Video: Ryan Kwanten of True Blood Talks ‘Red Hill’

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Chatting About Red Hill and His Sex Symbol Status

Ryan KwantenRyan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) went on Sunrise in Australia to talk about his new movie ‘Red Hill’.  The movie is starting to garner some serious praise and Ryan is proud to have done a film on his home turf.  He has this to say about Australian story telling:

“We Australians are notorious for being a little wild and for adding our own kind of rawness to a story”

In the interview Kwanten says he has worked hard to get to the place he is at now where he can be more selective of the roles that he chooses and he looks forward to challenging himself.  

Legend of the Guardians

Kwanten describes the process of working on the animated film saying that you have to learn to suspend reality even more than a normal film as there are no other actors or props there to help.  It’s just you and a microphone.

On His Sex Symbol Status

Sunrise asks Kwanten about his Men’s HealthCover and his sex symbol status and he seems genuinely shy about this and jokes withthem about the pictures they are showing with him wearing little to no clothing.  He goes on to say that when he is working on True Blood the nudity comes from a story point and not just for the sake of being naked.

Sunrise clearly knows what fans all over the world are getting to know – that Ryan is a genuinely nice guy and deserves all success he’s gaining.  ‘Red Hill’ comes out in Australia on November 25th.

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