Kevin Alejandro Misses True Blood, But Finds The Golden Boy Success:

April 26, 2013

Fans Miss Jesus but Can Still Enjoy Kevin Alejandro’s Work in Two Exciting Projects

We loved Kevin Alejandro as Jesus Velasquez in HBO’s True Blood. His chemistry with Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynolds) was delightful to watch, and his death left us saddened. While Mr. Alejandro’s return to True Blood was short-lived, we’re lucky that we get to see him each week as Christian Arroyo in ‘The Golden Boy’. Hopefully, his Kickstarter campaign will eventually achieve its funding goal and the superhero series, ‘The Keepers’, will make it into production.

Mr. Alejandro misses his fellow cast members from True Blood. He says that he and Mr. Ellis developed a genuine affection and friendship that translated to the screen. He auditioned for the part of Jesus several times, as the show runners searched for an actor who worked well with Mr. Ellis. Mr. Alejandro says that he has great respect for all of the actors in the True Blood cast. They take their work seriously, but once the cameras stop rolling, they know how to have a good time.

When he made his brief return to True Blood, Mr. Alejandro had just completed production of the pilot for ‘The Golden Boy’. When asked what attracted him to the role of Christian Arroyo, his answer was that the character was unlike any he had played before. The challenge is in making Christian likeable. Mr. Alejandro says this character is the most different from him, and contains less ‘Kevin’ than any part he’s played before.

While Mr. Alejandro’s Kickstarter project, “The Keepers’, didn’t reach its $30,000.00 funding goal by April 14th, we can hope that the balance of the required funding will be found somehow. This superhero based show was created by friends of Mr. Alejandro. They created a two-minute trailer to generate interest, and continue to try to secure funding.

If the writers of True Blood can find a way to bring Jesus back, Mr. Alejandro would be happy to return, and we’d be equally thrilled to have him.





Spoiler! True Blood Season 5 Episode 1 Title, Cast and Crew!

April 6, 2012

HBO's True Blood's Sookie Stackhouse, played by Anna Paquin, in the shower from season 5True Blood Season 5 Episode 1

The title and list of the cast and crew of the first (season premiere) episode of season five, episode 49, of HBO‘s award winning show True Blood, which is scheduled to air June 10, 2012 follows. True Blood was created by Alan Ball and is based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels written by Charlaine Harris. WARNING! SPOILER ALERT! Do Not Read If You Don’t Want to be Spoiled! Although there are no plot or script details included here you can still make some inferences that could be misleading OR could spoil you. Fair warning! If you’re still interested, read on below the picture of Sam!

HBO Trueblood Season 5 Sam Merlotte played by Sam Trammell ripping off his shirt

Turn! Turn! Turn!

That’s the title of the first episode of season 5 of True Blood; Turn! Turn! Turn!  Of course the first question that this title brings to mind is: Will Tara Thornton be turned? There seems little question that she’s dead, it’s hard to put Humpty Dumpty back together again when her brains are splattered all over Gran’s walls and floor. Will she beome the thing she hated the most? If she is turned, who will do the deed? Bill and Eric are just across the cemetery, barely a vampire sneeze away. But there are at least three other regular series vampires who might be nearby. Jessica isn’t far off and might come visiting Sookie. Where is Pam? Could she be near by? Of course, most interesting of all those possibilities would be the reappearance of Russell Edgington. Russell as Tara’s maker is a very twisted and Alan Ball-like occurence. Or Tara could become a brain-eating zombie; she certainly needs to get a brain from somewhere!

There’s no reason to believe that Tara is the only one that could be turned either. Who else could be turned? How about Jason? Perhaps Hoyt goes after him and to save Jason Jess turns him. What about Mrs. Fortenberry? Talk about the fun factor! Wow! Who else could be turned this season? Post your ideas in the comments section.


