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There are many editorial comments  from last night’s True Blood episode on the web. Starpulse gave the best break down for those of you (VERY BAD fanpires who missed last nights episode). If you did this would be a SPOILER ALERT; just warning you now. So just like the directions on bleach bottles that say do not ingest (obvious but people still drink it!).

The humorous insights fit my sense of humor. In the first paragraph there is one that I love, it discusses last week’s cliff hanger when Bill arrives at Jessica’s house “to clean up Sookie’s mess”:

Bill only had to glamour her family. Tch! Very disappointing, “True Blood.” I promise, we’d still love Bill even if he murdered an entire family … probably.”

That’s OK I would Too!

I also like Pam’s reaction on not wanting to ruin her pumps when asked to go searching for, In Eric’s words “The Bull head creature”. In another paragraph the author humorously discusses the relationship with Bill and Sookie and some of her not so smart stubborn choices: “Anyway Bill and Sookie have their usual OMG I HATE YOU OH WAIT NO I LOVE YOU YAY OH NO SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED back and forth relationship this week. It’s as strangely endearing as ever. They fight over Sookie’s choice to bring Jessica to see her family Bill snaps at her (rightfully), and Sookie (stupidly) goes stomping out into the darkness. Because she apparently doesn’t watch this show. And of course something bizarre pops out – half bull half man? – and cuts her open. I love whenever something weird happens to Sookie; her reactions never disappoint. This time she just goes “what the….” and then runs like hell.”

Now of course we know this is leading to enlisting Eric’s help to save her which introduces us to the straight forward fun little doctor, Dr. Ludwig played by the talented Marcia deRousse [See the TBN interview here], then putting her in debt to Eric. Those damn vampires and their nothing are for free politics, they are like working for a crime syndicate!

So next episode (IN TWO WEEKS!) off to Dallas they go.  I only wished the Starpulse article had included the Sookie’s line to Eric when he implies he might grow on her:  “I prefer cancer”.

To read more the full recap is available at:

By the way not only was Eric flirting with Sookie, but check out Eric’s little exchange with Lafayette!  And what about Bill’s fit when finding Jessica and Hoyt together?  Was that an “overprotective dad” moment or what?  When next we see them we’ll find out if Bill‘s growl is worse than his bite!

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