SPOILER: True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard Talks Season 6 ‘Eric’

May 24, 2013 by  

Just How Far is Eric Willing to Go?:

Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman

Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO
Alexander Skarsgard as “Eric Northman”

We are less than one month away from the June 16 premiere of HBO’s True Blood, and as the excitement and anticipation escalates, Alexander Skarsgard has revealed what we can expect to see from the powerful Eric Northman in the upcoming Season 6!

In a statement with Hollywoodlife.com on May 20 at Piaget’s screening of Fox Searchlights The East in NYC, Alexander said “[Eric’s] doing some evil stuff this year, some stuff that’s not so nice.” Alexander adds:

“I like them both,” he told us about ‘good’ Eric and ‘evil’ Eric. “It’s fun to go back and forth, you get to play around with both sides. It’s always more interesting than one extreme or the other … when you have both within, and it’s an internal struggle.”

We can expect that Eric’s character will continue to evolve as he struggles with what is right, and who he really is.  Amongst rumours that a major character will meet the true death in the upcoming season 6, I hope that Eric’s naughty side doesn’t secure his place once and for all, meeting his maker and the ultimate true death!

Source: Hollywoodlife.com– ‘True Blood’: Eric Evil? Season 6 Spoilers-Alexander Skarsgard Interview