that Hoyt? In a black mesh t-shirt and black eyeliner? I think so, but quick as a whip we’re taken back to Pam’s human life. This time she is in bed with Eric! And she is begging for him… to make her a vampire. Northman talks of maker responsibilities but Pam rushes his hand by slitting her wrists. She should remember his words on being a maker and apply them to her role in Tara’s life now.

We switch to Eric thanking Salome. Is he going to try to seduce her? Not when she drops the bombshell that she knows Nora is his sister. It gets a bit snarky between the two of them then, until Salome decides to seduce Eric. Ah, the plot thickens. Especially when we shift to the image of Nora being tortured.

Now, getting back to bad days in Bon Temps, Tara is awake and daydreaming of drinking Arlene — lucky Lafayette is ready with a bottle of Tru Blood. Shame she isn’t very appreciative of it. But it’s a great way to get from vampires, to Merlotte’s, to Sookie and Alcide talking about Debbie Pelt. And it seems he smells a rat. Unfortunately we are interrupted from that thought by Lafayette crying out at Tara squeezing him too hard. As a result Tara nearly spills the beans about what Sookie did to Debbie. I don’t think anyone will remember what she said though, since the very next thing she does is pop her fangs and leave the premises!

Next, Salome is all sated and talking to Roman about the fact that she thinks Bill and Eric can be trusted. Roman drops the clanger that maybe no one can be trusted since Nora has confessed to batting for the other team (ie. not the Vampire Authority). After much heated debate, Salome gets lucky for the third time this episode. This girl is insatiable!

We finish up with some random snippets of story line: Lafayette flipping out and pouring bleach in the gumbo after cruel comments are made by Arlene. He also sees the voodoo monster image of himself in the mirror. Oh, the Jesus story line is so not over yet! And whoopsie, was that just Sookie telling Alcide what she did to Debbie? It sure is and boy is he pissed. What the? Tara tries to kill herself by UV rays? Death by tanning bed — that’s mad! We finish up with Pam crunching numbers at Fangtasia. Something distracts her. Has she discovered something? Or is she feeling her progeny’s pain? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out!

What was your favorite part of this episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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True Blood Season 5 Episode 2 “Authority Always Wins” Recap

June 24, 2012

A New Twist on an Old Tale:

Roman threatens to stake Bill while Eric looks on*WARNING! Spoilers ahead!*

We start this episode with the new and improved Tara – and boy is she cranky! Pam commands Tara NOT to kill Lafayette and Sookie, confines her to Sookie’s house for the night, and promptly leaves for Fangtasia. The relationship between Tara and her maker is certainly lining up to be a fangy one.

Once the theme song rolls, we discover Bill, Eric and Nora’s fate. It seems the plot will certainly be thick with this story line. It will be very interesting to discover Nora’s true agenda. But until then, the three of them are placed in cells and we switch to the werewolves, who are still muzzle deep in the guts of their old pack master. Alcide struggles with his new role as the pack’s replacement. A lot of the pack are just as unimpressed. Later on, we also discover how this story line will affect the relationship between Sam and Luna – especially in relation to Luna’s daughter.

The Terry plot is starting to disturb me, since he is getting more and more violent and secretive. Arlene seems to agree with me and heads off to visit Terry’s army friend. Needless to say, this does not go down well with Terry!

So, we’re back with Tara and her new-found vampirehood after that. Lafayette and Sookie are trying desperately to placate the new vampire. Eventually, they manage to subdue her with the use of a blood tease and some silver chains. Tara is then whisked away to Eric’s old hidey hole. Lafayette is beginning to have second thoughts about changing her. The stakes are out in this episode, Lafayette being the first to wield one at his cousin. Luckily, Sookie talks him out of it.

Pam, meanwhile, has returned to Fangtasia and is trying to locate Eric. Ginger is completely unhelpful. Although, the resulting flashback to Pam’s life before she was turned is completely helpful to the audience in beginning to understand the relationship between Pam and her maker, Eric.

