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Brit Morgan as Debbie PeltThe Actor Who Plays Debbie Pelt Talks About Table Reads

In TV world, table reading a script is an important part of the acting process. It helps the actors get a feel for the next episode, as well as lets the director and writers see any flaws in the script.

Recently Gianna Sobol talked to Brit Morgan (the actress who plays Debbie Pelt) about this process on HBO’s Inside True Blood. Here’s what she had to say.

While she found the whole process very nerve-wracking, it was also a chance for her to view the rest of the episode, as well as meet with actors and characters that she didn’t normally perform with.

I sat next to Kristin Bauer last week and she said, “Gosh, aren’t these so nerve-wracking?!” And I just took the biggest sigh of relief, knowing I’m not the only one who gets nervous about them!

The seating arrangements on these events are normally pre organised although malleable to a degree, with Brit generally sitting across from Alcide, and in the general vicinity of Sookie.

While table reads are quite often a cold read of the script, some people like to prepare first. Brit is one who likes to come to the table with a little insight:

I do prepare a little. I think I’m still so amazed that I’m on this show and I respect the people I’m working with so much, that I always want to do a good job. I don’t do a full on “performance,” but I definitely have a strong idea of what I’m going in with.

Source: HBO Inside True Blood – The Truth About Table Reads… from Brit Morgan

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