HBO Releases More True Blood Season 7 Posters

May 25, 2014 by  

Five More Bloody True Blood Posters On Offer:

One Last Bite True Blood Season 7 promo posterRecently, HBO released the first teaser poster for the very final season of its popular vampire show, True Blood. It was direct and straight to the point: Goodbyes Suck. And they sure do when Season 7 is the very last time we can anticipate all the hype that goes on in the last month of a season return of our fave supernatural show!

The poster was crisp white with nothing but a little blood and those bittersweet words to tide us over until June 22nd 2014 when True Blood Season 7 premiers.

Well, now we have five new posters to keep us going until the show returns – and all of them pull at the heartstrings just as much as the first one did.

They are all similar in appearance, with each showing scant dribbles of blood. The only one different in design is entitled Last Call. It shows a shot glass that has recently been used to consume a shot of blood. Interestingly enough this glass is emblazoned with the Merlotte’s logo and not that of the new name of the establishment, Bellefleurs – wonder if that is significant or not? Guess only time will tell now…

You can check out the five new posters plus the original Goodbyes Suck poster below. Then, let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below! For me, it’s a toss up between the Merlotte’s Last Call and the Immortality one.

Source: HBO True Blood – Facebook page

(Photo Credits: HBO Inc.)