Daniel Minahan

This is Minahan’s eighth directorial outing for True Blood. Other episodes:

Sparks Fly Out (5 October 2008)
Nothing But the Blood (14 June 2009)
Frenzy (30 August 2009)
Bad Blood (13 June 2010)
Fresh Blood (29 August 2010)
Me and the Devil (24 July 2011)
Spellbound (14 August 2011)
Turn! Turn! Turn! (24 June 2012) – Director


Created by Alan Ball
Novels by Charlaine Harris
Written by Brian Buckner
This is Buckner’s 7th outing as a True Blood writer but he has been the executive director of all 48 previous episodes of True Blood; the other writing credits are:

Keep This Party Going (21 June 2009)
Hard-Hearted Hannah (26 July 2009)
Bad Blood (13 June 2010)
Hitting the Ground (1 August 2010)
You Smell Like Dinner (3 July 2011)
Let’s Get Out of Here (21 August 2011)

Cinematographer – Film Photographer – David Klein

HBO's True Blood's Special Effects Team

Make-Up Department

Special Makeup Effects – Ozzy Alvarez

Art Department

Property Master – controls all props –Thomas R. Cahill
On-Set Dresser – Doug Devine

Sound Department

ADR Mixer – Automatic Dialogue Replacement: heads rerecording of dialog by the actors in a sound studio instead of on the set- Judah Getz
Foley Mixer – aka sound effects – Aaron L. King
Production Sound Mixer – head of on-set sound production – Roger V. Stevenson


Stunts – Rene Mousseux
Assistant Stunt Coordinator – Henry Kingi Jr.
Stunt Coordinator – Hiro Koda
Stunt Double for Alexander Skarsgard – David Paul Olsen
Stunt Double: Anna Paquin – Heidi Pascoe
Stunt Double for Stephen Moyer – Mark Aaron Wagner
Stunt Double for Rutina Wesley – Crystal Michelle

Camera and Electrical Department

Camera Operator – Craig Cockerill
Additional Photography – John P. Fleenor
Grips are responsible for recording equipment on set:
Grip – Kaiyoti
Grip – Andrey Prikazchikov
Dolly Grip – George Santo Pietro

Video Engineering Supervisor – David D. Scott

Miscellaneous Crew

Production Assistant – Adam Haracz
Script Coordinator – Daniel Kenneth
Tactical Advisor – Chase Rivera
Assistant Location Manager – Lauren Willdeboer
Stand-in’s substitute for the actors while lighting and sound is adjusted. They are generally of the same build and coloring of the actor they are standing in for:
Stand-in (uncredited) – Caroline Jaden Stussi

HBO's True Blood's Bill Compton played by Stephen Moyer in Season 5

Cast – in Credits Order

Sookie StackhouseAnna Paquin
Bill ComptonStephen Moyer
Sam MerlotteSam Trammell
Jason StackhouseRyan Kwanten
Tara ThorntonRutina Wesley
Eric NorthmanAlexander Skarsgård
Andy BellefleurChris Bauer
Pam De BeaufortKristin Bauer van Straten
Holly ClearyLauren Bowles
SalomeValentina Cervi
Steve NewlinMichael McMillian
Lafayette ReynoldsNelsan Ellis
Luna GarzaJanina Gavankar
NoraLucy Griffiths
Terry BellefleurTodd Lowe
Alcide Herveaux Joe Manganiello
RomanChristopher Meloni
Russell EdgingtonDenis O’Hare
Hoyt FortenberryJim Parrack
Arlene FowlerCarrie Preston
Jessica HambyDeborah Ann Woll

Remainder of Cast

Kibwe – Peter Mensah
Rikki – Kelly Overton
Kenneth – Marque Richardson
Cammy – Cherilyn Wilson
Young Sookie – Zenali Turner
Fangtasia Vampire (uncredited) – Jobeth Wagner

Other Credited Cast

Team Captain 2 – Sam Adler
Young Tara – Avion Baker
Martha Bozeman – Dale Dickey
J.D. – Louis Herthum
Rocky Cleary – Aaron Christian Howles
Danielle – Jamie Gray Hyder
Team Captain 1 – Matthew Glen Johnson
Nate – Brendan McCarthy

Credits: IMDB and HBO, Inc.


Sam Trammell Donates a Once in a Lifetime Experience for Charity

January 4, 2011

True Blood Set Visit and Lunch up for Auction

Sam TrammellTrue Blood Season 4 may still be a long way off, but Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte) has just donated an experience to that may make the waiting a little bit easier. The actor recently offered up a visit to the True Blood set and lunch with the cast and crew for the lucky winner and a guest.

According to the auction listing, the once in a lifetime experience will benefit Children Mending Hearts. The organization is described as a “global arts exchange” between at risk children here in the United States and those in conflict zones around the world. Through the exchange, the goal is for children to develop their own voice and to promote peace from the dialogue they participate in with others. Sounds like a very worthwhile organization!

