What Creatures May Be In True Blood’s Future

February 27, 2010 by  

The Southern Vampire Mysteries are full of paranormal creatures. Some, like vampires, are obviously there from the very beginning. Others, however, come much later in the series. One of those creatures is the werewolf, which as we know will be appearing in True Blood‘s upcoming season three, and presumably for as long as True Blood continues to create new seasons. In future books (beyond book three) and possibly future True Blood seasons, there could be many other new creatures too. An upcoming plotline for season four of True Blood will most likely involve Eric Northman getting amnesia and becoming completely antithetical of what we know him to be, acting almost as though he’s “fallen out of a Twilight novel”.

Another possibility for future seasons of True Blood is the introduction of faeries. Should they be introduced, we’d probably meet a pair of twin faeries with a connection to one of True Blood’s lead characters. We could also meet a couple of other new characters important to the lead characters of True Blood, including John Quinn, a weretiger who will be very important to Sookie, and Charles Twining, who has the awesome designation of being a vampire pirate bartender.

So, we’ve now got vampires, shapeshifters, and other were-creatures for sure, but there’s still more that we could find added to the cast of our favorite show. At this point, we could also see witches, demons and maybe even a mixed creature that is a werewolf and a vampire!

Of course, none of this is for sure, since season three is still in the works, but of course, anything is possible in the magical True Blood world that Alan Ball is creating.

SOURCE: Sky Entertainment

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