“Griff the Invisible’s” Maeve Dermody Dishes on True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten

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Falling in Love:

Griff the Invisible's Maeve DermodyIn a recent interview with Adelaide Now, Maeve Dermody described what it was like working with Ryan Kwanten on the Australian superhero film/romantic comedy, Griff the Invisible.  In case you’ve forgotten (because it’s been so long since HBO‘s True Blood has been on the air!), Kwanten portrays Bon Temps’ famous playboy, Jason Stackhouse.

In Griff, Kwanten plays the title role, and Dermody plays his love interest.  This was actually her first romantic comedy, and she’d like to do more.  Although she wasn’t too sure about Kwanten being cast as the male lead, she quickly warmed to the idea.  She shares her initial reaction:

“I’m a huge True Blood fan and I thought, ‘Oh no, they have cast a name. It’s going to ruin it!’  But then we met and he is so much closer to Griff than he is to Jason Stackhouse.  Of course, he is also a very good actor.  But he’s an odd guy.  Brilliant.  But odd.”

Was it easy, pretending to be in love with Ryan Kwanten?  Or rather, with his character, Griff?

“From the beginning of rehearsal we fell in love with each other in a way that had nothing to do with Ryan and Maeve… It was really confusing.  We got to the end of it and we had just been through this kind of love fest and then it was time to say goodbye to Ryan.  Only it wasn’t Ryan, it was Griff.”

Dermody will be coming to Los Angeles later this year.  Although she and Kwanten send each other an occasional email, she doubts she’ll be looking to him for advice when she gets to L.A.  The same goes for her ex, fellow Aussie Sam Worthington (Avatar).  She explains:

“I don’t know that I would model myself on either of them.  There’s no one path, no classic way of doing anything.  No one was surprised – I certainly wasn’t – when Sam got Avatar, but it was also hugely lucky as well.  He manages (fame) in his own bizarre way.  And Ryan manages it in his own bizarre way.  Whatever you get thrown, you just have to deal with it with whatever grounding you have got.”

It sounds like this blonde beauty has got a good head on her shoulders.  We wish her luck in Tinseltown!

Source: AdelaideNow.com.au – Maeve Dermody’s Movie Smarts

(Photo credit: Nic Gibson/News Limited)