Congratulations to @TrueBloodHBO for Winning The Shorty Award

March 4, 2010 by  

Congratulations to @TrueBloodHBO for winning in the Entertainment category at the 2nd Annual Shorty Awards! The Shorty Awards honors the best people and organizations on Twitter and recognizes winners in 28 official categories. These unique awards are for the Twitter community, by the Twitter community.  The award ceremony was streamed live from the TheTimesCenter in Times Square, New York City on March 3, 2010.

Also @TrueBloodHBO conducted an online interview with the Shorty Awards to talk about Twitter and the fans and this is what they had to say:

  • They could not live without Tweetdeck,, HBO, Facebook, Charlaine Harris novels… and coffee.
  • The funniest trend that they have seen is #secretlyavampire
  • True Blood, #tbwithdrawal, HBO, #vampiresdontsparkle should start trending now
  • That everyone should use #TrueBlood, #tbwithdrawal, #tbhaiku
  • Wishes that Twitter would add 10 more characters which would make a big difference in their opinion.
  • Thanking @SookieBonTemps for being so involved on Twitter and as they said, “she is our bravest, most brilliant True Blood Twitter player, and she elevates what we do.”
  • Making a connection with @PaulaAbdul and @AdamLambert with them mentioning @TrueBloodHBO in their tweets. which they found interesting.
  • and finally
  • The reason why they started tweeting on Twitter was to get to know the fans better because they knew True Blood fans have alot to say.

You can read the complete interview here and below is a video of the award ceremony for you to enjoy,  Once again congratulations to @TrueBloodHBO for your well deserved award!  True Blood Rules!

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