Stephen Moyer’s Less Than Bloody Real Life

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Stephen Moyer Outside of Work on True Blood

After the season finale of True Blood’s 3rd season, fans were treated to controversial, but sexy, Rolling Stone cover where Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard posed bloody and nude, their arms and legs as well as blood splatter covering their x-rated parts. From this cover, fans may assume that actors live a crazy and wild life, but Stephen Moyer confesses it’s quite the opposite.

In reality Stephen, who plays southern vampire and Sookie’s love interest Bill Compton, says his life with new wife Anna Paquin, who plays the blond telepath Sookie Stackhouse, is quiet and normal; in fact he believes they’re boring homebodies. For a living they act on a popular HBO series and are invited to the most exclusive parties, but their favorite date night activity is lounging around with their pets. At the L.A. Philharmonic Opening Night gala he noted,

“Really, sitting in, playing with the dogs and doing the normal stuff at home, truthfully”

Though he was sans Anna at the event, he did have her in mind; he said married life was awesome. Some time apart seems to make Stephen appreciate the woman in his life. However when asked what Anna’s sexiest quality was, he misheard and thought he was being asked what his sexiest attribute was to which he replied jokingly,

“I give…no, I can’t!”

Fans can all agree that unlike his brooding vampire counterpart, Stephen is a happy and easy going guy. Who can blame him when he gets to share his life with the beautiful Anna Paquin.

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