True Blood Break Out Star Tara Buck

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Tara Buck on Being Fangtasia Waitress Ginger

One of the hardest working characters on True Blood is undeniably Ginger. Fans are  faced with mixed emotions on the fang banger: either they feel pity for her glamored brain or frustrated that she allows vampires to abuse her. While there are many opinions on Ginger, the actress who plays her hasn’t had too much publicity until now.

Former Ketchum and Hailey resident Tara Buck is now acting in sunny LA alongside big names such as Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, and Alexander Skarsgard. While the talented actress has had numerous guest starring roles since she graduated from Wood River High School in 1993, she hopes her career is now beginning.

Tara plays the human waitress Ginger at Fangtasia, the vampire bar Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) owns. It is her shrill screams and barely there outfits that make her presence known when she is surrounded by brooding vampires. In the last season, she became a fan favorite when she offered to make Sookie a Peanut Butter and butter sandwich.

Tara doesn’t know what will happen with Ginger as the actors aren’t given the scripts until filming begins (the 4th season is slated to begin filming sometimes in mid to late November and will air in the summer of 2011). However, she did say that the show’s allure is the way Alan Ball has merged the supernatural element to the everyday pains of human life. She notes,

“What’s so compelling about his storytelling is he picks things that are weird and offbeat and quirky and then he puts a very human relatable heartbeat through the entire thing.”

She adds that though the show can be grisly at times, the backstage mood is easy going. She would know given that she’s been on a number of sets including, NCIS, X-Files, Bones, The Closer, Nip/Tuck, and The Shield. Aside from her onscreen characters, Tara has also done work on the stage, including the Pulitzer winning play How I Learned How To Drive and in 2009 Ten Cent Night.

Additionally film has not escaped her talent. Tara starred in the independent film Storage, which has yet to be released. Recently, she can be seen in the humorous GEICO commercials as a young woman who mistakes the GEICO gecko for a former lover.

While she enjoys her working on the hit show True  Blood, Tara also wants to star in her own series as guest spots and minor recurring roles don’t allow her to develop a character. While True Blood is on hiatus, Tara is spending her time audtioning for more roles, saying she isn’t in the position to be very picky yet, though she is drawn to characters that portray the underbelly of society.

Tara’s mother is the first one to say her daughter’s taste in roles stem from an interest in the dark side of humanity though Tara herself is warm and gentle. Watching her playing Ginger and other sexy cursing characters amuses Tara’s mother, who enjoys watching her work.

Work she does, which is a sentiment also shared by her former theater teacher Bob Kesting, who saw her as a dream to work with and someone willing to throw herself into her roles. Both Bob and Tara’s mother await the day when Tara makes it big. It is this support that guides her and keeps her working hard. She notes,

“I just think about what a journey it’s been. A lot of ups and downs…I love it and I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

Once again, Alan Ball has brought to light a beautiful and talented actress. Ginger may be glamored to the point of utter confusion, but Tara Buck isn’t. It’s time Hollywood threw out the red carpet for this shining star.

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