True Blood’s Kristin Bauer and Whales

March 25, 2011 by  

Kristin and Abri have a whale of a tale

Kristin Bauer and her husband Abri van Straten recently went on a whale watching tour with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). She encourages you to watch the video, go to the IFAW website and see how you can help save and protect whales.

Whale breaching c IFAW

Did you know that there are two kinds of killer whales? There are two major pods of killer whales on the Pacific coast, although they interact with each other. One pod, are fishitarians feeding only off of fish while the other eats seals. While these two pods do come into contact with each other, the whales seem to not interbreed leading scientists to speculate that we are seeing speciation happen.

Whale watching is a profound experience. There is something about these giant beasts with their knowing eyes and tail smacking excitement that is mesmerizing. Dolphins have the same effect on people. The people at Sea World say that humans can’t resist getting close to dolphins moving unintentionally closer even while acknowledging that they can’t touch the dolphins during backstage tours.

Watch the video:

Video Credit: YouTube

Photo Credit: IFAW