Top 10 Unknown Facts About Todd Lowe

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10 Tidbits About the Man Who Plays Terry:

Todd Lowe as Terry Bellefleur (HBO)Todd Lowe plays the sweet, if slightly mental, Terry Bellefleur on HBO‘s vampire hit True Blood.  What do we know about him in real life?  Well, here’s a list of ten things, for starters:

1. He played Lane’s baby daddy on Gilmore Girls!  Remember that show?  It starred Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel.  Lowe played the role of Zack, who was Lane’s band mate, and later became her husband.

2. He actually is in a band!  It’s called Pilbilly Nights, and they played at Anna Paquin’s wedding.

3. He originally auditioned for the role of Hoyt.  He obviously didn’t get that part, but Alan Ball liked him so much that he asked him to come back and audition for the role of Terry.  According to Lowe:

“They had me do the whole ‘I like your clavicles’ bit. I read once for that then my agent called later and told me I got the role.”

4. His Southern accent is real.  He comes from a small town near the Louisiana border called Humble, Texas.

5. He’s got more than twenty plays under his belt.  He loves the theater!

6. His eyes were damaged filming an orgy.  Remember all the chaos that was a result of Maryann’s influence in Season 2?  Those black contacts were so painful that he developed styes.

7. His favorite TV show is Breaking Bad.

8. He can ad-lib!  It looks like his skills are right on par with Alan Ball’s — he came up with the following gems: “We will un-f*ck this situation at a later date,” and “Bullshit, God has horns!”

9. His favorite musicians are Morrissey, Sting, and Willie Nelson.

10. He owned a children’s theater company.

Source: – 10 Things You Need To Know About True Blood’s Todd Lowe

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