Lindsay Pulsipher Talks Working with Ryan Kwanten

July 20, 2010 by  

On last night’s True Blood, we FINALLY got to see a little more of Lindsay Pulsipher’s character Crystal. Given, we still didn’t learn much about her… but it was very apparent she and Ryan Kwanten have chemistry. And there may be more to come.

Zap2it spoke with Lindsay about her experience on the A&E show, The Beast as well as what it’s like working with Ryan Kwanten.

Lindsay‘s mother, an actress herself, supported Lindsay‘s desire to act. She got a role on The Beast, which was an experience in fandom, thanks to the show’s star, Patrick Swayze.

“I have to say that was really eye-opening for me. When we had to go out for cast dinners or a party or when you are out shooting, there was so much attention around [Swayze]. People were so enamored. How could you not? He was such a lovable person and he had a huge fan base.”

Now on True Blood, Lindsay‘s character has only been seen in glimpses at the alleged meth lab, until last night. But despite her upped screen time, Crystal still remains a mystery.

“She was home-schooled and she never really left the compound. I was actually misquoted as saying it was a Christian compound, which it’s not. It’s not a religious kind of thing. It’s just some red necks who live out in the woods cooking meth.”

Okay, that’s some info… but we all know there’s got to be more to Crystal. And whatever that “more” is, it’s got Jason Stackhouse all worked up.

“She brings complications for Jason‘s character for sure. I feel like for the first time maybe he sees something in Crystal that he hasn’t had in the other girls that he has been with. He’s kind of swept off his feet a little bit and he might think, ‘Oh, she could possibly be the one.'”

Considering “Jason Stackhouse” was trending big time on Twitter last night, fans might be liking what they see between the two. But don’t think it was easy. Lindsay learned early on with Ryan, she had to expect the unexpected.

“[Ryan is] an extremely giving actor and even in the audition he was right there and very available and present… I have realized that he is an extremely spontaneous actor and he’ll throw in a little ad-lib. That totally works for the scene and he was doing that in the audition, you know, he was kind of ad-libbing and improving a little bit, keeping me on my toes. And it works because I think that I was able to play off that. And it worked because I got the part.”

Oh, I wonder how many Truebies would want to trade places with Lindsay, maybe just for one shoot.


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