True Blood: People Want To Know More About TruBlood

May 31, 2009 by  

true-blood-trubloodMarci Reynolds writes in her article entitled:  “Tru Blood: The Synthetic Blood On HBO‘s True Blood”  a growing trend among people who have been watching Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood.  People are asking questions about TruBlood. What is it?  Is it real?  Can I buy in a store? Ms. Reynolds present in her article a look at the topic and her views.  We would like to thank Ms. Reynolds for allowing us to print on an excerpt of her article which you can read further on her website:

“Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink Friends”, is one of the catchy slogans for Tru Blood, the “synthetic blood nourishment beverage” vampires enjoy on the HBO series, True Blood. As described in the series, Japanese scientists invented the synthetic blood several years ago, which allowed vampires to come out of their coffins, into the mainstream living among the mortals. Vampires no longer have to kill humans to survive. Instead.. there’s Tru Blood.

Because the show has become such a sensation, viewers from across the globe have been asking about Tru Blood. They want to buy it. They want to taste it. They want to know more!

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(Photo credit:  HBO.Inc.)