Ryan Kwanten Stars in Red Hill

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Murderers, Boomerangs and Panthers Oh My

Ryan Kwanten Red Hill

One of the sub plots of season 3 of HBO’s True Blood dealt with Jason Stackhouse, played by Ryan Kwanten, trying to become a police officer for the small town of Bon Temps. In his new movie Red Hill, we get to see Ryan do just that.

Red Hill was screened at this years Frightfest and Gazz Ogden from Beyond Hollywood proclaims it the best film of the festival. Gazz informs us that even though it has horror elements, including death by boomerang, this isn’t a horror movie.

The plot of Red Hill follows police officer Shane Cooper, played by Ryan, as he moves from the big city to a sleepy town in the middle of nowhere because he needs a break. Just as he is settling into Andy Taylor mode (those of use old enough will understand this reference to the Andy Griffith show) a crazed murderer escapes from jail, ends up in his town and starts murdering everyone enlisting the aid of his gun and his handy boomerang.

According to Gazz the suspense, action, and inclusion of a panther, keep the viewer on the edge of their seat while they watch this crazed marksman try to eradicate the police force of Red Hill.

You can find Gazz’s whole review here at Beyond Hollywood, but be warned, just like the movie, set to be released November 5, 2010, it is rated R, so if offensive language offends you, dont follow the link.

SOURCE: http://www.beyondhollywood.com — Red Hill (2010) Movie Review

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