True Blood’s Allan Hyde Looks Dashing at “Exteriors” Premiere

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Allan Hyde, true blood Godric, at the Premier of ”Exteriors”

True Blood’s Allan Hyde Movie Premiere:

These photos were taken during the “Exteriors” premiere last Friday night. “Exteriors” is Allan’s latest project done on a shoestring budget in Los Angeles, it premiered in Oslo Norway. The movie details the difficulties in moving from Europe to Los Angeles to seek fame and fortune in the movie industry. This is a subject in which Allan is well-versed. Having splashed into America’s living rooms, with his stellar performance as Godric in HBO‘s hit series True Blood, Allan has struggled to make Los Angeles his new home, seeking new friends and trying to break into the movie business with a Danish accent. Allan is blessed with talent and the freshfaced good looks that Hollywood loves. Hopefully, he’ll get another break soon and we hope to see him back in True Blood; we can’t wait to see him in more shows here in America.

True Blood's, Godric, Allan Hyde with directors and costar at "Exteriors" premiere

You can watch the interview below:

When Allan was asked about the differences between doing a movie gratis, and acting on True Blood, he said:

“This is something extremely different, but it’s also a super cool
difference, ’cause True Blood is like… Super huge. But it’s that kind
of energy, I think it’s a great energy, and I would much rather have it
done this way, because I have made short films that I have also written,
and tried to get people to be in them, but it’s not the same because every-
one is out for money. I just think it’s a tendency in their culture, that
it’s always a question about money, it’s never ‘well, that could be fun’
or ‘I’ll just do a favor, and I’ll probably get a favor back sometime.’”

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