New Movie Stills and Trailer for Griff the Invisible

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Coming to Theaters Friday August 19:

Kwanten as Griff in yellow raincoat (Indomina Releasing)Griff the Invisible is the latest movie offering from True Blood actor, Ryan Kwanten. While Ryan normally plays hottie Jason Stackhouse, this movie shows a decidedly different side to the actor.

The official synopsis:

The world can make us invisible. Courage can make us incredible. Love can make us invincible.  Ryan Kwanten of TV’s “True Blood” stars in this charming, quirky and totally unpredictable romantic comedy about the superhero in all of us. Griff (Kwanten), a shy and awkward office worker by day, finds escape from his ordinary life by assuming the identity of a fantastic superhero each night. Griff’s secret is jeopardized when he meets Melody (Maeve Dermody), a cute but unconventional daydreamer. She quickly becomes fascinated by his idiosyncrasies, which are equal only to her own. In the face of mounting pressure to live in the “real world,” it’s up to Melody to rescue GRIFF THE INVISIBLE for the sake of herself, Griff and their newfound love for each other.

 It is sure to be a wild ride!  Check out new stills and the movie trailer below:

 Kwanten as Griff at table (Indomina Releasing)

Kwanten as Griff in blue suit (Indomina Releasing)

Kwanten as Griff in black suit (Indomina Releasing)

Kwanten as Griff in shadow (Indomina Releasing)


Release details are listed below:

Ryan Kwanten, Maeve Dermody

Leon Ford

Leon Ford

Romantic Comedy

August 19, 2011 – Los Angeles, Berkley, San Francisco, New York
August 26, 2011  – Boston, San Diego, Seattle, Denver
September 2, 2011 – Washington DC, Philadelphia
September 9, 2011 – Atlanta, Minneapolis
September 16, 2011 – St. Louis

93 Minutes

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(Photo Credits: Indomina Releasing)