Celebrate Season 3 of True Blood and Win Exclusive Prizes

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Here at TrueBloodNet.com we are as excited as you are about Season 3 of True Blood set to premiere June 13th on HBO.

To celebrate the new season TrueBloodNet.com and FMCG Manufacturing, the makers of the Tru Blood beverage, are joining forces to offer fans the chance to win an exclusive Tru Blood Party Pack.

The pack includes:
(1) 4 pack Tru Blood
(1) “All Flavor, No Bite” poster
(2) Tru Blood branded cocktail menu table tents
(25) Tru Blood branded cocktail napkins

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Contest Details

Given the current fad of having supernaturals as BFs and GFs, we at TrueBloodNet.com thought it timely to collect together some advice to those considering going down that particular path into the dark wood.  So, to that end, we call on you, our faithful readers, to provide us with a list of the pros and cons of dating a vampire or werewolf.

The funniest response (as chosen by TrueBloodNet.com staff) will win the Party Pack, the runners up will have their contributions included in the final pros & cons list with a by-line (yes, fame!).

I’ll start you off to give you the idea…

The Vampire
Pros – the vampire BF/GF:
– Will never steal your Gran’s pie out of the fridge.
Cons – but the vampire BF/GF:
– Likes to listen to weird music, like Chinese throat gargling.

The Werewolf
Pros – the werewolf BF/GF:
– Seems to get on well with the neighbors (as long as they stay on their side of the fence).
Cons – but the werewolf BF/GF
– Sheds, everywhere, and tends to have an unfortunate, doggy smell from time-to-time.


First prize is available for US residents only but location is no barrier to the runners-up fame prizes.  Sorry that this contest is only for U.S. residents, but don’t worry.  Stay tuned for our weekly contests that will be starting up very soon that is open to everyone.

How to enter

Submit your pro or con in the comment section below. Make sure it is labeled as pro or con.  Submit a maximum of 2 individual comments, (1 separate pro comment and 1 separate con comment).

Contest closes Tuesday April 6, 2010.  A winner will be chosen after an intense judging period (really) and will be notified by e-mail using the e-mail provided when you commented.  So please ensure you are using a valid e-mail address.  The winner will have 72 hours to claim the prize after which if we do not receive an e-mail from the winner the first runner-up will be contact and again will have 72 hours to respond.

And speaking of cons (of another kind) for those of you attending WonderCon in San Francisco in early April, just a reminder that FMCG Manufacturing will be there giving away free samples.  Details in our earlier post.

(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)

Contest Closed. Winner to be announced soon.



63 Responses to “Celebrate Season 3 of True Blood and Win Exclusive Prizes”
  1. blair knight says:

    vampire bf-pro-can always find you in you get in trouble.
    vampire bf-con-might have to watch wearing silver around him. wouldn’t want to accidently hurt him with it when you are snuggling.

    werewolf bf-pro-keeping you warm in the winter
    werewolf-bf-con-unlike a vamp bf that can blend in because they look human all the time when the werewolf changes at the wrong time culd really freak out your family. try explaining that to them! ha ha

  2. Christy says:

    Vampire…Pro:Just think of all the money you’ll save on groceries…who needs coupons?…Con:May need a GNC goldcard to stock upon multivitamins with iron…can you say anemia?

  3. Melissa Holmes says:

    Pro: Vampire BF any time is good for him being that he survives on BLOOD.

    Con: Vampire BF you would never have a night of from sex

  4. Kristyn says:

    Vampire Pro ~ If you are a night owl, like myself, you will always, most certainly be able to spend every waking moment with your vampire bf/gf.
    Vampire Con ~ If you can’t handle taking a shot from the doctor, how are you going to handle it when your vampire bf/gf wants to nibble on you?

    Werewolf Pro ~ Whenever you are cold, all you have to do is snuggle up!
    Werewolf Con ~ Can you imagine the fleas on your bf/gf wolf if you don’t keep their fur clean?!

  5. jackell says:

    The Vampire
    Pros – the vampire GF:
    – way cheper date Cons – but the vampire GF:
    – blowjob wheat bad idea!!!!

  6. jackell says:

    Vampire GF Pro: she dead silent in the day
    Vampire BF Con: she likes it super rufe

  7. Sandra Vila says:

    Pros of having a Vampire Bf – Assuming he is not a neo-nate (recently made vamp) he will be a man much too versed in the art of love, making you vibrate from head to toe with a single glance, make you shiver in anticipation, lift you up with every touch… He will not be content with your body only, he will work his way up on you to own your very soul,so every beat of your heart is but his, with passion and taste…

    Cons of having a Vampire Bf – As any vampire has a strong presence, magnetical I’d say, (for male vampires are often men of radiant charm and culture), you always have to keep an eye out for coveters, pontential competitors and viperine bf snatchers, for they shall be attracted to him as a moth to a lightbulb…


    Pros of having a Werewolf Bf – Werefolves are a woman’s “ideal bit of rough”, strong and caring, always up for a walk or a caress… with a werewolf bf you can be sure that your sex life never gets old or boring (to put it simple, never lacks quality nor quantity), for they are blessed with a tremendous amount of stamina and imagination, specially towards forbidden spots. Always in the mood to help in anything possible and impossible, he does everything to insure his loved one’s safety.