This creates a great segue back to the fate of Eric, Bill and Nora. We discover just how effective the Vampire Authority are at torturing information out of vampires. A very interesting twist on the Bible in relation to Lilith and vampires is also brought up during these torture scenes.

Debbie Pelt’s car is discovered by Andy and Jason Stackhouse. Hints at Jason finally getting a moral conscience are brushed upon throughout the episode — to the point that Jason even tries to apologize to Hoyt. This idea is blended along with snippets of Rev. Steve Newlin and his new-found joy at being a vampire. It is interesting to note that his re-hashed religious beliefs in relation to vampires is also mirrored to a degree with those of the Vampire Authority — is this why he was changed?

Jessica is still partying while Bill is gone – with seemingly no thought to her maker’s whereabouts or safety. The show-stealer scene of the night occurs here with Jessica and Steve Newlin vying for Jason Stackhouse. Newlin is prepared to buy Stackhouse and Jessica is prepared to mess with his head before announcing she won’t sell her on-again off-again boyfriend.

We are finally introduced to the Vampire Authority head, Roman, in the next scene — hello Detective Stabler! Well, not really, but there has been much anticipation to see how well actor Chris Meloni transfers from the detective role that made him so famous, to that of a vampire. It is a very even transition, I am glad to report! I am not so glad to announce that the fates of Eric and Bill rest in his hands. This brings us to stake moment number 2. Poor Bill almost gets it from Roman before he restrains himself. Bill buys time by announcing that Russell Edgington is still alive. This is very likely to be their saving grace moment. We are also introduced to a very creepy child vampire in this scene. Where they go with that character should be interesting.

The episode then closes with a close up shot of Russell. Boy, is he one sick puppy still!

So, c’mon guys, throw your theories at us! Where do you think Season 5 is headed? Please comment below.

(Photo Credit: HBO, Inc.)



Premiere: True Blood Season 5 Episode 1 “Turn, Turn, Turn” Recap

June 15, 2012

So Many Twists and Turns!

Bill Compton, Eric Northman and his sister NoraWell folks, the most anticipated True Blood episode – the premiere – has come and gone. Now that the dust has settled, let’s take a look at what happened. For those of you in Australia and other countries that still have to wait until THIS Sunday to view this episode, please take a complimentary Tru Blood and step away from the spoilers. Feel free to discuss the upcoming Tru Blood convention, if you like.

During the break, probably the top two questions on everyone’s lips were: “Will Tara survive?” and “Why does Rev. Steve Newlin have fangs?” The next most pressing issues appeared to be: “What will happen to Eric and Bill for their little ‘oopsie’ with Nan Flanagan?”  “What will the fallout be with Sookie killing Debbie Pelt?” and “How will Russell Edgington heal and then retaliate?”

Well, didn’t we get some answers to most of those questions!  Here, let me break the story lines down for you:

*WARNING! Spoilers ahead!*

We start with finding out how Bill and Eric have reacted to being dumped by Sookie. Bill is still smitten, whereas Eric seems more than just a little peeved. And whether they decide to help Sookie or not when Debbie arrives on the scene is moot once they are trapped and abducted.

Pam then appears on the scene while Sookie and Lafayette are trying to revive Tara. In the heat of the moment Pam agrees to turn Tara and Sookie now owes her a favor – nothing good can come of that, I’m betting. Kudos go to Pam in this scene for producing yet another of her famously naughty lines!

We then switch to find out how Jason is faring with the fangy Steve Newlin at his door. I might add that this turns out to be one of the best scenes of the night – both for humor and for excitement.  This story is later expanded on when Steve glamours Jason and offers a glimmer of back story with announcing he was turned by a woman, before professing his love for Jason Stackhouse. Jason is polite but announces that “this dog don’t bark that way.” Jessica arrives (still sporting everyone’s favorite red riding hood costume) and stakes her claim on Jason. Deborah Ann Woll is magnificent in this scene.

