Stephen Moyer’s Film Project Flutter

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bill-looking-greatWith True Blood Season Two almost finished, many of the actors have side projects they are busy taking part in. They have several months to spread their creative wings until they begin filming Season Three before Christmas. One project in particular is the film “Flutter” that Stephen Moyer mentioned during Comic-Con. The comedy is being produced by Sarah Boote and Simon Barnes and being filmed in the UK with a budget of $5 million.

Production was supposed to begin in 2007, but has been halted for an unknown reason. We will keep you posted with new updates concerning this project as they are given to us. We do, however, have a synopsis for you, though we do not know which character Stephen Moyer will be playing.

John’s a gambler. In fact, everyone he knows is a gambler. His wife Helen, her father, Freddie and even his eight year old daughter, Polly. John’s life is a sequence of highs and lows. He wins some, he loses some. Things keep ticking over as normal until he goes to the dogs one night and bets with a new bookie. Stan’s different, he’s not another crumpled old suit but young and charismatic. John takes a chance with Stan and ends up wining a small fortune. The only problem is now he’s hooked.
Stan always offers the best odds but after his big win, John can’t catch another break. And it’s not just John that’s caught bad luck but his friends Adrian and Wagner. Stan quickly takes them for every penny they’ve got until they’re all completely broke. Then he throws them a lifeline. Instead of just betting on the dogs, why don’t they try something different? Betting on themselves. It has to be kept a secret and it has to be for more money each time but Stan’s willing to pay them for putting their own lives in jeopardy and their relationships on the line. All they have to do is lie about where the money’s coming from and jump through Stan’s hoops. Helen’s Dad, Freddie, warns John he’s playing with fire but he doesn’t listen.
John knows the bets mean lying to his wife but he thinks he can get away with it. John actually believes Stan is his friend and after he starts winning again he hopes the money will compensate for the way that Stan has come between him and his wife. But then Adrian dies, the bets get harder and darker, Helen starts to suspect something’s up and John gets the feeling that there’s more to Stan than meets the eye….

SOURCE: Park Entertainment

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