    Cons of having a Werewolf Bf – Werewolves are extremely temperamental, you do not wish to anger him under any circumstances, when hot headed, their diplomacy is similar to a rhino’s when fighting over territory, they are ruthless and may say or do things that are not meant, and often out of pride they will not admit that they made a mistake for this or that reason.

  8. BronwynK says:

    Werewolf BF Pro – Always up for a good cuddle and keeping a girl warm!

    Werewolf BF Con – Fighting off the other women who want him!

  9. fairiemelie says:

    Werewolf BF pro: almost always up for a cuddle, like the big puppy they are.
    Werewolf BF con: “dogpile” takes on a very literal meaning.

  10. Holly Chandler says:

    Vampire BF – Pro: He has centuries of experience and amazing stamina.

    Werewolf BF – Con: He spends a LOT of money replenishing his wardrobe…

  11. sexcupid says:

    Vampire pro – they are bound to know where most of the 24 hour establishments are in the area…so if you are jonesin’ for a 3 egg omelet at 3am, let them lead the way
    Vampire con – if you suffer from cold feet syndrome (as in they would give your human bf/husband frost bite if you inadvertently touched them under the covers at night)…these bitches will not be able to help you warm them up.

    Were pro – no problem with the aforementioned C.F.S.
    Were con – can you imagine the size of the hairballs being hacked up?

  12. tisha says:


    vampire con..ORAL SEX, BE CAREFUL!!!

    WEREWOLF PRO…they are a dog by nature, so they have no issues fetching you things you do not want to get up and get

    WERECONS…we both have that time of month, mine is menstruation, his is moonstruation..

  13. Rachel says:

    The Vampire
    Pros – the vampire BF/GF:
    – If you crave “me” time, you can count on the daylight hours to be on your own.
    Cons – but the vampire BF/GF:
    – You have to be into a little blood sharing from time to time, and then it can be impossible to hide your emotions from them.

    The Werewolf
    Pros – the werewolf BF/GF:
    – If you’re cold at night, they will warm you like a hot oven.
    Cons – but the werewolf BF/GF
    – If you are not a were, beware (werewolves seek their race, you will have fierce competition)!

  14. Dan Carver says:

    Pro: If you’re together long enough, eventually your “cycle” will sync with his
    Con: You have to keep plenty of Revolution® on hand for the fleas.

    Pro: No more pads, or tampons! Oh! The money you’ll save. It is a recession.
    Con: A respectable girl should never go with a Vampire, after all, Mamma always said… “They’re only after one thing”

  15. lisa lawson says:

    Vampire b/f
    Pro-You never have to have the nice table, candles and ambiance
    foe a romantic dinner-

    Con- YOU may be the romantic dinner=

  16. Linda Towell says:

    VampireBF Pro-no matter how bad u think u look ,he will always think u look good enough too eat
    VampireBF Con-He’s always thirsty

    WerewolfBF Pro-He will warm more than your heart
    WerewolfBF Con-He doesn’t mind the doghouse too much

  17. Vampire Boyfriend:
    Pro — He can be yours forever if he agrees to turn you, which means you can gain youthful immortality.
    Con — There’s that blood-drinking thing… Not everyone likes that.

    Werewolf Boyfriend:
    Pro — He’ll be warm and snuggly on a cold winter night.
    Con — Shedding. How much extra time do you have to clean all your furniture?

  18. Jamie says:

    Werewolf BF Pro: Keeps you warm at night.
    Werewolf BF Con: Likes to mark his territory.

    Vampire BF Pro: He can keep you up all night long.
    Vampire BF Con: He is never available for a lunch break.

  19. Tracie Black says:

    The Vampire B/F:
    Pro: Will happily take care of anyone who does you wrong, displeases you or really pisses you off.
    Con: Will happily take care of anyone who does you wrong, displeases you or really pisses you off.

  20. andrea ruiz says:

    Vampire BF pro: you can never be called a cougar, even though he looks 25 and you’re pushing 40! He’ll always be wayyyyy older! =D
    Vampire BF con: you’re completely screwed if you’re in need of a blood transfusion =/

    Werewolf BF pro: there’s no better way to piss off your ex-vampire BF than by dating one of their enemies…like literally enemies not just creatures that dislike each other… hehe =)
    Werewolf BF con: forget about romantic moonlit walks in the park…he might claw your head off…no really =/

  21. MicKayla says:

    Vampire BF/GF pro- They are a personal body guard when you are afraid to go outside in the dark.
    Con-Most of them are old fashioned so 9 chances outta 10 that means NO SEX UNTILL MARRIAGE. 🙂

    Werewolf BF/GF Pro- They are always warm and are like a personal space heater 🙂
    Con- when they come in from the rain the always smell like wet dog. 🙂