Time Magazine’s 10 Questions for Anna Paquin

June 30, 2010 by  

Time Magazine will be interviewing Anna Paquin soon for an upcoming issue, and they’re letting the fans have a say in what questions are asked. The feature will have Anna answering 10 questions, all of which will be chosen from fan questions.

Anna is currently best known for her role on True Blood as our blonde heroine Sookie Stackhouse, though she’s been in many other feature films. That list includes The Piano (for which Anna won an Oscar), as well as Amistad, Hurlyburly, Almost Famous, and the X-Men Trilogy.

So, if you have a question for Anna, head over to Time Magazine, and leave a comment with your question for Anna in it! Best of luck to everyone that your question is one of the few that gets chosen!

SOURCE: Time Magazine

(Image Credit: HBO Inc, screenshot by Isis Nocturne)