We then flip back to the Tara storyline. Pam has donned a very unattractive yellow Walmart tracksuit and is having Sookie and Lafayette bury her with Tara’s body. It will be interesting to see how this maker relationship pans out.

The werewolf storyline is expanded on next with Sam being hounded by the pack to admit who killed the pack master. This story is spliced throughout the episode and results in Sam ‘fessing up to protect Luna and her daughter. He is then tortured and finally has to watch the pack master’s parents eat their own son.

So what of Bill and Eric? Well, seems that being stuck in the trunk of a car is no hindrance to them. They devise a plan to blow the car up by igniting the fuel: a magnificent explosion results. So does the death of the driver – not by the new bromance couple, but by Eric’s ‘sister,’ Nora. A sister who is a little closer to her brother than most – only in True Blood, eh? A twisted plot in the running of vampire politics unfolds here. Personally, I think this one will end up twistier than the others. Especially since Bill and Eric will have to assume new identities.

After Sookie and Lafayette dispose of Debbie (wonder where they buried the body?), they discover the disappearance of yet another corpse – this time it’s Jesus’. Layfayette attempts to contact him on the other side but to no avail.

The next scene is one of those awkward-hilarious ones that True Blood and HBO are so great at delivering. Ever wonder what would happen if your grown children were to walk in on yourself and your partner? Well, Andy and Holly found out the hard way in this episode!

The Terry storyline finally gets its time in lights. Who is this mysterious military friend and why are Terry and his old squadron involved in so many fires? This storyline is looking more interesting than I first suspected – maybe baby Mikey is not the black sheep we first thought?

Now we flash to Sookie and Alcide. If it weren’t for Lafayette butting in, I would imagine things would have gotten real hairy, real quickly if Sookie had have been left to explain just what she’d done to Debbie without his intervention.

We get a heap of storyline snippets next: Hoyt and Jason, Eric and Nora (and a rather saucy sex scene in a disused shipping container) as well as a particularly tasty morsel: Why are live humans being thrown into that room – who is eating them? Russell perhaps? Who knows just yet…

The most cringeworthy scene follows. Do we really need to see karaoke? Even if it is to expand on the confusion Jason is feeling at falling for Jessica and Jessica making it clear (by flirting with someone else) that she doesn’t want a serious relationship yet. The jury is still out as to whether Jason really would have a conscience around a hot chick either. The only good thing about that scene were Jessica’s killer heels!

We round up the first episode with an absolute cliffhanger. While Eric and Bill are given new identities and being sent on their merry ways, snipers start shooting.  The only three left standing are Eric, Bill, and Nora. They are taken prisoner by people announcing themselves as the one true Vampire Authority!

With so many great story lines this season, which was your fave and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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Video: True Blood Season 5 Teasers from the Stars Themselves!

June 10, 2012

Red Carpet Premiere of True Blood:

So who needs teasers to drool over and ponder the implications of while they wait (im)patiently for Season 5 of HBO’s True Blood to start at 9 pm tonight?

I know I certainly do! The Associated Press (AP) video leaves us plenty of tasty little morsels to devour and dissect.

Firstly, Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) alludes to the fact that we get to see and learn a lot more about the fairy realm in this season of True Blood. Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman) and Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) talk about the development of the Eric/Bill bromance and how it is an uneasy but necessary alliance.

As for poor Sam Merlotte, actor Sam Trammell, suggests that this season will be even harder on him than the last one. Joe Manganiello (who plays Alcide Herveaux) also talks about the hot new werewolves being introduced to his pack this year.

Make sure you check out the video here (scroll down to bottom of page) for the complete interviews as well as some upcoming scenes from Season 5 of True Blood! 

Source: – ‘True Blood’ Season 5: Scott Foley Stirs Up The Past In More Previews (Video)

(Photo Credit: Associated Press (AP) Video image)


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