Tru Blood For Charity

July 19, 2010 by  

Let the blood spill at the party. Well, actually, let the Tru Blood flow freely at the Emerging Magazine’s 2010 Pre-Emmy Celebrity Luxury Party & Fashion Show. HBO’s official Tru Blood drink produced by FMCG Manufacturing is the Supporting Sponsor of the event.

If that wasn’t enough, the sponsor, FMCG Manufacturing, is donating items for a silent auction in order to gain funds for Shining Star Kids of America, which is creating a new way for long term residential care for foster children. The event is celebrating the best of Hollywood, past and present, while also honoring the nominees of 2010 Emmy Awards. Guest will glimpse the hottest fashions; not only will they see gowns, but also clothes and designs straight from vampire genre films and television shows.

During this two day charity event, Supporting Sponsor, FMCG Manufacturing will be giving away bottles of Tru Blood. The beverage is a product of the HBO hit True Blood. Mixing sex, danger, and romance, the show revolves around vampires as they try to integrate themselves openly into society and how certain humans and certain vampires are effected by all this. The reason for human-vampire coexistence is due to the Japanese creation of synthetic blood, which allows a vampire to gain all needed nutrients without a human victim. The beverage is called: Tru Blood.

In reality, the Tru Blood fans and celebrities enjoy is a carbonated blood orange flavored drink. While it pours like regular soda, in a glass the drink appears dense and opaque. It’s club-goers new favorite as it can be mixed with spirits and bartenders are creating fun new drinks.  Great flavor without the bite. Great taste that matches a great cause.


(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)