The terms of the auction state that both the winner and guest must be 18 years-old or over, that the visit will be arranged at a mutually agreeable time, and that the presence of your favorite actors cannot be guaranteed on the day that you visit.

If you can’t resist passing up this unique experience, click on the source link below. But don’t wait too long to place your bid! The auction ends next Tuesday, January 11, 2011. For those truebies who would like to show their support for Children Mending Hearts, click on the secondary source link below for more information and to donate.

Good luck to all who participate!

Sources: — Visit the Set of HBO’s True Blood and Have Lunch Alongside the Cast and Crew.
Children Mending Hearts — About us

(Photo Credit:


Meet-ups at Comic-Con with HBO, and CAST OF TRUE BLOOD!

July 21, 2009

true-blood-comic-con-happy-hour1HBO through it’s site will be sponsoring 3 separate ‘Happy Hours’ at three different locations over the course of this weekend’s Comic-con 2009.  Thursday and Friday, July 23-24, 7-9 pm (so that’s really 2 hours of happy!) at two local establishments, Rock Bottom and Prohibition, those over the age of 21 can mingle with fellow True Blood fans.

On Saturday, July 25th, from 7pm to 10 pm (that’s 3 hours of happiness!), HBO and Skyy Vodka will be sponsoring a longer fan meet-up, this time at the Bondi bar.  You still have to be 21 with ID to prove it, of course.  And at this event there will also be exclusive comic-con giveaways!

So wash the coffin dust out of your mouth all three days with the help of HBO and (and Skyy Vodka)!  And remember to drink responsibly (leave those humans alone)!

true-blood-comic-conAdditionally, At 9 PM on Saturday there is the ‘Sexy Hero’s Ball’ hosted by Legendary Press at the Voyeur Night Club, 755 Fifth Ave in San Diego, CA, WITH THE CAST OF TRUE BLOOD! (As a reminder, the cast that will be attending Comic-con will be: Alan Ball, Charlaine Harris, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Rutina Wesley, Michelle Forbes, Alexander Skarsgard, Nelsan Ellis, Sam Trammell, Deborah Ann Woll.  No guarantee they will all be at this event.) You must be 21 and presale tickets for mere mortals can be had for a mere $15.  The party will be DJ’d by Joel Madden from Good Charlotte and hosted by VH1’s Jeremy Jackson.  The red carpet starts at 8pm.  Also available are live paintings by Rick Bliss, and giveaways by Ed Hardy, Mobigrip and others.  This party is brought to you by Rage1 Entertainment / Catalyst Productions and you can RSVP for free or preorder for $15.

I want to give a shoutout to The Vault for catching the info on the Thursday and Friday meet ups.

Sources: San Diego Going , Seat 42F , Trubeverage and the Examiner

(Image credit: HBO)


True Blood Season 2: Meet Annalise Basso

February 22, 2009

annaliseTrue Blood season 2 news about another cast member has just been published in IMDb. The latest addition to Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV series “True Blood” is Annalise Basso. Annalise has been cast to play the role of Eden Hamby, Jessica’s 9 year old younger sister. She will make her appearance in Season 2 Episode 2: “Keep This Party Going” with a recurring role. She has also appeared in two movies “Ghost Image” and Bedtime Stories”. She will be appearing in two new upcoming films entitled “Dark House” and “Alabama Moon”. The accompany photo was taking on the set of “True Blood” with Annalise Basso in the center, Deborah Ann Woll to the left and Anna Paquin on the right.

(Photo credit:


Red Carpet for HBO Series True Blood Premiere

October 26, 2008

Presenting their latest novel adaptation for television series, HBO rolled down a blood red carpet in front of The Cinerama Dome in Hollywood to celebrate the L.A. premiere of “True Blood”. The special first screening event was held on Wednesday, September 4, three days before the series will be aired for the first time on September 7.

The evening celebration saw mostly the stars of the series that include Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard, Ryan Kwanten, Jim Parrack, Sam Trammell and Rutina Wesley. Aside from the stars, series creator Alan Ball and Southern Vampire Mysteries books author Charlaine Harris were also in attendance.

Produced by HBO in association with Your Face Goes Here Entertainment, “True Blood” tells the story where humans and vampires live a co-existing life in a small Louisiana town after Japanese-made synthetic blood, “TruBlood”, are available for purchase. The series centers its plot on a telepathic waitress named Sookie Stackhouse who falls in love with one of the vampires.