Stephen Moyer on the Cover of Entertainment Weekly Vampire Edition

July 31, 2009 by  

The latest edition of Entertainment Weekly, that comes out on newsstands July 31, features Stephen Moyer (as vampire Bill Compton) on the cover and focuses on vampires in this issue.  In this vampire special edition,  Entertainment Weekly presents interviews with the authors of True Blood, Twilight, Anita Blake Vampire Hunter and Interview With a Vampire; a list of the 20 greatest bloodsuckers ever and Anne Rice’s pick for the best new vampire.  With True Blood and Twilight drawing in millions into the fascination with vampires, more books, TV shows and movies are coming out to feed the hunger that fans have for this genre.  As Alan Ball states in Entertainment Weekly:

The traditional vampire story, with monsters and victims, chases and chills, is more plain fun, … but they can often reveal the general state of the cultural psyche.”

Vampires are such versatile symbols now that they can express both conservative and liberal views.  Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight novels are steeped in her Mormon values. But True Blood speaks in part for gays and, as Ball puts it, “eight years of institutionalized demonization of pretty much any group that wasn’t on the bus with Mr. Bush.”

The Vampire edition of Entertainment Weekly is on newsstand July 31.  Go out and get your copy now!