Kristina Anapau’s ‘Color it New’ is Finally Here!

October 20, 2014

Make Changing Your Shoes as Easy as Changing Their Color:

Kristina Anapau stars as the fairy Maurella in HBO's True BloodWith Halloween coming up, have you got your costume sorted but can’t find shoes in the right color to match your outfit? Or, do you have a fave pair of shoes that don’t quite match anything you own but you bought them because you love them and they were a perfect fit? Then why not check out Kristina Anapau’s (who played the fairy Maurella in HBO’s True Blood) latest product? It’s called Color It New and it will change those shoes to match your outfit in a flash!

Here’s the complete product description:

Color it New is an aerosolized colorant that is the result of a technological process and is formulated specifically to bond with all types of shoe surfaces, including, but not limited to: leather, rubber, plastic, suede, canvas, and satin. Color It New allows you to transform any pair of shoes into a custom-colored pair that looks just as flawless and “brand new” as any new shoes you would find in a department store. Whether you want to refresh a pair of your old favorites or change the color completely, Color It New lets you create the perfect shoe for you!

Color it New helps you follow the latest style trends, bringing you not only a selection of the most beautiful basics, but the hot colors of the season – straight off the New York and Paris runways!

It’s easy to use, and your shoes are ready to wear within minutes! Color it New comes in a wide array of fashion colors, with new colors debuting all the time! Visit to check out our hottest new color releases.

Color It New will be available from next week, but if you have signed up to her website, not only do you get to order this product early, but you get a whopping 50% off! You can order now by clicking here.

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True Blood’s Kristina Anapau Takes on CEO Role

September 10, 2014

From Fairy to Business Owner of Color It New:

Kristina Anapau stars as the fairy Maurella in HBO's True BloodTruebie fans will know Kristina Anapau as the fairy, Maurella, in HBO’s True Blood. She was the one who seduced Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer) before producing four offspring for Andy to raise on her behalf. Adilyn (Bailey Noble) being the only one to survive to adulthood.

As if acting wasn’t a busy enough career for Kristina, she has now taken on business ownership as well!

Her company is called Color It New and Kristina fills us in (sort of) on what the product is:

I was constantly facing a particular fashion dilemma and realized that if I was having this challenge, that millions of other people probably were too. I looked for a solution already on the market and couldn’t find one, so decided to develop a product myself. After almost four years of research and development later, Color It New is ready to be shared with the world!

Her new company is reported to change people’s fashion closets forever. While the product is yet to be fully disclosed, you can join the mailing list so you can find out all about this product as soon as it is ready. You can sign up by clicking here.

With this new business, does that mean we won’t get to see any more of Kristina gracing our screens? Or does she plan to juggle the two roles?

I’ve been able to juggle both so far, so we shall see! I plan to bring some really great people on board in short order after the launch, so that should allow me to give my acting career the time it needs as well as work on some additional business ideas I have.

Well, that’s a relief! Let us know what you think by commenting below,

Source: – True Blood Actress Lauches New Company Color It New

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VIDEO: HBO Releases True Blood 3 Part Preview of Upcoming Season 6 Episode 4-Clip 3

July 4, 2013

HBO Teases its Viewers with a 3 Part Preview Here’s #3:


True Blood's Bill and Jssica

Credit: Fanpop/Stephen Moyer/Deborah Ann Woll

Although we watched almost the entire Faerie population of Bon Temps be wiped out in Episode 3 of True Blood Season 6, thanks to Andy Bellefleur’s (Chris Bauer) naughty entanglement with Maurella(Kristina Anapau) 4 more faerie’s are growing up oh so quickly…unfortunately for these faeries, it appears Billith(Stephen Moyer) and Jessica(Deborah Ann Woll) have their sights on these faeries in order to save the vampire population!

Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

Source: You Tube– True Blood Season 6: Episode #4 Clip #3-Faerie Problems

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Kristina Anapau Talks About Being a Fairy in HBO’s True Blood

February 7, 2013

Find Out What’s in Store for the Fairies in Season 6:

Kristina Anapau stars as the fairy Maurella in HBO's True BloodKristina Anapau originally signed up to HBO’s True Blood in a small role; that of Maurella the fairy. Over the seasons, this role has grown – along with her girth after falling pregnant to Andy Bellefluer (played by Chris Bauer) – into a more substantial role.

Recently Gossip On This got the chance to speak to Kristina Anapau about her True Blood role and what is in store for Maurella in Season 6. While she is very tight-lipped about any new story lines, she did have this to say about the abundance of strong female roles (such as that of Maurella) on True Blood:

Alan Ball is incredible at shaping strong female characters, but does so in a way that people can still relate to them.  It is truly a privilege to embody one of his creations. Mauella is quite multifaceted and exudes so much regality amidst her sensuality.  It’s a pleasure to help bring her to life.

Anapau is also known for her movie roles, having starred in Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, a role she got, in part, thanks to her ballet background. Besides that movie, we will be able to see Kristina in the upcoming Sightings and Black Jacks.

You can view the Gossip On This interview in is entirety here.

Do you think Maurella will be back to check up on Andy and their children in Season 6? Let me know in the comments below.

Source:– “True Blood” Star Kristina Anapau Talks Season 6, Her New Movies, Women on TV, and More

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