True Blood Season 5 Episode 10 “Gone, Gone, Gone” Recap

August 13, 2012

The Body Count Rises and the Plot Thickens!

Sookie Stackhouse (after she staked Mike Spencer) in Episode 10 of HBO's True BloodThe vampire crisis continues in this episode of HBO’s True Blood. Steve Newlin is doing a very good job of being the compliant, trustworthy front man for the Authority. While Sookie is watching him on television, she gets an unannounced visitor – Mike Spencer (the toe-sucking local coroner). The penultimate gasp moment occurs when we discover Mike is now a vampire – how and when did that happen? Not to mention why? (Did it have anything to do with the fact he kept his porn and his autopsy photos in the same file on his computer?) In true Sookie-style, she takes the shock of being attacked in her stride and kills Mike with some wooden chopsticks – cool, I know! This certainly sets the scene for the rest of the episode.

The true (and completely evil) Russell makes his appearance tonight. He really does have delusions of grandeur, that’s for sure. As a result, poor Molly gets the iStake for her refusal to turn into a  Sanguinista. We are yet to find out which side Eric decides to take – will he be a martyr like Molly?

Hoyt makes a huge decision in this episode: to leave Bon Temps and move to  Alaska. It seems this is preferable to moving back in with his mother and suffering without Jessica. He also wants Jessica to glamour him, so he no longer remembers her or what she did with his ex-best friend, Jason.

The new sheriff of Area 5, Elijah, is busy complaining that Fangtasia is not earning enough revenue. He wants new and outlandish ideas implimented. Pam is not happy with this but what can she do? He also announces there is a new directorate from the Authority: Area 5 needs 30 new baby vamps by the end of the year. If this does not occur, Elijah will seize all Pam’s assets – including Tara!

It seems Bill is testing the boundaries in Episode 10. He gives Nora and Eric a hit of Lilith’s blood in an attempt to sway Eric to the Sanguinistas. Bill leaves the room, which means we get to watch the whole event from two perspectives. And what Eric and Nora are witnessing, is not the same as what Bill sees! The blood starts to work, but instead of Lilith, Godric appears to Eric and Nora. Lilith does make an appearance after a short time – but only to rip out Godric’s throat! Eric, needless to say, is devastated. Surprisingly, so is Nora. Bill, on the other hand, only sees Eric and Nora’s reactions, he does not see Godric or Lilith at all. What is going on?

There is a confrontation at Merlotte’s. When Jessica arrives, it seems there is vampire panic among the general public. Sam and Lafayette jump in and save Jessica from being shot with wooden bullets. Of course, the true death may have been preferable to having to glamour herself (and Jason) out of Hoyt’s life. This scene is touching, and I dare anyone not to cry by the end of it. Seeing Jessica’s pain at wiping herself from her first love’s mind is heart-wrenching.

Pam and Tara discuss their future. Tara wants to fight  for what is theirs while Pam wants to disappear. After this Tara decides to take matters into her own hands. She gets Ginger to help by pretending to be drained. Tara calls Elijah all in a panic and pretending she tried to turn Ginger (and Tara’s Gone With The Wind reference is priceless – possibly the line of the season!) When Elijah comes to her aid, Ginger stabs Elijah with a dagger and Tara finishes him off by beheading him. Go girls! That should make Momma Pam happy. When Pam does make an appearance, she seems less than impressed – or maybe that is just the audience confusing her mad face with her happy face again?

Sookie is still looking for more information on her parents and her past. (And for those of you following Anna Paquin’s baby bump, this scene is ripe with shots of her growing belly.) She has Jason helping her go through the box of goodies she found under the bed after Lafayette spoke to the spirit of Gran. After Jason gets sick of looking through everything, Sookie clarifies that Gran actually said “look under the bed,” not “look in the box.” Jason uses his muscle to shift the bed and they discover an old box hidden under one of the floor boards. Inside is a roll of parchment that contains writing in an unrecognizable language. After having it analyzed, it turns out the paper is over 200 years old. The writing cannot be identified – as human, at least. This gives Jason and Sookie an idea.

Sam and Luna are trying to locate Luna’s daughter, Emma. They discover Steve Newlin will be appearing on a television show that evening and manage to get themselves there, hoping to find Emma with him. While Steve is debating vampires with an anti-vampire supporter on TV, Sam and Luna search his room for Emma, and when they don’t find her; clues. They hear someone coming and get even more creative with their shifting by turning into mice.

Jessica returns home from glamouring Hoyt to discover she has been summoned by Bill’s security team. At first she does not want to go with them. After speaking to Bill she complies, but doesn’t like it one little bit.

We now find out the fate of Eric Northman. It seems that his Godric/Lilith vision has swayed him to join with the other Sanguinistas. He also goes as far as forgiving Russell Edgington for killing his viking family all those centuries ago. Does Russell really believe Eric? Only time will tell. Ditto for whether Eric is actually a Sanguinista.

Jason uses his police authority and pulls Hoyt over while he is leaving Bon Temps. Another tearful scene follows. Jason is really growing as a person this season and it is so sad to watch him lose his best friend. Thank goodness his sister is there to console him.

Jessica arrives at the Authority headquarters and she is not happy! Bill tries to explain what is going on. But he seems to have forgotten that Jess was raised by a devoutly religious family. She does not want to follow another fanatical path. Jessica may well be the downfall of the Sanguinista movement if she plays her cards right.

It turns out that Sam and Luna hid (as mice) in Steve Newlin’s briefcase. This means they scored a free ride straight into Authority HQ! Luckily they keep themselves hidden while Steve tells Emma off for turning back into a human. I wonder how Sam and Luna will rescue her?

Russell suggests that vampires start consuming fae blood. It seems he’s back on his sun-walking bandwagon. Salome doesn’t seem at all impressed – especially when Russell toys with the idea of developing synthetic fairy blood. It seems she thinks the fae are an abomination and threatens Russell by saying  that she saved him, and could just as soon put him back in the ground. Apparently the Sanguinista idea of having no supreme ruler only applies when everyone is agreeing with Salome. Russell, it turns out, doesn’t like being told what to do either. He rants on about how he will not be constrained by the narrow-mindedness of her religion and takes off in a flash. Uh-oh.

Sookie and Jason go to fairyland and ask the fae if they can translate the scroll. It turns out they can, but they need an older fairy. Enter Maurella, the fairy that seduced Andy Bellefleur. She is heavily pregnant too. Is Andy the dad? Maurella announces the scroll is actually a contract. It says:

“5th of August, 1702.

I, John William Stackhouse, in reference to our binding agreement on the said date, do grant Mr. M. Warlowe my first fae-bearing female heir.”


It turns that means Sookie.

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of this episode. How do you think this fae contract will affect Sookie’s life? And who do you think turned Mike Spencer?

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