On the Set of True Blood: Lafayette’s Bathroom

February 26, 2011 by  

True Blood Blogs About Plumbing on Set

Lafayette's ToiletThe Inside True Blood Blog has posted about Lafayette’s (Nelsan Ellis) bathroom. When toilets are used in a scene they do not work typically. Gianna Sobol, writer of the blog says about the plumbing situation on set:

“The plumbing is so bad at this location, that if the crew were to use the toilet, it would overflow and damage the set.  When we build toilets into the sets on our stages, we do not plumb them unless we need to for a specific scene.  If that’s the case, our Special Effects Coordinator Michael Gaspar will rig a water system.  But sometimes even the fake toilets have these warning signs posted to ward off confused extras in search of a toilet”

Let’s hope for the show’s sake the signs work and there are not any accidents to stop the filming of the show!

Sources: Inside True Blood Blog– Lafayette’s Bathroom

Photo Credit: Gianna Sobol/HBO, Inc.

Edited by Shanea O’Connor