The True Blood Cast at 2010 Scream Awards

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Kristin Bauer van Straten and Rutina Wesley Talk True Blood

With the wrap up of Season 3 and as they wait for production of Season 4, True Blood cast members are enjoying their time off in different ways. Fans have enjoyed watching the cast go on various interviews, look elegant on the red carpet for their recent projects and, of course, attend award ceremonies. Kristin Bauer van Straten (who plays vampire Pam),  Rutina Wesley (who plays Tara Thornton), and Sam Trammell (Merlotte’s resident shape-shifter) all attended the 2010 Scream Awards, where they were interviewed by Rebecca Murray from

The season finale left fans glad that Pam wasn’t stuck in a cement grave. When asked what she knows about the upcoming season, Kristin said she didn’t know anything, but was glad that Pam was becoming a more developed character. As for her cast-mates, she noted,

“I’m so lucky in Fangtasia because I get along with everybody really well. I enjoy these people; I love these people. And they’re all so fun, you know? Anna [Paquin], Stephen [Moyer], and Alex I’m with a lot – and Denis O’Hare is the most phenomenal actor, the most incredible human being. So these are the people that I get to be around all day. It’s so lucky.”

As for Tara, fans were shocked as they watched her wave goodbye to Merlotte’s as well as Bon Temps. Though Rutina doesn’t know where her character is headed and if she’ll return to Bon Temps, she knows that Tara will definitely gain strength and power. When asked about her scenes with James Frain, who played insane vampire Franklin Mott, Rutina replied,

“That was amazing. James Frain is one of the most amazing actors that I’ve ever worked with. He’s very generous and I just had the time of my life. I had a very challenging season but it was awesome. If I could do it again, I would.”

Sam Trammell Speaks

Another shocker during the season finale was Sam’s transformation from good guy to a man with a lot of dark and deadly secrets. He did have some interesting news about the upcoming season: It seems that the myth of the shape shifter and their history as well as their powers are going to be explored. As for his character, he couldn’t give us any details, but did say that fans are split; some of them love the darker side of Sam and others miss his good guy appeal. He noted,

“Look, [Sam Merlotte] went on a bender a little bit and I got a little crazy – that’s just the bender. But truth be told, I had a different life before I moved to Bon Temps. You know for me as an actor it was some of the funnest stuff that I got to do on the show, getting to do those flashbacks where I shot those people – just because it’s such different stuff. It also adds a different dimension to Sam because Sam has kind of remade himself in Bon Temps and it is like something he’s built. And, you know, how strong is that fortress? How strong is it?”

Sam fans don’t have to wait long to see him on the screeen as he fimed a movie called Guns, Girls and Gambling with Gary OIdman, Christian Slater, Megan Park, and Dane Cook. However, fans do have to wait to find out what happened between Sam Merlotte and his brother Tommy.

While fans wait for the upcoming season True Blood to heat up their televisions sets in the summer of 2011, Kristin, Rutina and Sam are giving us something to watch while we wait. To see the video of Kristin and Rutina, click here. To see the video of Sam, click here.

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Sam Trammell True Blood Season 3 and 4 Interview

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