Spoiler Alert! What’s Happening in the Next Few True Blood Episodes

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Where is HBO Going With Season 4?

True Blood White - Season 4 promo posterIf you want to find out what direction HBO is taking Season 4 of True Blood, then check out the spoiler details below. If not, then it’s best you move onto the next awesome True Blood Net news article!

You’ve been warned…

Episode 7: “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”

  • Bill tries to save vampires from the light, after Marnie gets help from the spirits of the dead
  • Luna discovers something about Sam
  • Lafayette has a spiritual awakening
  • Pam has some cosmetic alterations (think body peel)
  • Jessica has doubts
  • Alcide and Debbie join a new pack

Episode 8: “Spellbound”

  • There is a midnight face-off between Bill and Marnie
  • Conflict occurs between Jason, Jessica and Hoyt
  • Lafayette is possessed
  • Tommy learns empathy
  • Sam meets Marcus, Luna‘s ex, and they don’t get along. Marcus is also the leader of the new pack that Alcide and Debbie have joined

Episode 9: “Run”

  • While Sookie is recovering from a near-death experience, she fantasizes about Bill and Eric
  • Jesus tries to rid Lafayette of his demon
  • Marcus uses Alcide to deal with Sam
  • Bill and Nan Flanagan have an argument
  • The Hoyt, Jason, Jessica triangle deepens
  • Marnie continues to plot against the vampires at the upcoming festival entitled ‘Festival of Tolerance’

Episode 10: “Burning Down the House”

  • All hell breaks loose in Shreveport
  • Sookie uses magic to save Bill which leads to a spell being broken
  • Marnie/Antonia has to re-evaluate
  • Jason wants Jessica to glamour Hoyt
  • Terry involves Andy in an intervention
  • Alcide questions his allegiance to Marcus
  • Jesus, Sookie, Lafayette and Jason try to break into the Moon Goddess Emporium to rescue Tara and Holly
  • Bill leads a brigade of vampires who just want to blow the place up

Besides the episode spoilers, Inside TV recently reported that Rutina Wesley had been hinting at conflict between all the supernatural characters on True Blood:

“When you’ve got shifters and werewolves and vampires and witches, there’s bound to be some tension. There’s going to be some craziness this season, and because her best friend is Sookie, Tara is going to get swept back into everything. But I can’t tell you whose side she’s going to be on.”

So all is not yet sweet between besties Tara and Sookie either. It will certainly be interesting to see how it all pans out.

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