HBO’s Season 4 Event Clip Trailer

June 21, 2011

The Wait is Almost Over:

True Blood Season 4 poster-redHey, Truebies!  Things are getting hectic as the True Blood premiere draws near, and we are feeling the effects of the blood-induced frenzy!  Can you believe the wait is almost over?  Just five more days!  Whether you’re on Team Bill, Team Eric, Team Alcide, or some other team we don’t want to know about, we’ve got something that might interest you.

Here’s another video promo from HBO, chock full of juicy clips.  “Such as?”, you may ask… well, we have some fighting and biting and chanting, with blood and fire and fur… you know, the usual.  Just par for the course when you’re dealing with a show as sensational as True Blood.

Check it out and let us know what you think!


Source: HBO on YouTube – True Blood: Season 4 – Event Clip Trailer (HBO)

(Image credit: HBO, Inc.)


Video: Eric Northman’s PSA Season 4 Trailer

May 25, 2011

A Public Service Announcement:

We’re getting closer and closer, Truebies!  Here’s a new trailer, just to tease you.  It features Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) in a PSA for vampires; werepanthers; witches; and talk about necromancy.  We get to see Tara (Rutina Wesley) with her new ’do, talking about something “sucking”… you’ll just have to watch!  Come on, Season 4 of True Blood!  The anticipation is killing us.

Source: YouTube – True Blood: Season 4 Trailer (HBO)


Video: Witches Vs. Vampires Trailer

May 16, 2011

HBO Releases Another Season 4 Trailer:

The folks over at HBO sure do know how to scratch an itch, don’t they?  As if the anticipation of a new season of True Blood weren’t already enough, they have to go and tease us with this type of trailer.  One that shows screaming, biting, kissing, and other actions that end in “-ing”.  Go on, get your fix!

Source: HBO’s YouTube – True Blood: Season 4 – Witches vs. Vampires Trailer (HBO)


Video: Sink Your Teeth Into the Latest Season 4 Trailer

May 12, 2011

Waiting Sucks a Little Less:

Passion, violence, fangs and fur abound in the latest installment of HBO’s “Waiting Sucks” trailer video series for True Blood.  Have at it, Truebies!


Source: Yahoo TV


Video: Wetpaint’s Round Up of the True Blood Trailers

May 10, 2011

Video of the Trailers and Wetpaint’s Opinion on Season 4:

True BloodThe people over at Wetpaint have a new video round up on their interpretation of the official HBO True Blood trailers. It offers some insights into what is now being commonly known as “The Season of the Witches”.

With the first episode of Season 4 approaching fast, it is getting almost too much to bear. So check out the video and let True Blood Net known what you think of it!

Source: Wetpaint – Waiting Sucks: True Blood Trailer Round-Up, Part 1

(Image Credit: HBO, Inc.)


Video: A Cruel Teaser for Season 4

May 9, 2011

HBO Releases a Non-Teaser:

What do you think, Truebies?  They sure do know how to keep us in suspense, don’t they?

Source: HBO on YouTube – True Blood: Season 4 Screen Test (HBO)


Video Spoiler: True Blood Season 4 Trailer with Jason Stackhouse

March 31, 2011

Jason Stackhouse with Crystal, Ryan Kwanten and Lindsay PulsipherWell, Truebies, we’re finally starting to see what season 4 has in store for us.

HBO released a brand new trailer for the upcoming season featuring Ryan Kwanten‘s Jason Stackhouse sweating out a painful transformation with Crystal (Lindsay Pulsipher) helping him though it.

Check it out — it’s all we have until the season starts!


Source: – True Blood reveals first season four peek starring Jason Stackhouse

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