A Moment with Grant Bowler: Head of the Pack

June 29, 2010 by  

Grant-Bowler-Cooter-Werewolf-TrueBloodIf you have noticed nothing else about the world of True Blood it in its brand new third season, it is that werewolves are now very predominant.  In fact, there has been a werewolf in every episode of the third season thus far.  There has been one pack that stands out amongst the rest: Cooter’s pack.  This is the group that is seemingly responsible for the abduction of Bill and that works the vampire King of Mississippi.  This is the same pack that has been labeled as “Neo-Nazis.”

Recently, TV Guide has had the chance to ask a few questions to Grant Bowler, the actor responsible for bringing Cooter to life.

Grant was asked about what he could tell us about Cooter and his pack, and he said that he considers Cooter a “redneck Romeo” and that the werewolves have a lot planned. They’re not just trying to find people to bully.

And as for what we can expect between Cooter and Bill… Well, we know that they can’t stand each other, even though their relationship was supposed to begin as a professional one. Now they just want each other dead.

Grant also admitted to being a fan of True Blood before he was cast.

“I felt like Alan was writing a comedy – like the world’s darkest comedy.  And I loved it.”

Grant discussed his experience working in some of his dark, graphic scenes. He said that he’s amazed by how far True Blood and it’s writers are willing to go. In fact, he’s never heard Alan Ball or any of the writers make comments about the show going ‘too far,’ which is unique to True Blood.

Grant even talked about what it’s like on set with the cast of True Blood. He said,

“I think there were 34 actors and every one of them was as sharp as a tack, perfectly cast, and brilliant at what they do…It’s very laid-back, and they laugh their butts off…that material is so dark and so fraught.  They just laugh from dawn until the next dawn.”

Finally, TV Guide asked if Grant could share any teasers. Grant‘s response? Sookie‘s a lot more special than we think, so expect new things from her that you haven’t seen before.

Source:  TVGuide.com

(Photo: HBO, Inc.  Screencap by: James)